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Raunchy opener by Jessie J

POP star Jessie J opened the Henley Festival and said it was one of her ?favourite gigs this summer?

POP star Jessie J opened the Henley Festival and said it was one of her ?favourite gigs this summer?.

The singer, who left hospital last week over undergoing two operations, had the crowd dancing from start to finish at Wednesday night?s show.

She arrived in a BMW before performing an energetic and provocative set on the ?floating? stage complete with a gold- painted throne.

Dressed in a thigh-length see-through black T-shirt reading ?Henley-on-Thames?, black boots and black underwear, she performed hits including Domino, Price Tag, Bang Bang, and Do It Like A Dude.

Jessie told the crowd: ?I?ve got a sneaky suspicion I?m a little bit under dressed! Can I just say you?re the best dressed crowd I?ve ever seen? I literally drove up and there were people on their dinghies with their phones, it was so surreal. But it?s lovely isn?t it? Let?s just hope it doesn?t rain.?

She said she was a ?little shaky? after the surgery and that?s why she needed the seat.

?I?m not my usual crazy self yet,? she added.

Despite this, she danced around the stage and said: ?There are some people who look so confused about what is going on on this stage. Some of you look traumatised and I?m kind of enjoying it!?

She spoke to the audience throughout the 90-minute performance and at one point let a 17-year-old girl near the front take the microphone and sing the chorus of her hit Who You Are.

It was met by a huge cheer from the crowd and Jessie J told the girl her performance was ?amazing? and posed for a selfie on the edge of the stage.

She told the crowd: ?Make some noise for Georgia, and now she?s crying ? I?m sorry!?

She also sang Happy Birthday to a man celebrating his 40th birthday.

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