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A personal message from the Henley Show chairman

WELCOME to the 2013 Henley Show.

WELCOME to the 2013 Henley Show.

As ever the teams of volunteers have worked extremely hard all year to prepare a show that will hopefully entertain you for the whole day. Apart from all our regular attractions we have many new events for you, which I will outline for you in this personal message.

At our AGM in March last year’s president, Mr Andrew Ingram, handed over the mantle to Mr Rick White. We were entertained to a fascinating talk by Nick English of Bremont Watches, a company which is now firmly established in Henley.

So far this year our members have taken part in a fascinating farm walk at Ewelme Park Farm, the home of Michael and Judy Colston.

The members were also invited to the president’s party where our president Rick White and his wife entertained members at the River and Rowing Museum.

These are just some of the benefits available to those who join our association as members. To find out more please contact our show manager, Jo Taylor.

The sheepdog trial in July was held on one of the hottest days of the year. Attendance was down, but overall it was a successful day.

Some of you will be aware of a traffic problem in the showground car park during the afternoon last year. We have spent time looking at all aspects of traffic management and hope we have gone some way to improving the situation.

The way the cars will be parked in the main car park has been changed. The number of exits has been increased as has the number of volunteers and the hours of coverage have been extended.

We have also reviewed traffic management in the showground and have again increased the number of volunteers responsible for showground traffic and parking. One significant change has been to move the blue badge disabled parking out of the showground and back to the top of the main car park, the rationale being that the terrain is flatter, making for easier entry into the showground.

There have been a number of references recently to “staff” working at the Henley Show.

Apart from the show manager and the show administrator the show is run by teams of hard working and dedicated volunteers. Some of these volunteers come from other organisations (such as Army cadets, sea cadets and so on) and we may choose to make a donation to those organisations as a thank-you to them for their hard work and dedication.

All we need now is good weather to ensure that Henley Show 2013 is a runaway success.

We look forward to seeing you there.

MIKE CANNON, chairman of the Henley and District Agricultural Association, tells Standard readers what’s in store at this year’s Henley Show.

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