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Regatta Friday 2015 as it happened

Keep up to date with all the results and reaction from the day's racing at Henley Royal Regatta.

6:30pm : Final race of the day and a heat of the Silver Goblets Challenge Cub with the GB pair racing Keeble College, Oxford. Into the booms the crews are stroke for stroke but as the Leander crew hit the booms they begin to move away. Keeble College don't let the Leander pair slip and push them into the 1000m mark. Past Upper Thames there is clear water but both crews still pushing. Into the enclosures the Leander crew push again as they control the race. Leander beat Keeble College, Oxford.

6:25pm : A heat of the Diamond Jubilee Cup and girls quad sculls with Latymer Upper School racing Y Quad Cities Rowing Association of America. Two very closely matched crews with only a couple of feet between them as they come into the booms. At the 500m mark Y Quad move away with a higher rate to move to half a length lead and then a length. Coming through the 1000m mark there is clear water between the boats. Into the enclosures and despite a veer into the centre of the course the Y Quad crew maintain a comfortable lead. Y Quad Of the USA beat Latymer School in Junior girls quad sculls.

6:20pm : University of Washington race Yale University in a heat of the Visitors Challenge Cup. University have a better start with Yale being warned for steering. Both crews are level coming into the booms, but University of Washington move away at the 500m mark, with a better rhythm. Yale move into the middle of the course again as they past the REmenham enclosures with not quite the same finesse. Washington hold off Yale at the 1000m mark. Yale keep drifting into the middle of the course and the wash of Washington, but are not letting their opponents slip away. At Upper Thames Washington push, reacting to a call from Yale. At the enclosures, Washington take it up to keep clear water. University of Washington beat Yale University by one length.

5:55pm : A heat of the Visitors Challenge Cup, mens coxless fours, with Sydney Rowing Club against Harvard University 'A'. Another steering challenge off the end of the Island as the crews come together but Sydney move away against Harvard after that initial wobble. At the 500m makr Harvard still have overlap. Sydney are rating higher than the Harvard crew and at the 1000 mark Sydney move to bring their stern level with the bow of the Harvard boat. At Upper Thames both boats still fighting and still head to head. Harvard are warned by the Umpire as they come into the enclosures. Taking it to the line Harvard push it on but Sydney respond and in front of the stands Sydney have half a length. Sydney Rowing Club beat Harvard University by a length. Sydney equal the course record in this event.

5:50pm : The next heat of the Temple Challenge Cup with Universite de Lyon, France against Princeton University USA. Princeton University have more of the water effect of the Island and are warned by the Umpire on the start. Into the booms this is turning into a very close race with only a quarter of a length between the boats, to Universite de Lyon. A lot of power in the Princeton boat but the French rate lower. At the 1000m mark Lyon continue to pull out a lead but the Princton crew keep pushing. Coming up to the enclosures Princton move again to reduce the advantage Lyon have. This is going to the line. As they come to the enclosures and Lyon will have to really make a mark to respond to the Americans rate change and fina push. The French crew hold off the Americans with an increase in rate and they lift again to build to the line. University de Lyon beat Princeton University.

5:45pm : A round of the Temple challenge cup between Columbia University and Hobart College USA. Hobart are warned off of the start as they move into the middle of the course. A very close race at the 500m mark. Hobart College are half a length down to Colombia as they move to the 1000m mark. Hobart continue to weave a little, as they pass Upper Thames and Colombia remain half a length up. Colombia press Hobart into their station as they come into enclosures as both crews stay in touch with each other. This is a battle to the line as Hobart move to a quarter of a length as they pass in front of the stands. A big sprint into the finish line and very close race as Colombia respond to the crowd. Colombia University beat Hobart College by half a length.

5:40pm : Race 58 and a heat of the Diamond Sculls between reigning World and Olympic champion Mahe Drysdale and Seb Devereux of Leander. This is a race where the underdog will want to have a nose in front at the start as they know it will be the only moment they will probably have their bow ball in front - the photos will look good! At the booms Seb Devereux was half a length ahead. At the barrier Drysdale settled into his stride and moves into the lead. At the 1000m mark Drysdale is in a comfortable lead with a smooth long stroke. Coming into the enclosures Drysdale is pushing his finishes to open a little more distance between the boats. Seb Devereux puts in a big finish but doesn't make a mark on Mahe Drysdale. Drysdale of New Zealand beats Devereux of Leander.

Leander's Seb Devereux, said: "It was tough, really tough, but I gave him the best I could off the start. When you're racing against somebody like that that's all you can do. "I went really hard off the start but I paid for that in the second 500m." Seb, a former student at The Henley College, added: "It's an amazing memory and a fantastic experience and it's great to have done it at Henley Royal Regatta in front on my friends and family."
5:35pm : A heat of the men's quadruple sculls between Leander/Oxford Brooks composite and Bath University in the Prince of Wales Challenge cup. The selected crew move away off the start from Bath who had to qualify. At the 500m mark there is a length clear water. At the 1000m Leander/Brookes have a comfortable lead and are moving smoothly. At Upper Thames there is a small lift in the Leander boat as Sam Mottrams old club give him a shout. The Bath crew don't let up on the pace but are not quite as tight. Leander/Oxford Brookes beat Bath University by two lengths.

5.30pm : First race after the tea interval and a heat of the women's eights, Race 56, between Imperial College and Sport Imperial composite and Western Rowing Club, Canada. The Western boat has an Olympic pedigree, winning the silver medal, whilst the Imperial crew had to go through qualifiers. The Canadians have been battling with the Americans internationally. After the island Canada lead by clear water. The Canadians ease out the distance and control the river at the 1000m mark, showing their class and speed. This will be an easy verdict but the Imperial crew are still following their race plan, with a big push at Upper Thames. Canada ease over the finish line first beating Imperial/Sport Imperial composite, easily.

4.27pm It's the final race before the break for tea and it's a bit of an unusual one for spectators. Sport Imperial Boat Club have withdrawn their entry from the Thames Challenge Cup, leaving University Barge Club, USA to row over. They took the opportunity to practice the course and put in an assured and focused row - no obvious sneaking of looks up into the stands, simple concentration. They will now face the Thames Rowing Club A boat in the semi final.

We're taking a break for tea now, but join us back at 5.30pm for the evening session.

4.21pm Gloucester Rowing club are through to the semi finals of the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup, beating Sir William Borlase's Grammar School. The Borlase crew got a warning from the umpire for steering awry near the start and never fully recovered. Worcester finished two and a quarter lengths ahead, in a time of 7.42.

4.01pm Another exciting race that got the crowd roaring, as University of Washington took on Princeton University A in the Ladies' Challenge Plate. The crews were neck and neck and at a speedy pace from the beginning. In the end Washington ended victorious, ending with a verdict of one length, and a time of just six minutes and four seconds.

3.50pm Back to the pairs for a heat of the Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup. We've a bit of a local interest here as Leander's MT Tarrant, paired with CS McBrierty of Oxford Brooks, beat the Japanese Mitsubishi Boat Club pair of Nakamura and Kamada. The British crew finished three and a quarter lengths ahead, in a time of seven minutes 28 seconds.

3.48pm In an upset, hotly tipped Eton College has been beaten by Gonzaga College High School, USA, in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup. The American crew finished just one length ahead of the Eton schoolboys, with both teams roared on by the excited crowd. Gonzaga finished in six minutes 20 seconds.

3.40pm Next up is the Imperial College London and Agecroft Rowing club composite crew, against Reading University A in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup. After a strong start, the composite crew took the lead early and finished two and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 6.31

3.27pm Some reaction from the disappointed Upper Thames crew, which lost out to Newcastle University in the Visitors' Cup at race 45.

Sam Barnes, who was in the coxed four that lifted the Britannia Cup at last year?s regatta, the first time in the club?s 51-year history it had won a Henley trophy, said: "We tried to get out in front and they just completely outclassed and outgunned us. They were a very very high quality crew and a great bunch of guys, very humble and modest."

While the crew - who all work full time and train in the evenings - stuck to their race plan, they were eclipsed by Newcastle's strength and fitness. Crew member Michael Nagi added: "At the Fawley barrier Newcastle they equalled the course record."

Despite the disappointment Barnes said they were proud of their achievements, having become the fastest coxless four Upper Thames has ever had, but said they would be taking time to enjoy the summer before making thinking about next season.

3.17pm We're back to the single sculls in the Diamond Challenge Cup. ME Lawrence (Quinton Boat Club) beat CK Revell (Caius Boat Club, Cambridge) by three and three quarter lengths, in a time of 7.56.

3.08pm Disappointing scenes for Ruderclub Germania Dusseldorf in the Ladies' Challenge Plate round against Yale University. The Germans rowed themselves into the boom early in the race leaving Yale to meander down the course in leisurely fashion. The Americans crossed the line two and a half lengths ahead, in a time of 6.18. Leander will be facing a well-rested Yale crew in the semi final having raced in the re-scheduled Race 49 this morning, beating Princeton B.

3pm In an American university derby, Brown University pipped Stanford University by two thirds of a length in the Remenham Challenge Cup. They crossed the line in 6.52.

2.48pm Disappointment for one of local crews, as Upper Thames Rowing Club was beaten by Newcastle University in the Visitors' Challenge Cup. Newcastle pulled away with an early lead and by the time they reached the Barrier they was clear water between them and the Upper Thames crew. They crossed the line in six minutes 45 seconds, with a verdict of two and a half lengths.

2.36pm In the Princess Elizabeth Cup, Westminster School were victorious in a closely fought race with Phillips Academy, Andover, USA. The Westminster crew finished just three quarters of a length ahead of the Americans, with a finish time of 6.24.

2.27pm In the Double Sculls, HCJ Goodier and J G Bugajski (Oxford University and Keble College, Oxford), beat CB Kuyt and BD Lukkes (DSR Laga and DSR Proteus-Eretes, Holland). The British pair won by three and a half lengths, finishing in a time of seven minutes and twenty seconds.

2.17pm Moving to the Wyfold Challenge Cup, Tyrian Club A are celebrating making it to the semi final, having beaten Dresdner Ruderverein, Germany. They finished wth a verdict of one and a quarter lengths in a time of 6.46.

2.08pm We're back from the lunch break, and first up are two hotly tipped American crews. University of California, Berkeley took on Harvard University B in the Visitors' Challenge Cup, winning with a comfortable three length verdict.

12.35am: Polly Swan in the single scull against van der Mullen from Holland. The dutch sculler pulls away from the Leander athlete. At Upper Thames the dutch sculler maintains her lead as she tidies her stroke and pushes away again. Polly puts in a push coming into enclosures as the Dutch sculler responds. Both scullers race for the line but van der Mullen beat Swan from Leander.

12.30am: Harvard against Yale in coxed fours. Lightweight against heavyweight. Yale out in front at the half way mark which they maintain to the enclosures. The lightweight Harvard rowers have not let Yale have this race all their way, as Harvard sprint for the finish. Yale beat Harvard.

12.20am: Princess Grace for quadruple sculls with local club Upper Thames against Brown University from the USA. A close start but Brown begin to move away from Upper Thames at the start of the booms. At the 1000m mark Brown have a length clear water. At Upper Thames, Brown move out again. At enclosures Brown go for the line as they hold of the challenge from Upper Thames. Brown beat Upper Thames.

12.15am: Thames race the Germans from Mulheim in this heat of the Thames cup. Thames dominate this race with a comfortable row. Thames win over Mulheim. 12.05am: A heat of the women's eights with Leander racing the GB women's eight. A close start but the GB eight gain half a length as they come into the booms. Leander hang on to the tail fo the GB eight and don't let them extend the clear water margin at Upper Thames. The GB crew look powerful as they come into the enclosures as Leander take it up. The British National squad beat Leander club in this heat of the womens eights.

12.00am: A minutes silence in honour of the 38 people who dies in the Tunisian terrorist attack.

11.55am: A heat of the women's single sculls and Henley race the World Champion and Olympic Gold medallist. The Olympic Champion moves out to an easily verdict and cruises into enclosures.

11.50am: Silver Goblets heat - Sons of the Thames rowing club against Leander and Molesey who are the world silver medalists. The Leander crew are going for a barrier record opening an easy lead and then reduce their rate as they cross the 1000m mark. The GB pair will be racing the New Zealand pair in a weeks time. This is an easy win for Leander against Sons of the Thames.

11.45am: A heat of the Pricess Elizabeth with Radley School racing Boston College. Radley lent the boat to the Boston crew in this race. Radley take an early lead. Coming into the enclosures they attack the finish responding to the Boston push. Radley College beat Boston College.

11.40am: Proteus, Delft, Holland race Oxford Brookes University. The Proteus crew have a lead at Upper Thames but the Brooks crew are still in touch. Oxford Brookes make another push but the Dutch crew respond and coming into the enclosures the Dutch are smoother. Past the stands Oxford Brookes make a final push but Proteus hold off the attack. Proteus beat Oxford Brookes

11.30am: Race 31 - Another heat of the women's quad sculls as Headington School race Surbiton School. THe Headington School take the lead but Surbiton push to get back on terms. Headington are warned for their steering but increase the lead. As they come past Upper Thames they maintain the clear water lead. As they come into the enclosures they increase their rate but Surbiton respond with a closing stage sprint. Headington cross the finish line ahead of Surbiton.

11.25am: Army against Hungry in the men's Diamond Sculls. An incredibly quick start from the Hungarian, who opens a two length lead at the 500m. The hungarian has a comfortable lead over Army through enclosures, as Lawrence Wells increases his rate and makes a last sprint. The Hungarian beats the Army.

11.20am: J16 from Henley Rowing Club against Marlow Rowing Club in womens quads. A very good display of juniors womens' rowing. Marlow lead from Henley with more experience in the Marlow crew. As they come past the stands the Marlow crew have comfortable lead of two and half lengths. Marlow beat Henley.

11.10am: Edinburgh Univeristy against Cambridge University in the university coxed boats. The Scots have the advantage at the start of the booms. A very tight race and as they move through the enclosures the scots keep their bow ball ahead but the Cambridge crew are pushing with coxes asking for everything. The scots win over the english in a very hard fought race. Edinburgh University beat Cambridge Univerity.

11.05am: St Pauls against St Edwards in school eights in a heat of the Princess Elizabeth. St Pauls move out to a clear water lead. A comfortable victory for St Pauls over St Edwards.

11.00am: Mens quad sculls with Sydney challenging Glasgow. Sydney have a one length lead at the 500m mark. Two very strong crews in this race. A real tussle as the crews come into the enclosures and Galsgow push through and this is a real race for the line. The scots have the advantage as they come to the finish . A real sprint finish. Galsgow Academy Beat Sydney, Australia. A very exciting heat

10.55am: Diamond Sculls between lightweight Leander sculler Evans aginst the heavyweight Dutch sculler. It's the Proteus scullers birthday today. The dutch sculler leads as they come into the enclosures and commands the race as the Leander sculler takes the rate up. Quite difficult conditions into the final stretch. Proteus beat Leander.

10.40am: Princess Grace Challenge Cup - Cardif composite against Imperial/Tees composite. The Imperial boat is the GB women's squad against the welsh crew. Fran Houghton is in the Imperial boat and they take an early lead over the Cardiff boat, who steer into the middle of the course at Upper Thames. Imperial maintain clear water into the enclosures and relax into a strong rhythm. Cardif put in a push to the line and close the distance and Imperial will have to respond, with Cardiff losing by half a length on the line.

10.30am: A heat of the Remenham Challenge Cup and Munster, Germany against Oxford Boat Club in women's eights. Oxford have a slender lead in a gritty race. Opening up to clear water at 1000m Oxford relax into a good rhythm. A call from the Umpire at Upper Thames makes the Oxford eight return to their station. The Germans, who are going for under 23 selection are racing a crew who raced in the Boat races earlier this year. A relaxed win for Oxford University over Munster, Germany

10.25am: The first Spanish woman to race at Henley Royal Regatta against Laura Wheeler of Nottingham Rowing Club on the Bucks station. The English sculler who won at Women's Henley this year leads comfortably at Upper Thames. The international Spanish sculler is being tested by the Nottingham Sculler who is comfortably leading in front of the stands. Not an easy scull on the bouncy water. Nottingham beat Spain.

10.20am: Prince Albert Imperial College London against Oxford Brookes University B. Imperial look more controlled and take the lead. Imperial settle into a comfortable row as they come up to the enclosures with their cox maintining the distance. The Imperial crew were winners of the elite coxed fours at Marlow regatta and the move to cross the finish line first beating Oxford Brookes.

10.15am :Pricess Challenge Cup, womens quads, with Quintin and California taking an early lead over Stanford, San Francisco. A west coast battle this race takes it to the wire as both crews take it up in the last 250m. As they go past stewards, Stanford University lead and cross the finish line first. Stanford University beat Quintin and California.

10.05am :Race 17 Mercantile, Australia against Bayer Leverkeusen in a quality eights race. The Austrlian crew are smaller than the Germans who move away to an early lead and dominate the race. Mercantile try to claw it back as they come into the enclosures but the Germans remain in the lead. Bayer Leverkeusen, Germany beat Mercantile, Austrlaia

10.00am: Upper Thames race Molesey in the Wyfold in this important race for the local club. At the 1000m mark Molesey setting a furious pace early on and have clear water. Molesey are keeping close to the booms on their station as Upper Thames move to the middle of the course. The roar of Upper Thames members pushes the Upper Thames crew through a push but the distance between the boats remains. As they approach enclsoures Molesey start to take the rate up. Upper Thames go for the line but Molesey have it under control and cross the finish line first. Molesey Boat Club beat Upper Thames Rowing Club A

9.45am : University of Newcastle against Washington University in a heat of the Prince Albert. Washington move away at the 500m mark and Washington push away to celar water at Upper Thames. At the enclosures the University of Washington take their foot off the gas and row smoothly as Newcastle continue their race plan and take it up. The selected crew crosses the finish line first beating University of Newcastle.

9.40am : Leander Club against Molesey Boat Club, with Debbie Flood former captain of Leander in the crew. Molesey take an early lead and build on that at Upper Thames. Leander keep the pressure up but Molesey are maintaining the smoothness and not losing any ground. Coming past the stands Molesey lead and pres to the finish line. Leander take it up but not enough to trouble Molesey: Molesey beat Leander.

Kate Griffiths, bow in leander four, said: "We lost so it wasn't ideal but it's a new project that we're working on. We have only been together a couple of weeks so if we had some more time together it would have probably been better. It is always an honour to row at the royal regatta and I hope to be back again in the future. There should be more female races, some kind of equivalent to the Ladies Plate. " 9.35am : Another eights race with Oxford Books against Nereus University. Nereus are warned for their steering as the lead at the 1000m mark. Brooks push as they come into Upper Thames and move back up on Nereus. This looks like this race will be won in the last part of the course. Maintaining overlap as the come into enclosures, with Brookes making a big push to bring the boats side by side. Nereus react and records are dropping in this race. This is a real race to the line. Nerues beat Oxford Brookes by a quarter length. A record breaking race.

9.30am : A change to the programme Race 49 - Princton Univeristy against Leander Rowing Club in the eights as there is a shared rower between Princeton University A and B as a result of injury. Leander take an early lead but have to work hard to hold Princeton off. Coming past the stands Leander maintin their lead and beat Princeton University.

Tom Clark, seat three in Leander coxed eight, said: "It was good to get the first race out of the way. We took a nice early lead which we weren't expected to get and then we stayed in control from there and it gives us a nice foundation to build on for the rest of the weekend." 9.25am : Double Challenge Cup with the GB double from Leander against the Team Keen Sculling School . The GB double pull away and at Upper Thames are winning easily. This was an easy row for the Leander double who scull smoothly over the finish line to beat Team Keen.

John Collins, in the Leander pair in double scull, said: "It was good to get the race under our belt. It all went to plan I would call it a textbook performance. In the early rounds anything can happen - you can turn up underprepared and the other crew can turn up on fire so it is good to avoid anything strange happening. The race was a good building block for tomorrow and hopefully the final on Sunday."

9.20am : Fawley Challenge Cup Frankfurter against Leander with Frankfurter opening a length up at the 500m mark, with Leander being warned for their steering. Both crews are warned at Upper Thames as they move to the centre of the course. The crews remain side by side as the Umpire has his work carried out. Only half a lenght as Leander have come back. As they come through the stands Leander make a big push for the finish. The Germans hold them off but have a steering issue and more Umpire intervention. The Frankfurter Club beat Leander Club

9.15am : Race 8 - Prince Albert Challenge Cup Coxed fours from Durham University racing the University of Exeter. A real tussle as both boats are bow ball to bow ball at the quarter mile. At Upper Thames both boats are still side by side as Durham put in a push to move to clear water. Exeter keep it together to the enclosures and the push for the last 250m. Durham take it up and move away again. Durham University beat Exeter University

9.05am : Petone From New Zealand against Star Club and Star Club come out expolsively and are a length up at the 1000m mark. This is a heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup. Star Club are warned as they move into the middle of the course. The Star Club is another crew with a family history of racing at Henley Royal. Star are warned again as they come into enclosures and take the rate up. Petone have a history of rowing through Sydney Rowing Club and Star will be aiming to hold them off. The sprint continues past the stands and Star rate 38 towards the line. Petone put in a last push but Star Club beat Petone Rowing Club.

9.00am : Cornell University against University of London in this heat of the Temple Challenge Cup with Cornell University a selected crew from America. The Umpire is Matthew Pinsent. Cornell get a good start but London don't let them get away easily and keep pushing up the course. At Upper Thames Cornell lead by a length. University of London put in a sprint finish to gain overlap on Cornell coming up to the finish line. Cornell beat University of London by 3/4 length.

8.55am : Doubles Challenge Sculls and brothers from the American Craftsbury Sculling Centre against a City of Bristol double. The international standard crew from the US lead easily as they come into the enclosures and take the rate down. The American brothers scull a technical section past the stands to beat the City of Bristol double.

8.50am : Race 4 - Fawley Challenge Cup Nottingham Rowing Club against Northwich Rowing Club in the quadruple sculls. The Umpire warns Nottingham for being a little too close. Real family history in these boats as another Kay competes at Henley. Coming into enclosures the youngsters from Nottingham remain in the lead. Northwich raise the rate but past the stands Nottingham go for the line and Nottinghma Rowing Club beat Northwich.

8.45am : Coxed fours and Nereus against the Americans with the Dutch crew leading past Temple Island. Nereus pull away again at Remenham and at Upper Thames there are a couple of lengths of clear water. The University of California are a selected crew and didn't race yesterday but the Dutch crew are showing thier efficiency in the water to maintain their lead into enclosures. Nereus beat the University of California with a comfortable margin.

8.35am : Tideway Scullers against Tyne in a heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup. Scullers quicker off the start and move away at the 500m mark and clear water at the 1000m. Past Upper Thames Tyne put in a push again but Scullers need to keep their wits about them as Tyne have a very fast sprint finish. Scullers hit a cross wash and are warned by the Umpire but put in a push and pen up two lengths clear water . Tideway Scullers beating Tyne Rowing Club who can't make the distance up.

8.30am : Thames Challenge Cup, Leander against Thames Rowing Club and a good start for both crews with Leander moving away. Home water for Leander. Leander rate higher than Thames coming into enclosures and though Thames have kept at the heels of Leander it would take a very good sprint finish for Thames to win. Leander confidently row past the stands and they take the applause as they cross the finsih line first, winning their heat of the Thames Challenge Cup.

Cam Murray, bow of the Leander boat, said: "We went out really hard and got ahead of them and then we could watch them from the Barrier and adjust. We tried to break them early and then if they pushed on us we could react and stay ahead."

8am: An early start for Friday at Henley Royal Regatta. As well as races for local crews and rowers to keep us busy, there are some familiar faces from GB Rowing's squad taking to the water too. The weather is looking brighter than yesterday too, with temperatures forecast of up to 29 degrees.

As well as continuing heats from Wednesday and Thursday, today we have some new cups in contention - including the Princess Grace, the Remenham and the Ladies' Cups. As ever the Henley Standard team will be on hand to ensure you have all the results, breaking news, interviews, colour and video you need to keep up with the action.

Join us here for our live results feed when racing begins at 9am. Our web team will be doing live updates on local crews' success through the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter and Facebook, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from rowers and Regatta goers alike.

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