Monday, 17 January 2022

School sets example on behaviour

School sets example on behaviour

A SCHOOL in Sonning Common is part of a new government initiative to help others improve their pupils’ conduct.

Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge in Reades Lane will become part of a “behaviour hub” in which staff will work with colleagues from other schools where standards are not deemed good enough.

The Maiden Erlegh Trust, which runs the secondary academy along with two others in the Reading area, is one of 22 organisations nationally which successfully applied to the Department for Education to join the scheme.

Several students and staff from the school took part in panel interviews for the selection process, which were carried out by Marc Emmerson, chief executive of the City of London Academies Trust.

Headteacher Andy Hartley said: “The verbal feedback on the day was incredibly positive and we were very buoyed by the response to our methodology and systems for improving behaviour.

“Mr Emmerson said that our method of clear, easy-to-understand behaviour management systems, supported by a school-wide focus on outstanding teaching and learning, were just the right approaches for transforming a school.

“Panels of students were also interviewed and Mr Emmerson commented most favourably on the consistency of reply and the understanding our students have of behaviour expectations in the school.”

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