Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Top Dog? Tess, the determined dachshund

MADELAINE Kendall- Murray, who is 17, says: “This is my beautiful dachshund, Tess, who will be 12 in August.

“I believe she should win Henley’s Top Dog. Not only is she loyal, loving and a little cheeky, she also has never given up.

“When Tess was five she slipped a disc in her back, thus making her lose the ability to walk with her two back legs. After an operation, a lot of therapy and medication, she is still here and, more importantly, she can walk again!

“She had another fall earlier this year but once again pulled through and has never given up.

“Tess is a wonderful dog, with a huge heart who puts others before herself, including helping to look after her 16-year-old sister, Wilma.

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