Tuesday, 03 August 2021

Semi-finals day at Henley Royal Regatta

Keep up to date with all the results and reaction from the day's racing at Henley Royal Regatta.

7.13pm This evening's last match saw University of Washington beat Harvard University A to secure their place against Yale in tomorrow's final. The Washington crew took the lead early but there was overlap between the two boats until past Fawley, when they were finally able to pull themselves a bit more clear. Harvard tried to push back but just couldn't do enough to close the gap. Washington finished two lengths ahead in a time of seven minutes and 26 seconds.

This concludes our coverage of Henley Royal Regatta for today. Thank you for joining us, and following our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please join us tomorrow for finals day when we'll do it all again - with the Standard team bringing all the results, news and reaction from the river as so many of the world's best rowers take to the water once more.

7.02pm In the first of two Prince Albert races which will finish today's competition, Yale University has taken on ASR Nereus, Holland. The Dutch crew took an early lead which they held through the Barrier and Fawley, but in scenes reminiscent of the previous race, Yale powered through in the final stages of the course, ending up finishing two lengths ahead, crossing the line in seven minutes 26 seconds.

6.52pm In the open women's quadruple scull, The Princess Grace cup, Molesey Boat Club moved through to the finals after finishing just two thirds of a length ahead of opponents Stanford University. The grudge match saw Stanford ahead at both the Barrier and Fawley, but Molesey dug deep and their end of race plan put the Americans under pressure until they overtook them in nail-biting fashion. Molesey crossed the line in seven minutes 58 seconds.

6.41pm Western Rowing Club, Canada - better known as Canada's national squad put in a bravura performance to beat Brown University, USA in the Remenham Challenge Cup. Brown are the top US collegiate women's eight but were quickly outgunned by the Canadian crew, who finished three lengths ahead in seven minutes and 20 seconds. The Canadians will now meet the British crew in tomorrow's final.

6.32pm New Zealander Alan Drysdale has won his place in the Diamond Challenge Sculls final, beating Quintin Boat Club's Mike Lawrence by four lengths in a time of eight minutes 56 seconds.

6.19pm And we have another Leander crew set for finals day, this time in the Prince of Wales. As the defending champions with a five-year-run that they're keen to make six, Leander sprinted off from the start on a mission. The self selected composite crew of Cardiff University and Sir William Borlase's Grammar did all they could to ensure they didn't have it their own way, but the Leander crew had eased out to half a boat length by the Barrier. By the finish line they had extended that lead to four and a half lengths, finishing the course in six minutes 51 seconds and allowing Harry Leask, Nick Middleton, Jack Beaumont and Andrew Joel to book their place in finals day.

6.09pm And it's two for two for Leander crews - as John Collins and Jonny Walton power through to the final of the Double Sculls decisively beating Craftsbury Sculling Center's Peter and Tom Graves. The Leander pair finished two lengths ahead, in a time of seven minutes and 32 seconds.

Speaking to the Standard afterwards, Jonny Walton said: "We had another good race, even more textbook than our performance yesterday. We got ahead and sat on it. The crowd was a bit bigger today and we've got lots of friends and family here supporting, so it was good to get the job done in front of them. I think we stayed in control of the boat despite the windy conditions. We didn't let the conditions dictate our race."

5.59pm We have another Leander finalist for tomorrow! This time in a composite crew with Oxford Brookes in the Prince of Wales Cup, having defeated an Imperial College London, Agecroft Rowing Club crew. Leander's Steven Parsonage and Oxford Brookes' Joel Cassells crossed the line in six minutes 32 seconds, winning by a margin of two lengths.

Speaking to the Standard afterwards, Steven Parsonage paid tribute to the unique atmosphere of Henley Royal Regatta: "The atmosphere at Henley is very different to something like the wolrd championships. To have the roat of the crowd along the whole course rather than the last 500 metres really pushes you to keep performing through the whole race. It definitely makes a difference."

Speaking about the pair he said: "We only came together as a crew a week ago so to get this far despite being together such a short time is very good. Every race has got harder but we've tried to take the same approach to the line each time. We don't want to underestimate anyone. This is a long term project to try and put something together for Great Britain under 23s and we just want to keep stepping up every time we race.

5.49pm We have one of our two finalists for tomorrow's Diamond Challenge Sculls. Hungarian Gabor Csepregi led from the Barrier and wasn't troubled by his Dutch opponent Martin van Blokland after that. Van Blokland floundered slightly and laboured his final straight, seemingly more troubled by the cross breeze. Csepregi gave the crowd a good display of sculling, finishing in eight minutes, 38 seconds with an 'easily' verdict.

5.38pm We're back from tea with the second semi final for the Ladies' plate. University of Washington and Melbourne University, Australia are vying for a place against the Yale crew who beat Leander earlier this afternoon.

It's a happy Independence Day for Washington as they started strongly and just continued pushing throughout the race. By Fawley they were in their stride and steadily making their way up the course. Melbourne tried to push to catch them but to no avail. They finished two and a quarter lengths behind. Washington clocked 6.38.

4.31pm As we break for tea, the Standard's Jamie Presland has had a chance for a chat with Leander's Zoe de Toledo, cox for the GB Rowing eight who are now in the final for the Remenham cup. She said: "It was a good race, we had a much better start than yesterday. We wanted to use our first two days of racing to set us up for tomorrow but we weren't taking anyone for granted." De Toledo is a big fan of the exuberant atmosphere of Henley. She said: "I like racing on a Saturday, there's lots of drunk people and lots of noise. At one point they even missed a call because it was so noisy!"

4.30pm We have our first set of finalists for the men's Double Sculls cup tomorrow. JM Thompson and JE Smith of the University of Pretoria beat HCJ Goodier and JG Bugajski by one and a half lengths. The pair crosssed the line in a time of 7.48.

4.20pm In our penultimate race before tea a nail biting clash between the French Universite de Lyon crew and Columbia University, USA. The two crews were evenly matched and for part of the race Columbia actually seemed to be ahead. But University de Lyon had a strong finish, pulling forward in the final few yards, much to the delight of the crowd. They crossed line in 6.57, three quarters of a length ahead of the Americans.

4.12pm Any hopes that Cal Berkeley might have had of meeting their arch rivals University of Washington in the final of the Visitors' cup has been put paid to by a swift and singleminded Sydney Rowing Club crew. The Australian quad powered out at the start and, despite their best attempts, Washington could never overcome the headwind to catch up. The Australians crossed the line in seven minutes and nine seconds, leading by four and a quarter lengths.

4.10pm More good news for Leander this afternoon, this time in the women's eights in the Remenham cup. Their composite crew with Imperial College London made short work of a crew made up of Oxford and Harvard University rowers, winning by a solid two and a quarter lengths in a time of 7.18.

4.05pm Finally we have a result from race 26 - and it's the Americans heading to tomorrow's final. After the restart the American crew drew away fast, and the experienced Newcastle crew (who last year won the Prince Albert Cup) couldn't pull back despite a furious fight. They finished two thirds of a length behind crossing the line. Berkeley progress with a time of 7.04.

3.45pm A delay to race 26 - Newcastle University versus University of California, Berkeley in the Visitors' Challenge Cup after the two crews clashed shortly after the start of the race. Umpire Boris Rankov initially gave Berkeley a warning for steering, but then stopped the race for a clash in neutral water. We're currently awaiting a restart.

3.37pm Some reaction from the water where the Standard's Jamie Presland was able to get a word with Leander's Tom Ransley, number three in the boat which is now heading to tomorrow's Stewards' cup final having beaten the University of Pretoria in race 21.

He told us: "I like to race on a Saturday. It's such a good crowd and it's not often we get to race the events on home water. There was some expectation that we should win the race but that can bring its own dangers of complacency and added pressure. We handled that well and as we knew we had the race we tried to keep it ticking over."

3.36pm The crowd was roaring on the crews in the junior mens' eights, as Westminster School beat Gonzaga College High School, USA in the Princess Elizabeth cup. It was an exciting race with the crews close throughout the course but Westminster just able to hold an early lead. They finished two thirds of a length ahead, in a time of 6.59. 3.30pm We're set to have an all-British final in the Silver Goblets after Leander's Stewart Innes and GB Rowing partner Ollie Cook bested hotly favoured South African team Hunt and Keeling of the University of Pretoria. The British crew won by two and a half lengths, finishing in a time of seven minutes and 43 seconds.

3.19pm Another treat for rowing fans as the British women's national quad (rowing as Imperial College London and Tees Rowing Club) took on Brown University, USA. It was an unequal race, as you might expect bearing in mind the relative catchment areas the two crews were taken from as well as Brown's weight disadvantage which worked out at one stone per woman. Following a slight and quickly addressed steering wobble, the British crew started strong and soon had clear water between them and their opponents, finishing in 7.54 with an easily verdict.

3.08pm Disappointment for Leander Club as their blue riband team, the men's eight, was beaten by Yale University. Yale took off the line faster, blasting ahead and giving Leander-supporting spectators cause for concern from the start. They were warned twice by the umpire for crowding the Leander boat, but narrowly avoided clashing blades before adjusting their course. They had a one length lead by the barrier and, despite being renowned for their strong finishes, the Leander crew were just unable to make up the lost ground before the finish line. They pushed hard but Yale pushed back, finishing finished two and a third lengths ahead, in a time of six minutes 32 seconds.

Disappointing indeed for the Leander Crew and their local supporters, but the American crew were visibly thrilled (albeit exhausted) having beaten Leander on their home turf on Independence Day no less.

3pm Victory in the Stewards' cup for Leander Club and the University of London against University of Pretoria, South Africa. The mens four powered through taking an early lead which Pretoria never really came close to eating into. The British crew finished in 7.09, two and a quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

2.50pm St. Paul's School are in the final of the Princess Elizabeth cup after an assured win against Radley College. St. Paul's were leading with clear water by the Barrier, and despite Radley's best attempts to overcome the headwind they still finished two lengths behind when they crossed the line. St. Paul's move forward having completed the course in a time of 6.52.

2.38pm A treat for spectators now as four members of GB Rowing go head to head in the men's pairs for the Goblets Challenge Cup. In a local derby, each pair had a member of Leander Club in the boat, with top ranked British pair Matt Langridge and James Foad taking on Callum McBrierty and Matt Tarrant.

Langridge has the bragging rights over McBrierty, finishing with his crew mate in seven minutes 47 seconds by four lengths.

2.30pm Next up in the Diamond Jubilee we see Gloucester Rowing Club beat Y Quad Cities, USA. The American crew started well and the two teams were close together as they reached the barrier. But shortly past Fawley the American crew had an apparent steering error which saw them veer sharply off the course, losing a couple of seconds allowing the Gloucester crew - who are seeded crew and beat William Borlaise's Grammar School in the previous round - to pull away.

By the time they got to the finish Gloucester were two and a half lengths ahead, crossing the line in eight minutes dead on.

2.20pm: If the headwinds were difficult for the men's eights crews, the women who took to the water immediately afterwards in the Princess Royal were going to have an even tougher time of it. 28-year-old Janneke Van der Meulen was given the race of her life when she took on three-time Olympian and current Olympic champion Miroslava Knapkova.

Knapkova rowed a steady race, taking a wide lead early and then tempering her pace to preserve herself for tomorrow. She finished - somewhat inevitably - with an 'Easily' verdict, in a time of nine minutes and 29 seconds. But there was nothing for Van der Meulen to feel ashamed about with her rowing an assured race in the conditions against a stellar opponent.

2.10pm: Our first race back sees Dutch crew ASR Nereus take on Cornell University, USA in the Temple cup. Cornell blasted off the line but the gusty conditions made it a tough ask for the lightweight varsity crew, particularly against the Nereus crew, who broke a race record in a previous heat and knocked out hotly tipped Oxford Brookes in the previous round. Despite keeping close throughout the race, the headwind was too much for Cornell, with Nereus finishing one and a half lengths ahead, in a time of six minutes 46 seconds.

1.40pm: As we gear up to come back from lunch to an action packed afternoon of racing, we've had some reaction from Sam Royston, the cox of the Leander eight who were knocked out of the Thames cup shortly before lunch by RTHC Bayer Leverkusen. He was philosophical after the loss, telling the Standard: "I have no argument with the result. We had a good fifteen strokes starting out. To be honest they blew us out of the water after the start.

"When they got ahead we panicked a bit. Me and the boys got our heads together after half way and pushed hard until the end. It's a shame about the result."

The crew is set to go its separate ways at the end of the season as university beckons. Royston added: "Some are staying on at Leander, some are going to universities in the UK and America. It's been an honour to cox them."

12.20pm : This mornings racing concludes with a semi-final in the Diamond Jubilee Cup for junior women's quad sculls as Headington School race Marlow Rowing Club. Marlow won the silver at the National Schools whilst the Headington girls came out of the eight to race this event. Marlow lead at the 500m mark by a length. This is a strong headwind and the heavier Marlow crew with a technical advantage move away again as they come past Remenham Church to open up clear water. Headington have a steering issue coming up to the 1000m mark and put in a push but don't close the margin Marlow has created. In the Marlow boat there is a Henley College student so there should be a few Henley voices yelling for this crew. Coming into the enclosures the Marlow crew power through to three lengths lead and have a comfortable strong rhythm. They drop the rate in front of the stands whilst Headington take it up. As lightweights the Headington crew have struggled in the headwind. Marlow Rowing Club beat Headington School.

12.10pm : Lea Rowing Club race Thames Rowing Club for a place in the final of the Britannia Challenge Cup. There is a slight delay as they retrieve an object - a picnic blanket - from the water. The race gets underway at 12.12 with a strong start from the Lea who are determined to get ahead of the Thames crew by the end of the island. The boats are level at the start of the booms and the crews are stroke for stroke. The Lea move into the lead at the 500m mark and settle into their pace with a half length lead. The Lea hold Thames who make a push as they pass Remenham Church. At the 1000m mark the margin remains at three quarters of a length with Thames rating slightly higher than the Lea. Thames make a move on Lea at Upper Thames,to close the gap to a quarter of a length and then push through Lea. At Remenham Club Thames move into the lead but the Lea are not letting them slip away. Coming into the enclosures the Lea take it up with a little bit of a wobble, and lose contact with the Thames boat who open a lead to clear water. As the noise errupts from the stands both boats build up their race finish. Thames power into the head wind to cross the line first. Thames Rowing Club beat the Lea Rowing Club by two lengths.

12.00pm : The first race for the Grand Challenge Cup for eights, the premier event of the regatta and a Leander Club & Molesey Boat Club composite race the National Team of Australia. This is a match of international eights. The Australians in very bright all-in-ones are down half a length to the British eight at the 500m mark. At the 1000m mark The GB eight move out to two lengths lead and start enjoying their race with a long smooth stroke set by local rower Will Satch at stroke. Coming into enclosures and the British eight take the rate up with a power push. In front of the stands they take the applause to cross the finish line first. The British eight beat the Australian eight by a length and one quarter in 6min 23secs.

Matt Gotrel, of Duke Street, rowed at Bow in the GB/Leander and Molesey composite that won the grand challenge semi final:

"We have been looking to put a few things in place since we last raced together for Great Britain and we were able to do that today. We're always trying to get better. The wind was strong out there so it was not perfect conditions. You couldn?t get feedback from the water. Now I'm looking forward tomorrow. It's currently 1-1 with ther Germans so it would be good to win and get ahead. This is my home water and it's always great to race at Henley. The town is transformed during this week and it makes you feel like a bit of a superstar with so many people watching."

11.50am : The second semi-final in the Wyfold Cup for coxless fours and Tyrian Club race Tideway Scullers School. A fast and furious start with Scullers getting the early advantage with a half length lead at the 500m mark. They inch it away as they come up to Remenham church and the start of the big crowds, opening their lead to a length. Tyrian don't let them slip however and move back in touch, coming back to a half length at the 1000m mark. Scullers are steering a very straight course and put in a push at the Upper Thames marker to claw back their lead and open it to a length again. At Remenham Club they push it to clear water, which they hold onto at the start of enclosures. Keeping a strong long rhythm they are taking command of the race and take the rate up, as the noise of the Stewards crowds hits them. In front of the stands Tyrian boat club make a push but Scullers respond and push again, lifting the boat to the finish line. Tideway Scullers beat Tyrian Boat Club. Congratulations to Tideway Scullers who make it through to the final tomorrow after last years ungentlemanly disqualification.

11.40am : A race for the Thames challenge Cup and Bayer Leverkusen, Germany compete against Leander Club, in eights. The winner of this race will meet Thames Rowing Club tomorrow in the final. Leander slightly shorter with a higher rate than the Germans, who take a very slight lead into the booms. Both crews push into rhythm and Bayer move to a half length lead at the 500m mark. Leander will have to make a push to keep in touch. A length down in an eight is a big distance to make up. Bayer move into the core part of the race with a comfortable rhythm, building on the lead they have created. At Upper Thames the German crew cope with the headwind well and power through to the enclosures, with Leander not making a dent on the distance that has opened up. Coming to the line Leander take it up whilst Bayer keep a constant momentum. Bayer Leverkeusen beat Leander by two and one quarter lengths.

11.30am : Another Fawley race and Sir William Borlase?s School race Glasgow Academy. Both crews broke records on Friday. A sculler in the Borlase boat catches a crab and the wobble results in zig-zag steering from both crews. Glasgow didn't capitalise on the crab and steered into Borlase who moved very close to the booms. Glasgow Academy lead by a canvas at 500m. This is a very tight race. Both crews are suffering in the head wind and the bounce on the water, with some untidy blade work. Galsgow are warned by the Umpire at the 1000m mark as they move to half a length up on the Sir William Borlase crew. At Upper Thames the half length lead is maintained by Glasgow, as Sir William Borlase put in a push. Glasgow are really pushing to the middle of the course and are being warned again to move away from Sir William Borlase. Borlase make a big push into the enclosures as Glasgow get ragged. In front of the stands this is still side by side racing, with Borlase really going for the line. Borlase raise the rate and move through Glasgow. This is going to the line, with the noise from the crowds. Coming to the finish Borlase take it from Glasgow by a canvas. Sir William Borlase beat Glasgow Academy

11.20am : Single scullers Laura Wheeler, from Nottingham Boat Club, and Lisa Scheenaard of Holland, race in a semi-final of the Princess Royal. Both crews fight for the start, as Wheeler tries to get ahead of the Dutch sculler. At the start of the booms Wheeler has half a length over Scheenaarde, as she settles into her race. However at the 500m mark the Dutch sculler puts in a push to draw level with Wheeler. These two women are side by side as they pass the Remenham enclosures where Women's Henley was held a few weeks ago. At the 1000m mark Scheenaarde moves through Wheeler to be a quarter of a length up. At Upper Thames she continues to move through Wheeler and push the run of her boat out as she underrates Wheeler. The more composed Dutch sculler moves to clear water as they come up to the enclosures. Wheeler put the Dutch sculler early on but has paid for it in the last part of the race, as the head wind bites. Moving through enclosures Scheenaarde sculls comfortably ahead of Wheeler. Lisa Scheenaard of Holland beats Laura Wheeler of Nottingham Boat Club.

11.10am : The first Fawley semi-final where Frankfurter Rowing Club, Germany, take on Nottingham Rowing Club. A rowing dynasty is represented in the Nottingham boat with the sone of international lightweight Tom Kay racing. These are fast quads with the Germans having a slightly higher rate. The crews are level at the start of the booms but up to the 500m mark Nottingham pull out half a length lead with the Germans drifitng to the middle of the race. Nottingham have taken the race by the scruff of the neck and move to a length in front of the Barn Bar. Nottinghma steer a little too much as they come up to the 1000m mark but maintain clear water over the Germans. Moving through Upper Thames Nottingham maintain their lead with a powerful push. At the enclosures Nottingham lead Frankfurter by two lengths, though they have a little wobble with the steering. The Germans put in a push but are not able to move up on the Nottingham crew, as they come past the stands Nottingham remain in the lead. Nottingham Boat Club beat Frankfurther Rowing Club by two lengths.

11.00am : A race in the Thames as University Barge Club, USA, on Berks, compete against Thames Rowing Club. A club eights event the crews get off to a clean start and move away from Thames as they pass the 500m mark, to a three quarter of a length lead. The Americans keep the advantage to the 1000m mark but Thames pull back level and at Upper Thames move through to a half length lead. A very determined race by Thames who are lighter than the Americans, moving into the head wind. Coming to the enclosures Thames keep the advantage they created and raise the rate, increasing their lead to a length. In front of the stands they are diggin deep as the cox bangs the boat to get the guys to focus and push. They put in a push for the line and cross first ahead of Barge. Thames Rowing Club beat Barge Rowing Club by three quarters of a length.

10.50am : Tideway Scullers School race Sydney Rowing Club for a place in the Britannia Challenge Cup final. Sydney get out fast and Scullers will have to work hard to stay in the race. These are coxed boats and both front loaders. Sydney pull away through the 500m mark having taken advantage of a very quick start. Sydney made it to the semi-final last year and are determined to get through this year. Scullers remain two lengths down at the 1000m mark. Sydney inch away at Upper Thames and smooth out their rate, moving into the head wind that is creating some bouncy water, and open the distance between boats again. Coming into enclosures Sydney take the rate down and power it home, enjoying the applause from the crowds. Sending the finish the Sydney crew are prepared for an attack but the distance is too great for Scullers to make a dent. Sydney Rowing Club beat Tideway Scullers School by 5 lengths.

10.40am : Men's coxless fours battle it out in the first semi-final of the Wyfolds, as Star Club race Molesey Boat Club. Both boats rate high off the start with Molesey having a little bit of steering but nothing extreme. The Molesey crew get a foot up on the Star Club at the start of the booms but at the 500m mark the crews are level. Star get into a long striding rhythm which Molesey don't respond to and drop down by half a length. Not letting Star get away they put in a push and stay with Star, who keep the half length lead. At the 1000m mark Molesey move to alongside star. As they come to Upper Thames Molesey move into the lead with a big push and power into the wind. Star can't match the push as they come to the enclosures and Molesey move to half a length lead, but are warned by the Umpire. In front of the stands Molesey move to the centre of the river, as Star take the rate up. Molesey go for the line and take the race from Star. Molesey Boat Club beat Star Club by one length, 7min 16 seconds.

10.30am : The last heat in the Prince Albert between Imperial College London and Harvard University. Imperial go out hard but at a slightly lowere stroke rate than the Americans, with Harvard overrating the British crew at 50 strokes per minute. This is side by side until the end of the island where Imperial pulls out by a foot. At the 500m mark Harvard are still in touch with Imperial and make a push which Imperial responds to. At the 1000m mark Imperial move to three quarters of a length up and are striding at 34. Moving to Upper Thames Imperial stay out in front but Harvard put in another push to move back to half a length down. Imperial have to hold their nerve as they come into the enclosures. The Harvard crew go early and push at the beginning of the enclosures. Imperial react and maintain the hold on the race. Imperial extend their lead. Both crews take the rate up. This will be a tight race in front of the stands. Harvard throw everything at the finish as they rate 40. This is a race to the line. This is about the last 10 strokes of the race. Harvard overhaul Imperial. Harvard University beat Imperial University by a canvas.

10.20am : Another mens's coxed fours race as Edinburgh University race University of Washington in the third heat of the Prince Albert. Who will book their place in this afternoon's semi-final? Edinburgh are current record holders for this event, with a very tough race against Goldie yesterday. Both crews have a clean start as Umpire Richard Phelps gives them the 'Go!'. Edinburgh get their nose in front at the start of the booms and maintain a very high rate at 39, stroke for stroke with Washington. The Washington crew make a big push at the 500m mark and they draw back on Edinburgh, with a very powerful ten on the legs. This is a real tussle with very confident coxes. The Washington move into the lead and stride back into a race rate. Edinburgh drop to half a length down. Coming up to Upper Thames the Washington crew make another push and move to clear water. Towards the closing stages the Washington crew show their strength and power into the enclosures. The Washington crew press to the finish as the Edinburgh crew put in a sprint and close the gap a little but not enough. Coming to the finihs line the race is taken by Washington. University of Washington beat Edinburgh University by a length and a half.

10.10am : The second round of the Prince Albert with Yale University racing Proteus-Eretes of Delft, Holland. These are interesting races with some closely matched crews. A slight hesitation at the start as some ducks cross from the island and the Umpire stops his call over. However, both crews get off cleanly when the Umpire does call go and the Americans take the lead by nearly half a length into the booms. Proteus rate very high in these early stages and remain in contact with the Americans, at the 500m mark. Coming up to the 1000m Proteus keep in touch with the Americans, moving to half a length down having been a length down and start pressing the Yale crew. At Upper Thames Proteus close the gap again and the Yale crew have to respond. The American cox calls for a gear change as they raise the rate and move to a lenght ahead in front of the stands. Both crews race for the line with a counter push but Yale take the race from Proteus. Yale University beat Proteus-Eretes by one length.

10.00am : Start of racing and a round of the Prince Albert with A.S.R. Nereus, Holland racing Durham University. The winners of the next four races will race again this evening. The Nereus crew broke records yesterday so Durham will have their work cut out. The Dutch get out cleanly, in these heavyweight coxed fours, at a slightly lower rate than the Durham boat, smooth and long, creating some impressive boat speed. Nereus pull away at the 500m mark but Durham are still in touch. Durham rate 38 and maintain contact with Nereus at the 1000m mark. As they come up to Upper Thames Nereus put in a push and break to a length clear. Approaching enclosures Durham look neater than Nereus but will it translate into a sprint finish? Nereus are not letting go of their lead and they will cross the line first. Nereus beat Durham University by a length.

9.45am : A little bit cooler today so maybe not so many records tumbling, particularly with a slight head wind on the course.

8.30am: A bit of a lie in today, Saturday, and semi-finals day at Henley Royal Regatta. Some exciting racing yesterday with a few unexpected turns of events, and disappointment for local crews. The weather is looking good, after last nights thunder and lighening, with temperatures likely to reach 26 degrees.

Keep coming back to see up to the minute results from the races and remember to refresh your screen to get the latest reports. As ever the Henley Standard team will be on hand to ensure you have all the results, breaking news, interviews, photos and video you need to keep up with the action.

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