Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Top Dog? 2014 entrants

John Lynch, from Woodcote, says: “I would like to nominate our dog Lottie.

“She is an eight-year-old working cocker spaniel with a very engaging personality and a tail that never stops wagging.

“Passers-by will stop to speak to her on the street and, as she is used to playing with our three-year old grandson, she is more than happy when parents introduce their children to her for a quick pat.

“She will collect mail from our letterbox and provide a delivery service and chase tennis balls all day if she gets a chance. Her favourite game is retrieving a ball deliberately thrown into the hedge by mischievous small person!

“She enjoys watching children’s TV but stomps out the room when football is on and does the same when the vacuum cleaner appears.

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