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South African wins show title

South African wins show title

A LARGE exotic flower from South Africa was named the best exhibit at this year’s Goring Greenfingers spring show.

The 3lb red and white amaryllis was grown from a bulb by Rob Jones, who runs a landscape gardening firm called the Garden Design Company, on a windowsill at his home in Manor Road.

He received the bulb last summer in a box of samples from JUB, a Dutch floristry wholesaler which supplies his business.

Mr Jones grew it indoors as the plants typically grow in arid, rocky parts of the Western Cape region so they require good drainage and must not be exposed to frost during the winter.

It is now more than 2ft long with a stem more than 1in thick and has been in bloom with four heads since January.

Mr Jones, who also won the three varieties of narcissi class, said: “I’m really quite pleased with how it has turned out — it’s quite a shocking colour and has been flowering for some time. Whenever one bloom dies it produces another.

“I’m chuffed to have won best in show, especially as I forgot to enter it until a couple of minutes before the deadline. I haven’t seen anything else like it today.”

Jim Thomas, of Penny Piece, Goring, was awarded the Davis Cup for most points in show after winning four classes: three stems with more than one bloom, five stems of both primrose and viola and three sticks of rhubarb.

The 87-year-old, who has been competing for about 20 years, said: “I must say I’m very pleased because I’ve been entering for quite some time and I’ve never got this far.

“I thought I’d have to take up baking to get the required number of points but it hasn’t quite come to that!”

Other winners included former show champion Jacqueline Wilkins, of Clevemead, who entered a plant with long, thin lilac blooms which she received as a gift.

This sparked interest as neither the judges nor fellow contestants could identify it.

Mrs Wilkins said: “I received it more than five years ago and this is the first year that it has actually bloomed.”

Ellen Bradstock, 14, whose grandmother Pat is show chairwoman, won the children’s art class with an intricate necklace made from hundreds of tiny beads sewn together.

She said: “I’m happy to have won. I went on a course with my mum and grandmother that taught me how to make these as bracelets so I used the same technique to make it into a choker.”

Mrs Bradstock said: “It was a beautiful day and a very colourful show with lots of interesting and some extremely exotic entries, which were up by about a third on last year.

“The tombola and teas were popular so it was definitely a

The full results were as follows:


Davis Cup for most points in show — Jim Thomas

Cup for most points in show (children) — Evie and Hope Dougan Calladine

Best exhibit in show —  Rob Jones

Best exhibit in show (children) —  Evie and Hope Dougan

Class winners

Trumpet daffodil, one specimen — Alison Broadbridge

Narcissus, one specimen — Alex Buhagiar

Trumpet daffodil, three varieties —Alison Broadbridge

Narcissus, three varieties — Rob Jones

Three stems with more than one bloom —  Jim Thomas 

Three stems of tête-à-tête
daffodil — Val Calladine

Tulip, one specimen — Imogen Smart

Tulip, three blooms —
Jacqueline Wilkins

Hellebores, five stems — 
Margaret Robson

Vase of muscari –— Shima Smith

Vase of polyanthus, five stems — Jenny Emerton

Vase of primrose, five stems — Jim Thomas

Vase of viola, five stems — Jim Thomas

Three floating pansy heads on a plate — Jacqueline Wilkins

Vase of five different spring flowers — Jeanne Davis

Vase of five different flowering trees or shrubs — Alison Broadbridge

Pot or bowl of any flower plant — Rob Jones

Spring floral arrangement — Jacqueline Wilkins

Tied spring posy in a glass — Imogen Smart

Three sticks of rhubarb — Jim Thomas

Any other vegetable  —  Alison Broadbridge (three leeks)

One jar of orange marmalade — Alison Broadbridge

Four hot cross buns — Imogen Smart

Carrot cake — Mair Huggard

Shortcrust apple pie — Imogen Smart

Four ginger biscuits — Jeanne Davis

Scarecrow face — Imogen Smart

Necklace of own design and materials —  Rosemary Brook

Necklace of own design and materials (children) —  Evie and Hope Dougan-Calladine and Ellen Bradstock

Photography (theme: Shadows) — Pat Bradstock

Photography (theme: Early Blossom) — Jeremy Hutchins

Photography (theme: Points) — Val Calladine.

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