Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Glimpses of yellow in Henley

YELLOW floods Henley in March.

YELLOW floods Henley in March.

Daffodils poke their heads up from the soil, spreading out their yellow petals, while a blue tit’s golden feathery chest ruffles in the wind.

The rising sun waking earlier each day as summer crawls slowly closer and the cute, golden chicks standing in straw cheep a new song.

Dots of yellow swarm the Astro by Tesco’s as children gather each Sunday to whack the hockey ball.

Yellow sports cars race through the streets, spotting fluorescent jackets of the Henley police. Clusters of bananas and piles of lemons on the market stall and £1 coins passing from hand to hand in the shops.

Lemon juice squirting from a sour lemon, dripped on to pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, soon followed by Easter eggs wrapped in shiny golden foil, appearing in shop  windows.

The striped yellow, blue and white of Rupert House School children and the odd sighting of canary-coloured waterproof coats.

The pale yellow Chantry House by St Mary’s Church, the town lit by street lamps in the dead of the night. A sea of blue and black dotted with golden stars from my bedroom window before the golden light is swept into homes as people close their curtains.

Each of these things can be glimpsed in Henley, from the lemons in the weekly market to the daffodils waking from their long slumber.

Though not all of these things are part of everyone’s lives, we share them together in Henley.

A special report by Amelie Judge, 12, a pupil at St Helen and St Katharine School, Abingdon, who lives in Henley

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