Friday, 23 July 2021

Resident demands Challenge Henley ban

A MAN is calling for Challenge Henley to be denied use of the grounds at Phyllis Court Club.

A MAN is calling for Challenge Henley to be denied use of the grounds at Phyllis Court Club.

Derek Shirley, 89, claims the event compromises the security and safety of neighbouring residents.

The private members’ club hosts the start and finish of the run section of the annual triathlon, which is due to take place on Sunday, September 8 this year.

Mr Shirley, who lives in Phyllis Court Drive with his wife, Dame Stephanie, said: “It’s a damn nuisance. I am not the first person to complain — there have been lots of letters in the Henley Standard — but it is a big imposition which quite honestly we could do without.”

Chaneys, the managing agents for both the Marlow Road management company and Phyllis Court Residents’ Association, has written to race organisers Just Racing UK to say there will be no access over the forecourt to the shale courts this year following concern expressed by residents.

But Mr Shirley wants the event denied access altogether and says he is particularly concerned about access for the emergency services should they be needed.

“The use of the entrance to the drive is a vast imposition,” he said. “The average age of residents is about 75 and the average age of the club members is early to late seventies.

“I have seen competitors urinating and defecating in our garage and then there is the security aspect. One does not want to be open to the public gaze.”

John Turrill, principal of Chaneys, declined to comment.

A spokesman from Just Racing UK said: “We recently met with representatives from the Phyllis Court residents to discuss their concerns about Challenge Henley.

“As this was a private meeting, we do not feel that it is appropriate to release details of the conversation.”

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