Tuesday, 03 August 2021

Regatta Thursday 2015 as it happened

All the results and reaction from Thursday's racing at Henley Royal Regatta, updated live as it happened.

7.39pm And that concludes another day's racing at Henley Royal Regatta. Thanks for reading and for the retweets and Facebook chat. We'll be back tomorrow morning to do it all again!

7.35pm And it's the final race of the night - the delayed race number 73, Nonesuch versus Dresdner Ruderverein, Germany in the Wyfold Challenge Cup. Dresdner easily beat Nonesuch, crossing the line in seven minutes and nine seconds.

7.27pm We're on to the last few scheduled races, with Oxford Brookes University A beating Hobart College A, USA in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. The crew won by a nail biting two thirds of a length, finishing in a time of 7.05. Meanwhile Marlow's Sir William Borlase's Grammar School beat Warrington Rowing Club by half a length, finishing in a time of 7.33.

7.25pm In the final Prince of Wales Challenge Cup heat of the night, Bath University A snuck a win from Der Hamburger and Germania Ruder Club, Germany, despite the Germans being ahead at both the Barrier and Fawley. The Bath crew finished two lengths ahead, in a time of 6.42.

7.14pm Upper Thames Rowing Club are victorious in their Visitors' Challenge Cup heat against Carnegie Lake Rowing Association, despite an unknown crew rowing across the home straight shortly before they reached it causing a significant amount of wash for both crews. Upper Thames finished three and a half lengths ahead, with a time of six minutes 56 seconds.

Speaking after the race, Upper Thames' Sam Barnes said: "We didn't know how fast they were going to be so we treated that like a final and it turned out they weren't as fast as we thought. I think we're one of only two British crews left in the Visitors' Cup. We're not realistic winners although we are in to try and win it. We'll go all out. We're in it to try and prove we're a fast crew and we're going to do that tomorrow against Newcastle. We feel pretty confident about it. They're fast but no-one's unbeatable."

7.08pm The final Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup heat of the day has ended with St Edward's School beating Ratsgymnasium Osnabruck, Germany by one and a quarter lengths, finishing in 6.33.

7.05pmWe're now at Race 75 for the day, with Y Quad Cities Rowing Association beating Tideway Scullers' School by two and a half lengths. The American crew finished in 7.31.

7pm We're getting close to the end of racing for this evening. We've got one more local crew up shortly in Visitors' Challenge Cup, when Upper Thames will take on Carnegie Lake. This is Upper Thames' top ranked crew, comprised of four winners from last year?s triumphant Wyfold and Britannia Cup crews.

The crew of Luke Wootton, Michael Nagi, Sam Barnes and Jake Davidson are thrilled to be mixing it with talented crews from the USA and Australia in an event that is regarded as a proving ground for world and Olympic standard athletes.

6.58pm In another American derby, Harvard University B beat Columbia University, USA in the Prince Albert. Columbia were leading at the Barrier, but Harvard upped the pace and finished two and a quarter lengths ahead, at 7.10.

6.55pm Disappointing scenes for Eton Vikings and Griffen Boat Club against Yale University, USA in the Visitors' Challenge Cup. Disaster struck for the British crew pretty much as soon as they left Temple Island, hitting the boom and the buoys in quick succession and effectively ending their own race in 100 metres. Yale University finished in seven minutes 17 seconds, with an official verdict recorded of not rowed out.

6.40pm In the Princess Elizabeth Challenge cup, St Paul's School has beaten Latymer Upper School by three lengths with a finishing time of 6.42.

6.30pm Two Japanese crews have met in the Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup. S Nakamura and N Kamada of Mitsubishi Boat Club, beat R Kajihara and R Arakawa (from Hitotsubashi University, Japan). They won by three and a quarter lengths, finishing in seven minutes 38 seconds.

6.25pm Meanwhile, Thames Rowing Club B brought disappointment to Upper Thames Rowing Club, beating them in their heat of the Thames Challenge Cup. The Thames crew won by a length, finishing in 6.42, but the Upper Thames crew were philosophical after the loss, having held them to account pulling back from being down two and a half lengths at one point.

Speaking to the Standard after the race Hamish Floyd said: "We're quite a small crew. That Thames eight beat us at Marlow by quite a long way so we knew we were up against it. The strategy was not do or die but to hound them and keep on their heels and I think we did that. I'm 41 this year, these guys are 19 so they have a good future ahead of them. It was really really gutsy stuff. We showed we were there or thereabouts." Crew colleague James Kirkbride added: "We've raced them a couple of times this season and they've beaten us. We were closer today than we were in the past."

6.20pm In the first of two back to back local races, Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University beat Reading University B in the Prince of Wales challenge Cup. Hotly rivalled, the Leander / Oxford Brookes composite crew won by four lengths, finishing in 6.55

6.13pm Sydney Rowing Club, Australia beat Nonesuch Boat Club in grand fashion with a verdict of four and a quarter lengths in the Britannia Challenge Cup. They finished in 7.07.

Meanwhile Newcastle University B beat Hobart College B, USA in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup in race 66, with a win of two lengths and a time of seven minutes 27 seconds.

In the next Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup heat of the day finished with Phillips Academy, Andover, USA beating The King's School, Chester. They won by three quarters of a length, finishing with a time of 6.44.

6.06pm Some reaction from the bank by some of the local crews that have just been in action. Following their loss to Northwich in the Fawley, Leander's Robbie Cook was philosophical talking to the Standard. He said: "It was a really tough race, they're always a really fast crew and it was always going to be challenging to stay with them. We managed to stay with them past the Island. I think we executed our race plan really well, I don't think that was the problem. They were just a fast crew. We raced as well as we could have done." Speaking of lessons learned he said the crew would be doing more training on the water following the defeat, adding: " "We'll focus specifically on starts."

Meanwhile, victorious Upper Thames' Dan Boddington was elated following the win in the Wyfold against Worcester. He told us: "We were expecting those guys to get on our grill and they did. They put us under a lot of pressure and we responded by being cool, calm and collected. As we moved away from them we were able to take the rate down a little bit."

Boddington downplayed whether there was pressure for the Upper Thames crew when the club currently holds the Wyfold: "It's a new crew, so we're just focusing on what we're trying to do and make our boats go as fast as possible. It's a tough old race tomorrow against Molesey and that will be tough."

5.55pm A dramatic race in the Visitors' Challenge Cup between Harvard University A and Ruderverein Munster, Germany. There was an immediate restart after the German boat (steered by their stroke man) swerved right across the course into the Americans who were unable to take evasive action, clashing blades.

Even after the restart the Germans drifted across the course again, sitting close to the middle of the course while Harvard tried to hug the Berkshire bank to avoid trouble. At the Barrier and Fawley the Germans were ahead, although the umpire had to intervene again towards the end of the race when the two crews were still neck and neck. In the end Harvard were able to enact their race plan and pull away just before the line much to the delight of the crowd. They finished one and three quarter lengths ahead, finishing in 6 minutes 47 seconds.

5.49pm Upper Thames Rowing Club 'A' had better luck on their home course, beating Worcester Rowing Club by three and a quarter lengths, finishing in seven minutes and 24 seconds.

5.44pm Disappointment for Leander Club B who lost out to Northwich Rowing Club in the Fawley Challenge Cup. Leander started well but just couldn't keep up with Northwich, who led from the beginning and powered off to the Barrier in just two minutes. Northwich finished two and a half lengths ahead, in seven minutes and seven seconds. Next up, Upper Thames in the Wyfold Challenge Cup.

5.38pm And we're back after tea with the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. Oxford Brookes University B has beaten Kings College, London by two and a quarter lengths with a finish time of seven minutes 34 seconds. Next up is Leander Club B in the first of four local crews competing this evening.

4.29pm The final result before tea, and Thames Rowing Club A beat Green Lake Crew A, USA by one and three quarter lengths in a time of 7.01. It was a hard fought race between two selected crews and the crowd roared appreciatively as the British crew crossed the line. Racing will recommence at 5.30pm so join us then for an action packed evening session with two Leander and two Upper Thames crews taking to the water.

In the meantime, if all this rowing has got you feeling inspired and you're at a loose end over your Pimms, why not watch our video of Standard reporter Jamie being put through his paces with the team at Leander Club, undertaking some of the training they do to prepare for Henley Royal Regatta.

4.23pm An upset in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup as selected crew Shawnigan Lake School, Canada lost to Boston College, USA. The hotly tipped Shawnigan crew was the last overseas school to win the cup, in 2008, but they lost their way against an assured - and obviously delighted - Boston College crew who crossed the line in six minutes 58 seconds. 4.19pm Molesey Boat Club beat Radley Mariners in the Wyfold Challenge Cup. The Surrey crew won by two and a third lengths, in a time of seven minutes 25 seconds.

4.14pm One of the saddest sights in the first couple of days of regatta are crews from the same club who get drawn against each other in this knock out stage. This is what's just happened in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup Goldie Boat Club A made easy work of their B crew colleagues, finishing three and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.41.

4.09pm The first Diamond Challenge Sculls clash of the day without an easily verdict for the victor saw LAJ Wells of the Army Rowing Club beat WH Mackworth-Praed (Auriol Kensington Rowing Club) win by three lengths in a time of eight minutes 57 seconds.

4.07pm In the third Diamond Challenge Sculls heat of the day M van Blokland (DSR Proteus-Eretes, Holland) easily beat AM Pascovitch of City of Bristol Rowing Club. Blokland had clear water for most of the race after a great start, and finished in 8.54.

3.55pm Following their cool down the Standard's David White was able to get to talk to the Leander crew that just beat Agecroft in the Thames Challenge Cup. The local crew won by just one length and were striking 48 by the end of the race. Agecroft held them to a harsh speed, with two of the Leander crew dropping to the ground in exhaustion on the bank after the race finished.

Brendan Edwards, number six, said: "It was a hard race. We knew it was going to be hard. They're a good crew and all year they've been quite close with us. Fortune was on our side today, but it was always our race plan to have a strong finish. We knew it was going to be close so we wanted to make sure."

3.52pm Cornell University, USA beat Deltsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Laga, Holland in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. The Americans won by two and three quarter lengths, finishing in a time of 7.42.

3.48pmA slightly wobbly start for Collingwood College, Durham in the Visitors' Challenge Cup against Washington University. The crew had had slight issues with steering which seemed to slow them down, but were just outclassed by an in-form Washington crew who seemed to make easy work of it, with clear water between the crews by half way through the race and arguably the biggest gap between crews at the end of a race so far this year.

3.42pm The hotly tipped Oxford Brookes University's A crew beat Durham University in the Temple Challenge Cup heat. Starting from the Bucks station, Oxford Brookes finished two and three quarter lengths ahead with a time of 6.48.

3.35pm Leander Club are victorious in their heat of the Thames Challenge Cup against Agecroft Rowing Club, but the home crew didn't have it all their own way. They had a strong start, but Agecroft kept the challenge up to the final line, with both crews visibly tired by the time they crossed the line. Leander finished half a length ahead of their opponents, finishing in a creditable 6.51.

3.27pmContinuing with the American crews, San Diego Rowing Club has taken to the water in the Fawley Challenge Cup against Nottingham Rowing Club. The British crew won by four and three quarter lengths, finishing in a time of 7.09. Next up is Leander in the Thames.

3.22pm University of Virginia has taken on Exeter University in the Prince Albert Challenge Cup. The American crew - resplendent in a fluorescent orange kit - had a last gasp push to catch Exeter, but to no avail, with Exeter crossing the line with a verdict of one length. They finished in a time of 7.30.

3.20pm Newcastle University beat Quintin Boat Club and Molesey Boat Club by two lengths. Starting from the BUckinghamshire station, they finished in 7.13.

3.12pm A nailbiting race between Cornell University, USA and Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland in the Temple Challenge Cup. Still neck and neck at the Stewards' Enclosure, Cornell in the end pushed through to win by just two thirds of a length in a swift time of 6.36. Very disappointing for Trinity, who challenged strongly throughout the race. 3.08pm Westminster School has beaten Hampton School by one and a third lengths in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. The London schoolboys completely the course in six minutes 50 seconds.

3pm The juniors are back on the water with Sir William Borlase's Grammar School and The Windsor Boys' School taking each other on in the Fawley Challenge Cup. Sir William Borlase's emerged victorious after a strong start, finishing in seven minutes and eleven seconds, two and three quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

2.54pm In the next heat of the Britannia, The Tideway Scullers' School beat Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club by a margin of two lengths. The crew finished with a time of 7.43. 2.46pm The Henley Standard's David White has had a chat with one of the Leander A crew following their victory in the Fawley against Royal Grammar School. Leander's Tom Mortimer said: "It was our first race of the competition, we think that it went well but there are some things to improve on. It was a bit bumpy out there and there was quite a bit of wash. RGS gave us a good race."

2.44pm Two international squads met in the Visitors' Challenge Cup, with Harvard University's B crew beating Ruder-Club Allemannia von 1866, Hamburg, Germany. The Americans started on the Bucks station and won with a verdict of two and a half lengths, finishing in seven minutes 15 seconds. 2.38pm Meanwhile in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup, Eton College beat Salisbury School, USA by just three quarters of a length in a nail biting clash. They finished in six minutes 43 seconds.

2.34pm University of London A took on Kent School, USA in the Temple Challenge Cup. They won by three lengths, finishing in a speedy 6.44.

2.29pm Our first local crew of the afternoon takes to the water as Leander Club A meet Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe in the Fawley. Royal Grammar put up a valiant fight, but Leander crossed the line three lengths ahead in a time of seven minutes and nine seconds.

2.20pm Back to the Wyfold Challenge Cup, Tyrian Club A beat Nottingham Rowing Club A by three lengths. They finished in seven minutes 13 seconds.

2.16pm University of California, Berkeley USA beat Nottingham Trent University in speedty fashion with an easily verdict. Starting from the Bucks station they reached the barrier by 1.56 and finished the course in a respectable 7.09.

2.13pm Next up are Hobart College, USA and University of Virginia, USA meeting in a clash for the Temple. It was an exciting race, with the two crews staying close together for most of the race, but Hobart were finally victorious by just a length, finishing the course in a time of 6.25.

2.07pm We're back from lunch with a return to the Thames Challenge Cup. University Barge Club, USA, beat Molesey Boat Club by two and three quarter lengths in a time of 6.38. After yesterday's race against Vesta with an easily verdict University Barge Club seem to be comfortable and assured as the work down the course.

12.20am: Last race of the morning and a mens pairs race between Lady Rohesia against Sons of the Thames. A few wobbles off the start giving the Sons of the Thames pair an advantage who use it to pull out a lead against the Lady Rohesia crew. The Sons of the Thames pair dominate this race and as they come to enclosures it is a one horse race. This boat is very technical and coming to the stands they have time to enjoy the applause of the crowds. Sons of the Thames beat Lady Rohesia, easily.

12.10am: University of Virginia/Pontomac composite race Cardiff University/Agecroft composite in mens quads. Cardiff take the start and have an advantage over the Americans from the start of the booms and open that gap at Upper Thames. The English crew really make their mark against the Americans with clear water. At the enclosures they move again though the Americans make a move to come back into the race. Too late and the Cardiff crew win against the University of Virginia by a length and a half. As the red arrows do a fly past.

12.05am: A heat of the school boy eights as Portora Royal School beat Gonzaga College. As they come up to the 1000m mark the boats are still overlapping. However, the American crew start to move away from the Irish crew at Upper Thames. The Irish boys are not letting the Americans slip and there is still a tussle. Coming into enclosures Portora are still in contact and not letting the Americans have an easy race. As they take the rates up in front of the stands, the Irish crew really dig deep. Both are racing for the line as the course runs out as Gonzaga take the win.

12.00am: A heat of the Temple Cup, as eights from Princeton University, USA race against Liverpool University. Liverpool are a little outclassed by Princeton who have a heafty pedigree and lead from the start. The Princeton crew rate under 30 as the come into enclosures as the Liverpool crew take the rate up and put everything in to race to the line. With Liverpool only allowing a three length win for Princeton.

11.55am: A heat of the Diamonds and on Berks we have University of Washington racing Leander. An early lead from Seb Devereux over the American S. Tuck. Devereux from Leander has a comfortable lead on his home water, rating 32 at Upper Thames. Tuck, a lightweight rower, has a power disadvantage in the head wind. The winner of this race meets Mahe Drysdale tomorrow. Seb Devereux wins against S.J. Tuck.

Leander Club's Seb Devereux beat Sam Tuck in the Diamond Challenge Sculls easily.

He said: "I was pushing the whole race, it's not like I was taking it easy. It's the first time I've raced Sam and I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

At last year's regatta Devereux was in a quad that won the Prince of Wales Cup.

He has been studying in the United States and said this year that boat was full and switched to single sculls at the last minute.

"I've been working hard for the last two weeks. I'm very happy. I was pleased just to qualify and to win my first race is great," he said.

11.50am: A heat of the Fawley Challenge Cup which starts with a steering issue and a lot of work for the Umpire. The Grange School veered into Frankfurter R.G. Germany. This is a mens quad race and its an interesting race as they are overlapping at the 1000m mark and coming through Upper Thames. At Upper Thames the Germans put in a push and move away from the Grange School gaining clear water. Both crews are pushing for enclosures, with the Germans having a length advantage. Coming into the stands the Germans show their efficiency and take the rate up to increase the lead. Frankfurter, Germany beat the Grange School.

11.45am: Visitors Challenge Cup and the first race of this event is between Sydney Rowing Club against Sport Imperial and University of London composite. Sydney take advantage of some wobbles at the start and pull out a clear water lead to lead comfortably at Upper Thames. Sydney Rowing Club cruise across the finish line at the expense of Sport Imperial/University of London.

11:40am: Nereus vs Skoll, both crews being from Amsterdam, Holland - a race between two clubs who meet regularly in domestic races. Nereus pull away from Skoll and are comfortably in the lead at enclosures. Nereus finish with a flourish and beat Skoll.

11.30am: Radley College race Shiplake College in a race that is eagerly awaited. This is going to be a real test of these crews. Radley leave the blocks slightly sharper but neither crew is going to give an inch. This is going to be an extremely close race with both crews in contact. At the 500m mark Radley make a move and get clear water. At Upper Thames this moves to a length clear water, though Shiplake don't allow them to walk away. At enclosures Radley have enough of a lead that though the Shiplake crew are bow to stern. Radley respond and take the rate up in front of the stands and cross the line first but Shiplake made sure Radley had to work for it.

Shiplake College's Henley Royal Regetta journey came to end after they were beaten by Radley College in the Princess Elizabeth Challeneg Cup.

Headmaster Gregg Davies said: "I thought we started off really, really well. We were neck and neck with them. We were really pleased with how we rowed.

"But all that said we were beaten by a better crew - we wouldn't have beaten Radley today. I'm delighted for them. I wouldn't say they were better technically but they are physically bigger."

The Radley crew, he said, were very sporting and shook hands with the Shiplake boys in the boat tent afterwards.

"As a head I don't mind losing to a crew like that. It's still very painful for our boys."

He said he was 'proud' of his students adding: "Rowing creates really wonderful young men becaue of the discipline you need to have to be part of the rowing team."

Henry Cawthorne, 18, captain of boats at Shiplake, said: "I think they surprised us off the start because we weren't expecting them to go as hard. They're a really big, strong school - they're far heavier then we are and taller.

"We did ourselves a credit that we managed to stay in touch with them - we didn't give up, it's just unfortunate it didn't play out as we expected."

11.25am: The first heat of the double sculls and a Dutch crew race a Scullers crew. The Dutch crew have a slight weight advantage over the Scullers crew and lead by two lengths of clear water as they come through Remenham and up to Upper Thames. The Dutch crew settle into an easy rhythm as the Scullers crew lose touch at Upper Thames. The rain continues gently as the dutch double scull in front of the stands and cross the finish line first to beat Tideway Scullers.

11.20am: A heat of the Temple challenge cup in eights and Columbia University race UWE who had a hard fought race yesterday. Colombia lead at the 500m mark. At Upper Thames Colombia have a commanding lead. As it starts raining Colombia enter the last minutes of the race letting their rate drop, maintaining their smoothness. UWE still fight for the line but are too far from their opponents to make a mark. Colombia finish first beating UWE.

11.15am: Molesey Boat club and Sir William Borlase race Imperial and Agecroft composite in this heat of the men's quads. This is a big field of clubs and these races are some of the hardest fought. The Imperial composite move away from the Molesey composite but the latter stay in touch and fight back. As they come into enclosures Imperial are in the lead with clear water but both crews take the rate up and there is a steering call from the Umpire.IN front of the stands Molesey put in another push and there is overlap. But on the finish line it's the Imperial combination that cross first.

11.10am: Race 22 - The Prince Albert Challenege cup and a race between Nereus Amsterdam and Newcastle University. Men's coxed fours the Nereus crew pull away in the first 500m. This is the only heat of this race today. At Upper Thames Newcastle are still in touch as Nereus don't build on their lead. At Upper Thames Nereus put in a big push and open to clear water, but are still unable to slip away. The Newcastle boat shows it's canny northern roots as they come up to the finish line and stay in touch but are beaten by Nereus, with overlap between the boats. A hard fought race.

11.00am: A heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup and London Rowing club race Tideway Scullers School. These two fours raced yesterday. A very closely matched race off the start and neither crew are giving it away in the first 250m. They are still even at the 500m mark and coming up to Remenham they are still closely matched with London steering a little into Scullers but nothing that requires Umpire intervention.At Upper Thames, Scullers move into the lead and start to push London into making mistakes. As they come into enclosures Scullers move to clear water and start to embed a lead. As the weather darkens they move into the last part of the race, taking the rate up and increase the lead margin. As they pass the stands Tideway Scullers confidently lead and cross the finish line first beating London Rowing Club.

10.55am: Bayer Leverkusen race the Lea Rwoing Club in eights. The German crew lead away from Lea and at Upper Thames there is clear water. The German crew have a commanding lead at the start of the enclosures and as finalists and semi-finalists previously they are looking to move to Sunday and the finals. Lea are not going down without a fight. Passing in front of the stands the Germans remain calm and beat Lea Rowing club.

10.50am: A european match as Universite de Lyon race Laga, Holland. The French were impressive against Eton and have moved away from the Dutch crew at Upper Thames. Coming into the enclosures they look very comfortable and have not let the Dutch come back on them in the closing stages of the race. The Lyon crew respond to a big push from Laga as they come to the line. The Universite de Lyon, France beat Laga, Holland.

10.40am: Leander race bath University in the Prince of Wales Cup. Leander take an agressive start and move into a comfortable lead. As they pass Upper Thames they are leading easily in this heat of the mens quads. Leander win easily.

Jack Beaumont, who was in the Leander Club quad that beat Bath easily in a time of 6 mins 50 sec, said: "It was a fantastic start to the regatta. Hopefully we can step on throughout the rest of the days. We have a good tradition at the club in this event. You have got to treat everybody as if they are going to be the fastest crew and read the race from there."

10.35am: Thames race Glasgow in the Fawley Challenge Cup mens quads. Another Scottish crew this morning and the Glasgow Academy are a selected crew. Glasgow had to make an adjustment to their steering at the start but pull away at the 500m mark to clear water. Both crews are zig-zagging a little but Glasgow are clearly out in front at Remenham. Thames raced yesterday and may have not conserved enough energy to race this selected crew. Glasgow remain in control as they come into enclosures, as Thames take the rate up and try for a sprint finish. In front of the stands the Glasgow take the rate up and finish first. Glasgow Academy beat Thames Rowing club A.

10.35am: Daniel Clift has withdrawn from the Diamond Sculls leaving Mike Lawrence to row over. He is therefore moving up the course on his own.

10.30am: Sport Imperial vs London Rowing Club and real derby between two clubs who train on the same stretch of river and whose boathouses are 150m apart. Four of the Sport Imperial rowers are here having lost last year. As they come past Upper Thames Sport Imperial lead from London Rowing Club there is clear water and Sport Imperial are determined to make their mark on this race. As they come in front of the stands and approach the finish line the commanding performace of Sport Imperial stnads and though London put in a last push Sport Imperial beat London Rowing club by 1 and quarter lengths, 6min 34 secs.

10:20am: A round of the Prince of Wales cup and mens quad. The local athletes from Reading University pull away early from the German quad. Reading University beat Bayer Leverkusen, Germany.

10.15am: A tight race between Clares Court and Sydney Rowing Club Australia, off the start. Coming past Upper Thames the Austrlian crew opened up a gap and built on it to lead comfortably. The Australians now have a commanding row as they come into the enclosures. The Australians beat Clare's Court School easily.

10.10am: Vesta vs Lea in the Britannia. The Lea are on a mission and this is a tight race. They are in the lead as they come into the enclosures though both crews race for the line. Lea keep their form and Lea beat Rob Roy Boat Club.

10.00am: Rob Roy vs Star Boat Club in a heat of they Wyfold Challenge Cup. Star Club have an interesting wobble off the start but lead into the booms and maintain and build on that lead as they come past Upper Thames. Star have a smoother row as Rob Roy deal with the wash and have a little more issue with the steering as they drift across the course. This has become a bit of a parade as they come into the enclosures. Star Club take it home with a stronger smoother finish. Star beat Rob Roy in this heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup.

9.55am: The first pairs race of the week and Keeble College vs Yale University. The Cambridge crew has a lot of experience at junior level, and lead away from Yale. In front of Upper Thames there is two lengths clear water. Richard Phelps umpiring gives Keeble College a warning but this is not a race where a clash is likely as Keeble keep the clear water distance. The boat race pedigree of the Keeble crew has shown through the race and come past the stands maintaining their lead and coming up to the finish line with a small sprint. Keeble College beat Yale University.

9.50am: Womens junior quads in the Diamond Jubilee Quad sculls and the Headington School girls pull away early from St Georges School. Headington have a very strong coaching structure and won in the eights at National Schools. Here at Henley Royal Regatta they are making their mark in the quad as they have three lengths clear as they come into the enclosures. Very similar in style to the Henley crew the Headington Crew have reduced thier rating and come across the line first, to win this heat of the Diamond Jubilee Cup.

9.45am: A heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup and all eyes on the Norwegians as they had a disaterous start yesterday resulting in a restart of the race. This is going to be a tight race with some interesting steering form the Oslo crew. Tyne amatuer take advantage of this by remaining clam. The Norwegians don't manage to pull away to clear water and in front of Upper Thames the Tyne crew maintain contact. The Norwegians have to push through in the enclosures as Tyne take the rate up. This is a race that is going to go to the line. A sprint finish and it could be down to the steersmen to decide who wins. In front of the stands they are still tussling and voices from the crowds. Tyne have a big finish. This is going to be called on the line. Tyne beat Oslo Rowing Club by 3 feet.

9.40am: Mens quad sculls and a heat of the Prince of Wales Cup. Cardiff and Sir William Borlase lead as they come into the booms, over London Rowing Club. Sir William Borlase is the Alma Mater of Sir Steve Redgrave and has a long history of producing some good junior scullers. This is a real tussle between athletes who have trialled for the GB squad and have raced representing their countries. There is clear water between the composite crew and London and in front of enclosures the composite pushes again. London are pushing to the line, but Cardiff and Sir William Borlase finish first.

9.30am: Another heat of the Thames Cup in eights with Mulheim Germany against Kingston Rowing Club. Two very good eights but the German crew out gun the Kingston crew and as they pass Upper Thames with clear water. The German boat is well drilled and looks smoother despite keeping the rate quite high. Kingston put in a push at Remenham but the German crew hold them off. The Kingston crew keep in touch as both crews come into enclosures but in front of the stands the Germans pull away again. Mulheim beat Kingston.

9.25am: Mercantile. Australia vs Catabrigian with Mercantile gaining clear water as they come into the booms. This is the first eights race of the day, with both crews having raced yesterday. Mercantile settle into their rhythm but don't pull away. The Cantabrigians keep the pressure up as they come past Upper Thames. Mercantile move again and the clear water distance is extended and as they come into enclosures they close the door on the Cantabrigians. In front of the stands both crews take the rate up and Mercantile finish first beating Cantabrigian.

9.15am: Australia vs New Zealand and the advantage slight to Australia as they come past Upper Thames. This a really tight race with both crews pushing each other as they move through to the enclosures. This is a coxless race and is being perfectly steered. Psychologically this is a real head to head with no clear water. Sydney come through at the stands taking the rate up and fighting to the finish line. Sydney go over the line first, to beat Petone.

9:10am: Thames vs Lady Rohesia in coxed fours with Thames getting a better start and being up as they come through the booms. Lady Rohesia had their first round against Upper Thames. Thames beat Deal, a slightly easier race against coastal rowers.As they past Upper Thames Thames had a comfortable lead. In front of the stands Thames are applauded, lowering their rate to 26 and finish first, beating Lady Rohesia.

9:00am: First round for the womens junior quadruple scull and it's Henley Rowing Club against Shrewsbury School. A clean start for the first race of the dat and the training water of the Henley girls - they know every inch of this river. A real tussle as they come into the booms and neither crew giving an inch. Shrewsbury look more comfortable but Henley have the edge as they come past Upper Thames with a length of clear water developing. At this time of the morning the coaches are able to cycle alongside and there are a number following these crews. As they head towards the enclosures Henley relax into a strong rhythm but Shrewsbury push again. An interesting fight into the stands as the local girls win comfortably. Henley beat Shrewsbury by one and half lengths. See these athletes in this weeks Henley Standard special supplement

Cat Kay, Womens Captain of Henley Rowing Club: "The girls will be very pleased. They were calm and relaxed and to get the first race over and with such a decisive result is fantastic."

8:30am: A slightly cooler morning after yesterdays record breaking temperatures. We're currently waiting for racing to start and hope you come back to read about some exciting matches.

8.00am: We're all set for day two at Henley Royal Regatta 2015. But if yesterday was about challenging the rowers with soaring temperatures up to 31 degrees Celsius, today things are set to be slightly more damp. The peak temperature for today is a decidedly cooler 21 degrees, and there are also showers forecast for most of the afternoon.

As well as the continuation of the qualifiers for the Challenge cups which began yesterday, Thursday heralds the start of rowers' campaigns in the Goblets, Double Sculls, Britannia, Diamonds and Prince of Wales and - as ever - the Henley Standard team will be on hand to ensure you have all the results, breaking news, interviews, colour and video you need to keep up with the action.

Join us here for our live results feed when racing begins at 9am. Our web team will be doing live updates on local crews' success through the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter and Facebook, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from rowers and Regatta goers alike.

In the meantime:
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