Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Review - Flawless speaker

CHRIS Bryant is a man who left nothing to chance.

His new book Parliament: the Biography (Volume I: Ancestral Voices) is quite an interesting book. But I was never a fan of his until seeing his talk at the Henley Literary Festival. He blew my mind.

It was 6pm; the audience was dressed in extravagant clothing from buttoned white shirts to beautiful dresses. Then walks in the man of the hour, Bryant dressed in casual chinos and a polo shirt. It was quite nice to see an MP dressed down more than up. He started speaking about his book and quite frankly he knew what he was talking about or was it just MP techniques?

Chris was so flawless in the way he interacted with the audience. I felt like it was a conversation more than a talk given by one man.

He spoke about how myths of parliament can interfere with people’s views on the government and politics.

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