Tuesday, 03 August 2021

Sociable Marco

“OUR dog Marco is a show cocker spaniel born on January 3 this year, the day

“OUR dog Marco is a show cocker spaniel born on January 3 this year, the day we got married.

“We had our honeymoon in Venice, home of the famous explorer Marco Polo.

“Our own little explorer has been busy breaking hearts all over Henley and is a firm favourite with our Mayor and her staff at Hot Gossip in Friday Street.

“Living just a few doors away, Marco often takes the opportunity when the front door is ajar for deliveries to visit the coffee shop where he gets lots of attention and, of course, his daily treats!

“When not saying ‘ciao’ to the girls in Hot Gossip, he likes to say ‘hi’ to Jeremy, Justina and Veronica in The Anchor.

“Marco is concerned with the community and does his bit by visiting Vicky at the Blue Cross shop, attracting customers who come in to give him a cuddle.

“A keen reader, he likes to say ‘hi’ to Auntie Sabine in the Oxfam bookshop opposite. Otherwise he can be seen playing with the kids and other dogs in Mill Meadows.

“He thinks the dog bowls at the café and the Quince Tree in Stonor are perfect on a hot day of socialising.

“He would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their welcome to Henley and particularly to our Mayor Lorraine for the work she is doing, particularly in trying to get Wokingham Borough Council to put some dog poo bins on its side of the river. Thank you and big licks from Marco.”

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