Friday, 23 July 2021

Journey from forest to your living room

WITH the popularity of wood burners on the increase in homes, have you ever wondered how the wood gets from a huge tree into manageable chunks to throw on your fire?

This year the Henley Show will host its first ever “Tree to Chunk” demonstration in the main ring. Modern machinery will demonstrate how the logging industry has changed with many large tractor-powered machines ready to strip and fell trees before wood processors take the lengths and turn them into split chunks of wood to put on your fire.

There will also be chippers to show how woodchip is made for tracks and biomass fuel plants along with tree climbing, log loading and a selection of vintage tractors with smaller splitters.

You will be able to compare traditional and modern-day methods as modern machines, hand axes and saws will be used. All this will happen in the main ring and is being supported by many foresters and woodmen from around the Henley area.

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