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Regatta Wednesday as it happened

Everything you need to know about the results and reaction from today's racing at Henley Royal Regatta. Join us tomorrow to do it all again!

7.30pm A pleasing end to the first day's racing for the home crowd, with Leander Club's B crew beating Reading Rowing Club by three and a quarter lengths. They crossed the line in seven minutes, 37 seconds.

Golanski Piotr, 17, lives in Leaver Road said: "We know there are no easy races at Henley but we had the best possible start to get ahead of them. I think the race was exhausting but it's good to take part. This is my first Henley Regatta. I hope we can keep going throughout the weekend. We're the second crew so there's less pressure on us."

That concludes the racing for the first day of Henley Royal Regatta 2015. It's been an exciting day with a couple of surprises - notably in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. Abingdon School crashed out in the morning session against St Paul's School, having won the Cup three times in the past four years. Meanwhile in the afternoon Hampton School beat the hotly tipped Shrewsbury School in another surprise.

Thank you for joining the Henley Standard team both in the newsroom and by the river for our coverage today. We'll back tomorrow to do it all again!

7.25pm In the penultimate race of the day, Nonesuch Boat Club beat Griffen Boat Club by one and a half lengths in the Wyfold. They finished in 7.52. The final race of the day has about to start and it's an exciting end for the crowds - two local crews, Leander B versus Reading Rowing Club in the Fawley.

7.20pm Portora Royal School beat King's College School, Wimbledon in an exciting race in the Princess Elizabeth. The Northern Irish school crossed the line just two thirds of a length ahead, finishing in seven minutes and four seconds.

7.16pm Durham University beat Hampton School by a decisive four and a half lengths in their heat of the Temple Challenge Cup. The crew started on the Berkshire station and finished in six minutes 54 seconds.

7.11pm The Standard has spoken to Upper Thames' Jack Thompson, who rowed at seven in the Thames Cup heat, beating nearby rivals Reading Rowing Club. He said: "We're very happy with how the race went. I think the two crews were actually similar speeds but we got more out of each stroke which builds up across the race. Once you get a mile in you can see that we got further ahead. The start was very clean and we implemented our pushes that we had planned very well. We're looking forward to the rest of the weekend's race."

7.08pm Molesey Boat Club beat a downcast Worcester Rowing Club in the Thames Challenge Cup. The Molesey crew crossed the line in seven minutes and six seconds, three and a half lengths ahead of their opponents.

7pm Nonesuch Boat Club beat Sudbury Rowing Club in the Britannia. Nonesuch finished in seven minutes 48 seconds and won by four and a half lengths. They took an early lead against Sudbury and by the end seemed to be deliberately holding back and enjoying the moment - as well as saving some energy for tomorrow's next round.

6.58pm Radley Mariners has beaten Vesta Rowing Club in the Wyfold Challenge Cup. They won by three lengths, finishing in seven minutes 44 seconds.

6.50pm Oxford Brookes University A has beaten Westminster School in a speedy heat for the Temple Challenge Cup. The University crew won by three and a half lengths, crossing the line in a time of six minutes 57 seconds.

6.44pm The crowd was roaring as 'home' crew Upper Thames Rowing Club beat nearby rivals Reading Rowing Club in their heat of the Thames Challenge Cup. They finished one and three quarter lengths ahead and crossed the line in seven minutes 11 seconds.

Immediately after their race, American crew Gonzaga College High School beat Bedford School in a time of seven minutes and two seconds. This gets the US crew into the second round of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

6.38pm University of Virginia USA beat St Hild and St Bede College, Durham and St Cuthbert's Society, Durgam in the Temple Challenge Cup. The crew finished ahead by one and three quarter lengths in a time of six minutes 58 seconds.

6.34pm Meanwhile Thames Rowing Club B beat the Tideway Scullers' School A by one and a quarter lengths in the Thames Challenge Cup. They finished the course in six minutes 51 seconds.

6.24pm Salisbury School, USA beat local crew Reading Blue Coat School in seven minutes and three seconds. They finished four lengths ahead of the Berkshire crew, but the Blue Coats kept pushing until the end and didnt coast to the line.

6.15pm Worcester Rowing Club beat Tyrian Club B by two and three quarter lengths in the Princess Elizabeth. They finished the course in 7.03.

6.09pm San Diego Rowing Club, USA beat Great Marlow School by two and a quarter lengths in seven minutes 33 seconds in the Fawley Challenge Cup. Soon to take to the water are Reading Blue Coat School who are taking on the American Salisbury School in the Princess Elizabeth. Expect to hear some enthusiastic cheering from parents and friends in the crowd.

6.02pm Sydney Rowing Club, Australia beat Nottingham Rowing Club in their heat of the Britannia Challenge Cup. They won by three and a quarter lengths, finishing in seven minutes 46 seconds.

5.55pm Molesey Boat Club took on Quinton Boat Club in the Wyfold Challenge Cup and scored a comfortable win of four and three quarter lengths. The crew finished in a time of seven minutes 34 seconds.

5.45pm More international crews as University Barge Club USA beat Vesta Rowing Club in their heat of the Thames Challenge Cup. They finished the course in a straight seven minutes, and were able to leave something in the tank for the next round, beating Vesta with a verdict of easily.

5.41pm And we're back from tea with the latest heat from the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. Shawnigan Lake School, Canada beat Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, USA by three lengths, finishing at just a second over seven minutes.

4.45pm As we take a break for tea (or a well-earned cold drink) we turn our attention to Shiplake College rower Vincent Thomann.

Vincent (pictured second from left at the front), who was in this morning's victorious Princess Elizabeth qualifying eight, is appearing in this week's Henley Standard special Henley Royal Regatta supplement, available with your paper which is out tomorrow. But he's not the only Standard model who's part of the crew.

The boat the eight raced in has been named the 'Will Satch' - named after the Olympian who was our featured model in last week's supplement. Will himself is racing in the Leander and Molesey composite for the Grand Challenge Cup later in the week.

4.35pm Before a break for tea there's time for one last race rescheduled from earlier in the day. The Ratsgymnasium Osnabruck, Germany squad didn't arrive into Henley until the early hours of this morning having been caught up in delays caused by the industrial action in Calais. They took on the London Oratory School in the Princess Elizabeth Cup and won by three lengths in a time of six minutes 57 seconds. We're now off for a cold drink, but will be back in an hour to continue our coverage into this evening, when local crews from Reading Blue Coat School, Upper Thames Rowing Club and Leander Club will all take to the water.

4.29pm Our final scheduled race before tea (race 60 - time flies when you're having fun!) is made up of crews from decidedly closer to home than the last few heats. Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe took on Wallingford Rowing Club in the Fawley and the schoolboys won with a verdict of two lengths in a time of seven minutes 22 seconds.

4.26pm Dresdner Ruderverein, Germany has emerged victorious after taking on the HSBC Rowing Club in the Wyfold. The Germans won by a solid four and a quarter lengths, finishing in a time of seven minutes 31 seconds.

4.23pm Lea Rowing Club beat Green Lake Crew B by two and a third lengths in the Thames to finish in seven minutes nine seconds.

4.22pm Henley Royal Regatta has just announced it will adjust its schedule to delay the planned 12 noon race on Friday so that rowers, spectators and all other Regatta personnel can observe the nationwide minute?s silence called by the Prime Minister in respect of holidaymakers killed in the recent events in Tunisia.

4.18pm The Henley Standard's Connor McLoughlin was able to catch a few words with Upper Thames Rowing Club's Director of Rowing Justin Sutherland following his A crew's victory in the Wyfold Cup. He said: "The crew did really well. We've got two crews in the Wyfold and the first was knocked out this morning. The A crew did what the B crew didn't and stayed ahead rather than getting rowed past. In the end it was quite comfortable for them. They started well and they're a little bit stronger than the B crew so they managed to stay ahead and they kept the technique with their rowing."

There's no chance of celebrations for the crew just yet though. Mr Sutherland added: "They'll now go home, keep away from the Regatta and rest up for tomorrow."

4.10pm Eton easily beat a dispirited Monmouth School in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. The crew, wearing a natty mint green kit, finished the course in seven minutes and six seconds having started from the Buckinghamshire station. 4.08pm We have an East Coast derby in the Temple Challenge Cup qualifiers now, with Princeton University taking on Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Princeton put in a steady and solid performance and finished in six minutes 49 seconds with a verdict of three and a third lengths. A shame for Massachusetts who haven't qualified in this competition for several years and are now out in the first round.

4.03pm Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club beat Quintin Boat Club by two and three quarter lengths in the Britannia Challenge Cup. They finished in seven minutes 55 seconds.

3.59pm Great news and a solid performance from Upper Thames A against Royal Chester Rowing Club in the Wyfold. After taking an early lead, Royal Chester clawed it back to give them a run for their money right up to the finish line, much to the delight of the crowd cheering on the local crew.

3.48pm Boston College High School, USA beat Winchester College by one and three quarter lengths. The American crew finished in six minutes 57 in an assured performance. Next up is local crew Upper Thames A in the Wyfold.

3.44pm Some very unruffled ducks in the middle of the course as the Columbia University and Imperial College London crews powered past them in their heat for the Temple. The Americans will be progressing through to the next round, having beaten the Imperial crew by just over a length. They finished in six minutes 42 seconds. It would appear thankfully that no ducks were harmed in the racing of the heat.

3.39pm Kingston Rowing Club beat Thames Rowing Club D in the Thames Challenge Cup. The Surrey-based crew won with a verdict of one and three quarter lengths in a time of 7.02.

3.31pm Much applause as German crew Frankfurter Rudergesellschaft beat Tiffin School by five lengths in a time of seven minutes 22 seconds. Tiffin qualified as one of the fastest school crews in the country but just couldn't keep up with an assured performance by the Germans. Definitely a crew to watch in the Fawley.

3.26pm The Tideway Scullers' School beat Newark Rowing Club in the Wyfold in seven minutes 37 seconds. The verdict was four and three quarter lengths.

3.20pm Meanwhile Rudern, Tennis and Hockey Club from Bayer Leverkusen, Germany beat Eastbourne Rowing Club by one and a quarter lengths in the Thames. 3.16pm Another nailbiting finish as Cornell University, USA and Oxford Brookes University B crew fight to the end to get through to the next round of the Temple Challenge Cup. Cornell won by a mere three feet, crossing the line in 6.28, much to the delight of the crowd. Genuinely thrilling stuff and all the more impressive in the heat.

3.10pmA shock result for Hampton School in the Princess Elizabeth, beating Shrewsbury School who were hotly tipped after performing well in the National Schools competition. They won by just three quarters of a length in six minutes 47 seconds.

3.06pm The Fawley heat between Kingston and the American Y Quad Cities Rowing Association was slightly delayed due to the clearing of some debris from the course. A great start from both crews, but Kingston managed to be stronger, despite the crews having exactly the same average weight. In the end Y Quad won by two lengths, completing the course from the Bucks station in a time of 7.12.

2.54pm Star Club beat Leeds Rowing Club in their heat of the Wyfold. The Leeds crew narrowly missed an easily verdict, with Star Club deemed in the end to have won by three and a quarter lengths.

2.50pm American crew Phillips Academy, Andover beat St George's College in the Princess Elizabeth by two thirds of a length. The crew finished in six minutes 57 seconds.

2.44pm An easier result for Sport Imperial Boat Club in the Thames Challenge Cup. They beat Exeter Rowing Club easily in time of 6.50.

2.38pm An exciting heat between University College London and Liverpool University. UCL took the lead early and held it at both the barrier and Fawley station but Liverpool dug deep and pulled back in time for a nailbiting finish. Liverpool won by three quarters of a length in a time of 6.47 but the crowd was roaring for both crews who were incredible - especially bearing in mind temperatures have just hit 31 degrees celsius.

2.29pm: The schoolboys of Kent School have beaten the university crew from Newcastle in an impressive display on an increasingly breezy course. They've been in the UK competing in various regattas over the last weeks and the experience shows in this heat of the Temple. They finished in six minutes 44 seconds with a verdict of one and a third lengths.

2.25pm: St Edward's School beat Lawrenceville School, USA by one and three quarter lengths in the Princess Elizabeth Cup. We're continuing with school crews with the next race, With another American crew, from Kent School, taking on Newcastle University in the Temple Cup.

2.18pm: London Rowing Club 'A' beat Royal Chester Rowing Club in a speedy 6.49 by four and a quarter lengths in their heat of the Thames Challenge Cup.

2.15pm: It was a slightly less well-balanced race when Rob Roy took on Norwich Rowing Club in the Wyfold for race 37. Rob Roy took the lead early and had a comfortable win with a verdict of two lengths. They finished in a time of 7.28.

2.10pm: Our first race back is Molesey Boat Club taking on the Tideway Scullers' School in the Britannia Cup. The crews were neck and neck at the barrier, but Tideway Scullers won by a length and a half, finishing in 7 minutes 16 seconds.

1.45pm: Following an exciting morning's racing in soaring temperatures and a leisurely lunch break (for spectators at least) we're about to resume at day one of Henley Royal Regatta 2015. Keep returning to this page as we cover all the heats for this afternoon, including Upper Thames crews in the Wyfold and Thames Cups, Reading Blue Coat School in the Princess Elizabeth early this evening and Leander B, who will be competing in the Fawley as the last scheduled race of the day. And the Henley Standard team will be on hand at riverside getting all the results reaction from local crews after their races.

12:30pm: The delayed race of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup after the blade face fell off the oar shaft on the way to the start earlier this morning. Canford School race Latymer Upper School. Latymer lead from Canford as they come past Upper Thames and continue to have a comfortable lead into the enclosures.

Latymer Upper School beat Canford School in this delayed heat, race number 3, of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

12:25pm: Fulham Reach race London Rowing Club in the final race of the morning, a heat of the Wyfold Challenge Club. These two crews train on the same stretch of the river from Putney. London get close to the booms but straighten onto the course and pull away from Fulham Reach. A former captain of London is in the Fulham reach boat and this is an interesting match. London Rowing Club pull away and have a comfortable row past the Stewards Enclosure.

London Rowing Club beat Fulham Reach.

12:20pm: Race 34 - Windsor Boys School race York City in quad sculls, with York City leading over Windsor Boys at the 500m mark. Windsor Boys take the rate up and both crews are sculling very well.

This is a close race with Windsor Boys keeping the concentration and moving up on York City. As they come past Upper Thames Windsor Boys move into the lead. York City try to get back on terms and into the enclosures both crews start to wind it up. However, Windsor Boys School open up their lead and in front of the Stands Windsor Boys lead. Windsor Boys School win over York City Rowing Club.

12:15am: A heat of the Temple Challenge Cup with Trinity College Dublin against Pembroke and Cauis College. The Cambridge boat has a couple of lightweights who raced the varsity match earlier in the year against the heavier Trinity crew. Trinity pull away at the 500m mark.

At the halfway mark the power shows and Trinity move away wiht clear water. Rowing in front of the stands Trinity continue to lead and confidently row away to win over the Cambridge composite.

12:10pm: Abingdon vs against St Pauls in eights. This is going to be a tight race as both crews have raced against each other earlier in the season. The St Paul's crew pull away from Abingdon, as they cope with the head wind. As they come up to the enclosures St Pauls take their rate down with a couple of lengths over Abingdon.

St Pauls have a comfortable win over Abingdon.

12noon: As the weather becomes a little duller and the wind gets up Thames race Norwich in a heat of the Fawley Club. This is junior event for quad sculls and Thames have half a length lead coming into enclosures. The Thames crew are used to tidewya conditions and the wind and cruisers really rough up the Henley stretch despite the booms acting as dampners against the waves. Still close in front of the stands and coming up to the finish line. Thames hang in to win this heat of the Fawley Challenge Cup.

11:50am: Oslo against Henley Rowing Club in this heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup. There is an issue with steering off the start. Number 2 in the Henley crew misses a stroke and then the Norwegians are caught by the wind and the crews collide, despite the Norwegians trying to correct their steering. The Umpire decides to re-row the race from the start. A much better start though Henley are warned this time. The Norwegians zig-zag and Henley pull out a slight lead at the 500m mark. The Norwegians continue to struggle with the steering but then get into their rhythm and move back on Henley. Going through Remenham the Norwegians move ahead. The Umpire has his work cut out with respect to steering as the crews stick to the middle of the course. The Norwegians are still being pressed by the Henley crew and the rudder seems to be the decider in this race. Coming into the enclosures the Norwegian athletes relax but the steering is still 'interesting' as they investigate both stations. The Norwegians beat the local Henley crew by 3 lengths.

11:45am: Westminster fly out of the blocks as they race King's School Canterbury in this heat of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. Westminster are coached by Bill Mason who has a long history of coaching on the Tideway having had a long reign at Imperial College. Westminster pull out an impressive lead over King School, Canterbury. Westminster win easily over King's School, Canterbury, after King's stroke man loses the blade face of his oar.

11:35am: Green Lake USA against Tideway Scullers. Green Lake ahead at the end of the island. Green Lake from Seattle are part of a junior development squad. This is a race that could go all the way as the rates stay high. The water is becoming quite bouncy as the wind and cruisers make their mark on the course. This is a real tussle into the enclosures as Tideway Scullers claw back. Green Lake find another gear in front of the stands and take the win from Tideway Scullers.

11:30am: A heat of the Temple Cup with University of West of England against Queen's School, Australia. Matthew Pinsent umpiring. A close start with UWE pressing the Australians off the start. A very strong start from both crews, with the Australians pulling out a half length margin at the 500m mark. The Australians are longer into the head wind but UWE keep snapping at their heels and then move into the lead in front of Upper Thames and Remenham. This is a very tight race with both crews really pushing into the enclosures. UWE move into a length lead and then pull away in front of the stands. This is a brilliant race for the West of England students against the Australians as they come across the finish line first.

11:25am: A heat of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, with Sir William Borlase?s School from Marlow against The King's School, Chester. Two crews who are used to six lane racing this is a real gladiatorial event. The Marlow crew normally concentrate on sculling but are pushing King's School all the way down the course. The bow man of King's has a sub 6:15 ergo and the power is showing as they ease themselves over the finish line first.

11:20am: University of London against the Skoll Club from Holland. A strong start by the dutch crew who take the lead and row at 31 coming into the enclosures. The University of London 'B' boat continue their race plan and keep the dutch on their toes.Coming past the grand stand the Skoll boat lead and cross the finish line first.

11:15am: Thames rowing Club lead off the start against Broxbourne rating 47 at the start. Thames are a length up at the island. This is a heat of the Thames Challenge Cup with Thames on a mission. Clear water past the stands and making their mark on this race. Thames win over Broxbourne easily.

11:10am: Upper Thames 'B' against Tyne in the Wyfold Challenge Cup. A warning for Upper Thames for their steering with only a nose in front of Tyne but they settle and edge ahead. As they come up to the 500m mark they stride out. This new Upper Thames combination are looking to repeat last years win for the club. As they come into enclosures Upper Thames lead with Tyne pushing. Tyne continue to wind it up and press with Upper Thames reacting to the push. Upper Thames have to race to the line with Tyne taking it on the line. This was a very, very close race with Tyne winning by 2 feet.

11:00am: The first quad race of the regatta with Clares Court against Maidenhead. This is an explosive boat class and the school boys rate 50 off the start. Clares Court have an early lead as Maidenhead were warned for their steering. Maidenhead still rating 39 at the start of the booms. Clares Court move to a lengths lead and are sculling more comfortably though come close to the booms. Clares Court strike 35 as they come up to the finish line and wind it in. Clares Court win against Maidenhead.

10:50am: Vesta race Aberdeen Boat Club in another England vs Scotland race. The Britannia is a coxed race. Vesta were semi-finalists last year and outclass the Aberdeen crew, with the experience showing as they come into the enclosures. Coming to the finish Vesta have a comfortable row to win over Aberdeen.

10:45am: Lady Elizabeth Boat Club, Ireland and Nottingham race after a Princess Elizabeth race is rescheduled to the afternoon. Nottingham drift into the centre of the course and the Umpire intervenes. No clash of blades because Nottingham have a clear lead by the start of the booms. Both crews have been zig-zagging and the Umpire is having his work cut out. Coming up tothe 500m mark Nottingham settle into their rhythm but keep well away from the booms. Lady Elizabeth keep in-touch up to the halfway mark but then Nottingham pull out another length. Still with steering issues, Nottingham are rowing more comfortably and come up to the finish line to win their heat of the Wyfold.

10:40am: A clear water lead for the dutch crew in this heat of the Temple Challenge cup despite an Umpire warning. A.S.R. Nereus move away from the Manchester University crew and look very comfortable, having been knocked out in the semi-finals last year. Nereus have a long history at Henley Royal Regatta and look comfortable coming to the finish line as they beat Manchester easily.

10:30am: Thames - City of Oxford against Leander. Leander are GB development athletes but City of Oxford hang onto the tails and don't let Leander have it all their way. Only half a length between the boats at the half way mark. Very different pedigrees with a veteran cox in the City of Oxford boat, showing that you are never too old to race. Leander move to a lengths lead as they come into enclosures and keep increasing the distance. Leander win by a length. A good race.

Louis High-Ganes, 19, racing for Leander, from Austrlia now living in Bell Street, Henley: "It was harder than we expected I've only been over here for five months and this is the big event everyone talks about so it's good to progress. It was harder than expected because of the heat, even for one who is an Aussie."

10:25am: Race 15 - Lea against Kingston in coxed boats. Lea lead in the first few strokes but Kingston build and at the top of the island there is a real tussle. A very tight race into the enclosures and massive surge into the closing stages giving Lea a fright in the final 100m. Lea win by half a length.

10:20am: Tyrian race Marlow in another heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup and as they come onto the main section of the course and Tyrian hit the booms in this coxless race. However they rebuild and move away from Marlow and take a length lead. The early mishap means Tyrian zig-zag a little but don't interfere with the Marlow crew, though are warned by the Umpire. Tyrian move towards the finish in the lead and win easily. A good race from Tyrian.

10:15am: A heat of the Princess Elizabeth and a very tight start between Radley Collge and George Watson college.

10:10am: A heat of the Temple Challenge Cup and Eton race the Uiversité de Lyon, with the French crew walk away from Eton. Another easy victory for older men against school boys. The french crew are very relaxed, with their first appearance for 15 years at Henley Royal. The French crew win easily.

9:55am: Britannia Challenge cup and another first race for the club Deal, Walmer & Kingsdown A.R.C. However Thames build an early lead. At half way it is an easy lead for Thames in this coxed event. Thames reduce their rate into the finish as the costal rowers from Deal come across the finish line. A win for Thames by 1 and half lengths.

9:50am: First time a crew from Petone have raced in Henley Royal Regatta and have an early lead, in very distinctive kit. The Nottingham crew trail at the half way mark and coming into enclosures the Petone crew have an easy lead, with very tidy rowing. Again a tandem rig and rating 32 strokes per minutes as they come across the line. Petone win their first race at Henley Royal Regatta

9:45am: City of Bristol against Mercantile, Australia, with an early lead for the Australians. Mercantile lost by 6feet last year in the final. They move away from City of Bristol at the half way mark. The Thames eights race is the premier club event and there will be some good races to come. Australian Henley is held on the river Yara where the Mercantile crew train. Mercantile have an easy win over City of Bristol.

9:35am: Bedford modern against Shiplake College in the eights. The Shiplake cox gives the crew an advantage by steering a good line along the island and they move into an early lead. Shiplake underrate Bedford modern as they move out to a two length lead at half way. Shiplake have a tandem rig, making them very distinctive. As they come into the enclosures they have an easy lead, their boat named after Shiplake old boy Will Satch. A comfortable victory for Shiplake College.

Headteacher of Shiplake College, Greg Davies, states "They rowed very smoothly and they started very well. Once they got in front they relaxed and I'm delighted with the way they kept going. It's the first time we have progressed for four or five years so I am really looking forward to tomorrow. If Bedford Modern get through, which they should, we will be the underdogs, but we're in the race - so we will see what happens!"

Number 3, Harry Berkley, 18, from Playhatch whose twin brother Tom sits at 2: "We got off to a great start. It was good to see them drift away as we got further ahead and then watch them try to catch us up. You only get to race here so many times and we've had an excellent year so hopefully we will keep the momentum going."

9:25am: Local crew Upper Thames race Lady Rohesia, the old boys of Bedford Modern School. A coxed event, with a very close start, the boats are evenly matched, with both crews in Empachers. A real tussle at the half way mark, with Lady Rohesia a third of a length up at the half way mark. Coming into enclosures Lady Rohesia put in a push and it gives them clear water over Upper Thames. Lady Rohesia beat Upper Thames by one length.

9:15am: The first overseas crew from Sydney, Australia race City of Oxford in the coxless four Wyfolds race. This is a hotly contested event. Steeering along the island is always difficult because of the difference between the bouys and the booms - many crews have come undone at that juncture. Sydney take an early lead with a length up. They move out to an easy distance at the 500m mark. An easy win for Sydney.

9:10am: The Temple race and early action required from the Umpire. Eton 'B' race the University event and race London 'A' who have an early lead. This is the men versus the boys as the Eton crew are J16. London win easily.

9:00am: First race of the day and Catabrigian race local club Marlow, in the Thames Challenge Cup. Time is dead on 9:00am. They leave Temple Island cleanly. Very even with Cantabrigian on the Berks station half a length ahead. Cantabrigian move to clear water over Marlow at half way. Marlow have an early exit. A difficult position to be the first losers of the regatta. A comfortable vistory for Cantabrigian, with an impressive first round performance.

Good morning from Henley and welcome to Henley Royal Regatta 2015. A bright sunny start to the day with a very gentle breeze, temperatures currently 17C. People in smart attire already in the High Street as rowers walk back from early morning outings.

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