Thursday, 19 May 2022

Pupils plant cherry trees for Queen’s jubilee

Pupils plant cherry trees for Queen’s jubilee

CHILDREN have planted three cherry trees in Stoke Row to mark the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

The pupils from the village primary school were invited by the parish council to plant the young trees in the cherry orchard beside Maharajah’s Well.

This was part of the Queen’s Green Canopy Project, an initiative to mark the jubilee by encouraging people across Britain to plant trees.

The children were helped by gardeners Cristiano Vanni and Felicity Szegota as the ground was hard after the dry weather and difficult to dig.

Once the trees were in place, the children refilled the soil and compacted the earth with their feet before watering the trees and fencing them off. The trees will grow to their full size of about 10ft in 20 to 30 years. Teacher Rachel Mannall said: “We were invited by the parish council to bring the kids down and we thought it would be a valuable experience for them.

“They are so excited — they would all much rather be here than at school. It was a great learning opportunity.”

Casper Poulton, 11, said: “Our teachers told us that wewere going to be planting the trees. It makes a difference from normal lessons. We are planting cherry trees to help the environment.”

Parish councillor Sylvia Miller said: “It was the council’s decision to get the kids down to plant the trees and it’s nice for them to be involved in different things in the village.

“We are having a big picnic in the orchard on June 5 to mark the jubilee, which we have been organising since January.”

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