Tuesday, 03 August 2021

Entente Florale judges welcomed in Henley

JUDGES from across Europe came to Henley yesterday (Sunday)

JUDGES from across Europe came to Henley yesterday (Sunday).

The group of 10 from the Entente Florale European competition were given a six hour tour of the town.

Henley will be critiqued on environmentally sensitive development, community initiatives and the ?greening? of public spaces.

Entrants to Entente Florale Europe may only take part once every five years and must be nominated by a Britain in Bloom judge.

Henley in Bloom were put forward for the competition by Britain in Bloom lead judge Peter Holman, who was also present on the tour?.

Their tour included a presentation at Henley Town Hall, where town councillor Kellie Hinton gave a presentation about the history of Henley, the Fairmile vineyard where owner Jan Mirkowski talked about landscape management and councillor David Eggleton spoke about the growth of the residents association on the Gainsborough estate.

The group will deliberate on the 16 places they have visited today at the town hall.

Henley was the last of the 16 destinations to be judged.

For more read next weeks Henley Standard.

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