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Mayor happy at sales of hanging baskets

Mayor happy at sales of hanging baskets

A TOTAL of 161 summer hanging baskets has been sold by Henley in Bloom.

The baskets are now available to residents and businesses to buy as part of the annual campaign supported by the Henley Standard.

WindowFlowers, which is based in Burnham, will supply and install the baskets at the end of May and beginning of June and maintain them all summer.

This year’s colour theme will be sky blue, white and purple and the plants will include surfinia petunia, pelargonium peltatum, begonia illumination apricot, scaevola aemula white and lobelia erinus white. Mayor Sarah Miller said: “It’s amazing that we have sold so many baskets so far. It just shows the generosity of Henley folk.

“The baskets are a lovely part of Henley and make the town look wonderful.”

The record number of baskets sold stands at 241, which was set in 2016. Last year’s total was 220.

The baskets cost £71.20, which includes maintenance and watering, while brackets to hang them cost £33 each.

Badgemore Park Golf Club has bought 10 baskets.

Business director Marc Goodwin said: “The comments we receive on the hanging baskets from our members and guests is fantastic — they are a real statement piece around the club.”

Maggie Wilkinson, who has bought five baskets for her house in Greys Road, said: “Last year we just had one at the front and it was absolutely stunning, so this year we chose to get five.

“They are fantastic value and look just gorgeous. When you walk down the street and see them all hanging up, it gives it a very festive feel.”

The Villa Marina restaurant in Thames Side has bought three baskets.

Office manager Sheila Sugg said “I think they brighten things up and it makes the town look a lot prettier.

“Thames Side is already looking so pretty as the weather improves and the baskets just add to it.”

Ruth Cassidy, who lives in Thames Side and has bought four baskets, said: “We have bought baskets for about 10 to 15 years.

“We normally buy four to put on the side of our house and this year is no different.

“They last for so long, normally until late October, and are no trouble at all as they are cleaned and watered everyday by WindowFlowers. I am always really pleased to support Henley in Bloom and I think it helps to really lift the town and make it even more special.”

Villars Hayward accountants in Boston Road have bought two baskets.

Office Manager Marion Hayes said: “We have been buying the baskets for years as they always look so fantastic.

“They are no hassle at all really as we don’t have to worry about watering them. They are really great value for money.

“Everyone loves plants and they’re great for the environment. It also makes Henley look lovely, especially for the regatta.”

Rhiddian Williams, of Queen Street, has bought one basket and said: “The baskets make individual houses look lovely and when a few line up it brings a freshness and colour to the town.

“It gives a feel of abundant floweriness, which I absolutely love.”

Maggie Atkinson, who also lives in Queen Street and has bought a basket, said: “There is a real sense of community when Henley comes together for something like this. It creates a great atmosphere to the town.”

Lady Remnant has bought a basket for her house in Northfield End.

“I think it’s lovely for Henley and it just adds a bit of colour,” she said. “Henley’s such a lovely place anyway and this just makes it that bit more special.”

Search marketing agency Screaming Frog has bought a basket for its office on Greys Road.

Director Jason Lock said: “They add some real colour and class in one fell swoop.

“They really improve the overall aesthetic of Henley and give some pop to the look of the town.”

To order a basket, request an order form from Trish Rae at the town council. Email t.rae@henleytown

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