Friday, 17 September 2021

Working at writing

A TASTER workshop about writing memoirs seemed like a useful way to spend an hour.

Miranda Glover exuded confidence and seemed utterly at home in Henley. She went to school in Stoke Row and has worked for many years with the Henley branch of the Women’s Institute. Her credentials as graduate of English at Oxford University and experience as an accomplished author shone through as she explained about her writing workshops in Somerset.

Her recently published Crocodiles, Cakes and the Queen’s Petticoats — a collection of memoirs from the ladies at the WI, is a direct result of her writing workshops.

“It’s a workshop and we’re all in it together,” Miranda explained.

This meant digging deep into our personal memories and sharing with another audience member. We were given tools to help the ideas flow and a wonderful array of tips and tricks to help trigger long forgotten memories.

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