Thursday, 21 October 2021

Review - Funny money

FROM a warm greeting of those working at this event to the participation of the audience entering this event all added together with Heather McGregor’s presence was a treat of the day.

Mrs Moneypenny quickly built up rapport with the audience with hilarious self-deprecating jokes. This eased us into an hour filled with wit and humour on what would normally be a list of 10 rather dry and boring topics about money management.

She came across as wonderfully human and seemed to genuinely care about the way we all manage our lives. When an audience member helpfully offered her a cough sweet, she explained in her typically no-nonsense fashion, that on a busy round of book promotion she has no time to be ill.

I left with not only a greater knowledge and understanding of finances but also new ideas of why spending an hour a week on these matters is worthwhile and would reward my family with a more productive financial future.

Mrs Moneyenny made us laugh, cry, care and learn. I now feel the need to read more of her work and see if the inspiration that was found can lead in to something constructive for others.

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