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Henley Youth Festival: Competition results

The results of the Henley Youth Festival competitions are as follows:

The results of the Henley Youth Festival competitions are as follows:


Two-dimensional art

Winners: Rebecca Malone (infants); Giles Kerry-Roger and Annabel Smyth (juniors); Jenny Brady (seniors)

Runners-up: Jenna Topham and Gabrielle Hortopp (juniors)

Highly commended: Gwennie Hunter, Georgina Ashby, Isobel Howell, Scarlett Beasley-Knowles, Lily Grace Pickup, Zara Barnett, Charlotte Lumlock


Winner: Summer Smith

Runner-up: Logan Goodall

Three-dimensional art

Winners: William Sadler and Dolly Gadson (infants); Olivia Gomarsall (juniors); Indigo Gow (seniors)

Runner-up: Poppy Parsons (juniors)

Highly commended: Julia Lambert, Isla Tompkins and Bethann Bowsher Larner (juniors)

Collaborative art project

Winner: Sonning Common Primary School Key Stage 2 art club

Runner-up: Nettlebed School art club


Winner: Oliver and Charlotte Harris (juniors)

Runner-up: Alexander and James Sampson (juniors)

The winners of the writing competition were as follows:

Years 1 to 3

Winner: Amber O’Connor, seven, of Sacred Heart Primary School, with The Rainbow Comes to the Carnival

Runner-up: Adele Alliston, seven, of Nettlebed Community School, with The Bad Man at the Good Carnival

Years 4 to 6

Joint winners: Abilene Artherton, 11, of Trinity Primary School, Henley, with All I Can See and Euan Cumming, 10, of Sonning Common Primary School, with The Henley Carnival

Runner-up: Jemima Brewer, nine, of Rupert House School, Henley, with Rhythm Beat

Years 7 to 11

Winner: Sophie Wermann, 16, of Gillotts School, Henley, with CarnEVIL

Runner-up: Jana Lakatos, 12, of St Helen and Katharine School, Abingdon, with An Athlete’s Carnival

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