Sunday, 01 August 2021

‘Boats are like second homes’

VESSELS of all shapes and sizes will be on display at the second Henley and Wargrave Boat Show this weekend.

VESSELS of all shapes and sizes will be on display at the second Henley and Wargrave Boat Show this weekend.

Thousands of people are expected for to turn out to see up to 40 new boats at the two-day event which starts tomorrow (Saturday).

The show is run jointly by Val Wyatt Marine, of Willow Marina, and Bushnell’s Marine Services, of Thameside Marina, both in Wargrave, and Hobbs of Henley.Each boatyard will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm and visitors will be able to go out on to the river to see how some of the boats handle.

Organiser Guy Girling said: “Some of the boats on display are like a country cottage. They can be the sum value of £250,000 to £500,000. They cost as much as a second home but they are not in a fixed position. They can be moved and kept on a mooring in Holland or France or somewhere and still have their home creature comfort.”

He added: “We also have some that are less than £10,000 if people just want to dip their toe in the water.”

At Val Wyatt there will be two new outboard-powered Sloepen, or open launches, from Holland, one of the world’s leading boat manufacturers.

Mr Girling, from Binfield Heath, is the company’s sales director. He said: “If England is known for its Formula One racing then Holland is renowned for its boatbuilding industry. I have sold 300 Sloepens in the last five years.

“Eighty per cent of the boats sold have been within 15 miles of Henley. Sloepens are proving to be popular on the river and is something that is very high quality.”

He added: “We have all got mooring holders from clients who live on the south coast or abroad and come back for the summer.”

There will be up to 15 new boats — 10 different Interboat launches, including the new Interboat 22xplorer, the first model to be fitted with an onboard galley, five Intercruiser models, including an Intercruiser 29 which sold from a cold enquiry at last year’s show as well as luxury Jetten steel boats and a Greenline 33 hybrid.

Other attractions include a variety of classic cars from a Porsche 911 to a Bentley, while boatbuilder Colin Henwood will be discussing his book Head, Heart, Hand which reflects on some of the most memorable boats that he has made during his 35 years as a craftsman.

At Bushnell’s marina, there will be a range of Antaris and Maril Sloepen crafts and a selection of prestige cars from Hofmann’s in Henley.

At Hobbs Boatyard, there will be a new Linssen 35 charter craft, a Jetten 40, Intercruiser 29 displayed ashore and several day boats. There will also be open access to Hobbs’ passenger charter fleet.

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