Monday, 02 August 2021

Living Advent: A nightmare before Christmas

Dozens of people attended the third night of the fifth Henley Living Advent Calendar for a scary festive play

Dozens of people attended the third night of the fifth Henley Living Advent Calendar for a scary festive play.

Reading Between the Lines theatre group staged the show, called The Old Father and the Krampus, at Early Rider, Henley Enterprise Park, off Greys Road. It told the story of the Krampus, a mythical creature who punishes naughty children at Christmas.

The play, which the theatre group is hoping to expand to a full-length show, was written by Chris Lambert and directed by Hal Chambers.

Mark Middleton played Old Father (Father Christmas), Dani Davies was Old Mother and Toby Davies took on the role of the Krampus. Hannah Timms played Father Christmas? naughty daughter Samantha, while Clyde, a fellow naughty child, was played by Oliver Dench.

Phil Chappell, of GPC Marketing, served free mulled cider before the play and Lawlor?s Bakery provided mince pies, while there was a raffle with prizes including whiskey and a dinner tray.

There was also a bucket collection for Bishopswood Special School, in Grove Road, Sonning Common.

Richard Rodway, who chairs the advent calendar, said: ?What wasn?t to like? It was Christmas with a hint of scariness but what?s great is that it?s completely different to everything else we?ve done. We tried to get these guys involved last year and it was really good that they came this time because they have a great reputation.?

Mrs Davies added: ?We really enjoyed it, everyone?s worked really hard and given their time up for free. We had some great rehearsals at the town hall, which was lovely and we are really pleased withy how many people turned out. We will be back in Henley to perform Twelfth Night at Mill Meadows in July.?

The living advent calendar involves 24 half-hour performances by dancers, theatre groups, singers and other acts each evening from December 1 up until Christmas Eve.

The identity of each act is a secret until their performance, just like opening a door on an advent calendar. Each night is dedicated to one charity, which will hold a bucket collection and publicise their work.

Tonight?s performance will be hosted in Friday Street.

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