Monday, 26 July 2021

Live feed: Wednesday's racing from HRR 2016

8pm update: Catch up with our live blog of all the action from today's racing at Henley Royal Regatta - including local reaction from Henley and Shiplake crews.

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WYFOLD 8.30 am :First race of the day with London RC 'B' racing Waikato, New Zealand

The New Zealand crew are in distinctive all-in-one's with Shiplake College coloured blades. As we get under way there are a few ripples on the water.

Both crews get away cleanly and both crews are smooth though New Zealand head towards the middle of the river obviously feeling the presence of the Island. They have almost a length lead at the end of the Island. Cyclists and runners chasing these crews along the bank.

Not much of a breeze but after last night’s race there's quite a lot of stream.

London trail by clear water as they come up to Remenham. As both crews hit the barrier the stiff headwind is making it a tough race. Coming through to Upper Thames both crews are powering on with the French steersman in Waikato's crew keeping a steady line, with a lower rate to the London crew.

The Kiwi's are looking in great shape with a comfortable lead.

There is a re-union of the crew who won the Wyfold Challenge Cup 70 years ago. These races create a lifetime bond between these athletes.

THAMES 8.35 am : This race has started as the WYFOLD comes through to the Stewards Enclosure.

Waikato are maintaining a lower rate to the London crew who are taking it up into the final 250m. Though the New Zealanders are comfortable as they come up to the finish line and early morning clapping from those out supporting London.

Waikato of New Zealand win against London Rowing Club 'B' in the first race of Henley Royal Regatta 2016.

THAMES 8.35 am :Oslo Norway vs Auriel Kensington and this is a much noisier start with loud screams from both coxes. A very quick start as you here the launch growl as it accelerates to stay in touch with the race.

The Oslo crew have almost a length lead as they push the Island away. AK are doing well to stay in touch though the Norwegians push away and have clear water.

Coming into the second half of the race and the challenging conditions are not helping.

The Oslo crew are seasoned international rowers and are in complete control of the race.

With a lower rate they continue to push AK away and look efficient. They Norwegians have this in the bag, despite the AK cox urging her crew to the line.

Oslo beat Auriel Kensington in the Thames Cup PRINCESS ELIZABETH 8.40 am: Hampton vs Bedford The first school boys race of the day. The Bedford crew is coached by Pete Mulkerrins who has an international pedigree. An extremely close race with Bedford having an early lead and then Hampton pushing but Bedford responding. Bedford keep pushing and stay and don't let go of Hampton who seem to be steering very close to the booms.

This is not a race where one crew tows the other. This is a real battle and the blue and white Bedford boys are pushing the Hampton crew. The Hampton crew haven't got clear water as they come into the Enclosures and Hampton start to sprint for the line. Both crews are really fighting for the line.

Hamptons early sprint pays off and they push to one length lead. Bedford are still in contact as they come up to the last 100m and are not allowing Hampton an easy win. Hampton cross the finish line first but this was a great race and they were not allowed to win this easily.

BRITANNIA 8.45 am: Coxed fours with Nottingham Boat Club vs Sport Imperial. Imperial have a slight edge out of the blocks and the coxes are pushing their crews to establish their crew. Both coxes are called Sophie - unusual.

The crew from Sport Imperial are overpowering the slightly lighter Nottingham crew. The tideway rowers are rating lower and cleaner as they come into the enclosures.

Imperial look like they will have a comfortable win having lead from the first stroke. Could they go on to win this event?

This is the crew to be looking for later in the week.

As they cruise over the line Sport Imperial comfortably win this heat of the Britannia Challenge Cup against Nottingham Boat Club.

FAWLEY 8.50 am: The first race at any regatta is the most difficult as many of these crews are racing international crews with an unknown pedigree.

This has been rescheduled to 4.25 pm this afternoon after a boat issue with one of the boys quads.

THAMES 9.00 am: Molesey b crew vs Sydney Rowing Club - first time in 17 years. This is being umpired by Sarah Winckless who is the first female umpire of a race at Henley. An historic moment and a great day for Sarah.

A shipwreck from the Sydney crew caused the boat to jump sideways and Molesey take advantage of the issue. The Sydney crew recover and push back at the end of the Island.

They move to clear water at Remenham using the adrenalin created from the incident. Settling into a long , strong rhythm Molesey don't seem to be responding. The Australians haven't come all this way to come second.

Molesey are moving a little in their section of the track but Sarah hasn't had to use her flag yet though is keeping a stern eye on the race. The Sydney crew are showing why they have come all this way as they move to a length of clear water coming up to the Enclosures.

Both crews are taking the rate up into the last 25m of the race but Molesey are not making headway into the Sydney lead. Shouts from the bank even at 9am in the morning as the spectators start to arrive.

Slow conditions with stream after last night’s rain and the definitive Henley head wind, which takes a lot out of the legs.

A clean race apart from that second stroke from the two man. Sydney win over Molesey in the second heat of the Thames.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 9.10 am: Westminster in distinctive pink racing Claire’s Court School who are best known for their sculling. A little steering issue from Claire’s Court but Westminster pull out a lead at the end of the Island. The Westminster crew are National Schools champions and head race winners, and show their pedigree as they pull out a comfortable lead. Claire’s Courts can't respond.

Claire’s Court from Maidenhead are up against the favourites and despite their strength they are not challenging the Westminster crew.

Westminster have a comfortable win over Claire’s Court.

TEMPLE 9.10 am: Oxford Brookes C crew vs the lightweight from Cornell. Cornell lightweights lead the C crew, and coming through Upper Thames. A fast race they are being pushed by the Brookes crew all the way.

The race is not over as Brookes do not allow the Cornell lead to open up and this is not a walk away. As they come through to the enclosure it is likely that the Brookes crew will try to chase them down with a sprint. There isn't enough water to reel in the crew.

The bow side of Brookes are being pressured by Cornell's steering as they come to the finish line.

Cornell University B crew beat Oxford Brookes C by one length.

WYFOLD 9.15 am: Maidenhead vs Ardingly - both crews came through qualifiers. This is a great day for Ardingly who row on a reservoir in Sussex. For some of the crew it's their first time racing at Henley, and it's the clubs 20th anniversary.

Maidenhead have an early advantage but it's a close race.

Maidenhead keep the lead coming up to Upper Thames but Ardingly have closed the gap. Pushing back they need to keep their head in this race.

As long as Ardingly keep their composure they could overhaul Maidenhead. They will have to make a move at Enclosures. Maidenhead may have a shorter stroke but they have a great rhythm.

Still a close race to the last 15 strokes and Maidenhead win over Ardingly.

FAWLEY 9.20 am: Molesey vs Lea RC. Boys quads. Both crews get away cleanly off the start, with Lea's steering a little wobbly but the Lea boys lead at Upper Thames. The Lea crew were Junior National Champions in 2015 and were in the final at National Schools this year and are showing their form.

A close race as Molesey push into the Enclosures and both crews are sprinting for the line. The Lea will have to race this to the line. Molesey are leading at the last 50m. Molesey beat Lea on the line by a quarter of a length.

Brilliantly raced by Molesey who picked their moment and went for the line.

Molesey beat Lea.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 9.30 am: Glasgow vs Gloucester A big moment for these girls quads who are about to face the headwind that is buffeting the start.

Both crews settle into a steady rhythm with Gloucester being warned as they come out of the buoys into the booms and they avoid clashing with the changeover.

Gloucester move into an early lead and clear water.

Glasgow will have their work cut out for the rest of the race to dent the comfortable lead. Gloucester have won this event in previous years and the pedigree shows.

Gloucester continue to lead at Upper Thames though Glasgow put in a push to stay in touch. The choppy water is not making this an easy race.

The pain is showing on the Gloucester crew as they move out to a length and three quarters lead again in response to the Glasgow push.

1mile 55yrds is longer in a head win and as they come into the Enclosures it's Gloucester who are still in the lead but the pain is showing on the girls faces.

Glasgow take the rate up but don't dent the Gloucester lead as they come to the finish line.

Gloucester have had a few wobbles on the steering but maintain their lead to beat Glasgow.

BRITANNIA 9.35 am: Kingston RC vs Stratford Upon Avon RC. With Stratford having a little veer across off the start and a flag being waved by the Umpire to move back to their station.

Kingston aren't as clean as Stratford but might be a little bigger as a crew. This is a tight race. Passing Remenham Club Kingston lead by a canvas.

A real battle between the crews they are both in bow loaded coxed boats, with Stratford being pushed by their cox into the lead at the start of Enclosures.

This is a real head to head and Kingston up the rate in response. This is going to be a tight finish.

Both crews wind it up and the crews are dead level.

Stratford take it up again and Stratford beat Kingston in a photo finish. Stratford win by a foot.

TEMPLE 9.40 am: Newcastle vs Exeter in eights. Two great university crews who power out of the start. Geographical at other ends of the country these two crews battle it out of the blocks and at the Island Newcastle take the lead. At Remenham Newcastle continue to lead by a length and a quarter.

At Enclosures the University Champions Newcastle are showing their pedigree and lead by a length over Exeter.

Yells from Stewards Enclosure for Newcastle and a comfortable rhythm from Newcastle as they cross the finish line first.

THAMES 9.45 am: Fulham Reach vs Mulheim as the conditions continue to buffet the rowers. Both crews hug the line of the booms as Mulheim lead as they push away from the Island.

Mulheim rating higher than Fulham with a marginal lead.

Fulham are not letting the Germans open up the gap and Fulham overhaul Mulheim as they come past Upper Thames.

At Enclosures they move up to clear water as the Germans flounder in the conditions. The tideway crew are used to the bubbly water and have a comfortable row through Stewards Enclosure.

Fulham Reach beat Mulheim easily.

WYFOLD 9.50 am: London vs Mitsubishi Japan. Two of the Japanese crew have previously raced in the Goblets but are lightweights and are being overpowered by the London RC.

London have a three length lead over the Japanese who had a bit of a fumble with the steering. The Wyfolds is a difficult race for the steersman particularly in the headwind.

Coming into the Enclosures London have a solid rhythm and still take it up a couple of pips despite having a clear water lead.

This is technically a good performance from London who have a comfortable lead over the Japanese crew.

London RC beat Mitsubishi BC of Japan.

THAMES 10.00 am: Fujian Rowing Club, China vs Sabrina R.C. Another international line up. The Fujian club push out an early lead despite Sabrina really pushing along the Island.

Sabrina are the alumni of Shrewsbury School (who haven't raced at Henley since 1946) against the Chinese, who are looking very comfortable as they come past Upper Thames, with a two and a half length lead.

Sabrina lose touch with the Fujian club who have maintained a rate of 36 over the course.

The rate drops to 34 as they come into Enclosures and the difficult water as the stream bounces off of the Phyllis Court Club wall, with the wind not helping.

In this race of eights of club standard the Fujian’s have shown their class, with their cox driving them to the line despite the lead over Sabrina.

Fujian Rowing Club of China beat Sabrina.

TEMPLE 10.05 am: Univ. of London 'A' vs Univ. of Bristol To the barrier University of London pull out to lead from Bristol. At Fawley they maintain that lead dropping the rate from 38 to 35. The University of London crew who came 7th at the Head of the River are favourites in this event, having won at Metropolitan and having beaten Molesey at Reading Head.

London cruise into Enclosures and take the rate down again, with a strong long stroke. University of London rate 24 over the line beating University of Bristol.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 10.10 am: St. Edward's School vs The King's School, Chester. Affectionally known as Teddies the St Edward's crew from Oxford, take a canvas lead at the end of the Island. Both crew's keeping the rate up as they come up to Remenham.

At Remenham they lengthen out and get in to their race pace. At Upper Thames they open clear water. Teddies were 8th at the National Schools this year and are showing their form.

St Edward's have a comfortable lead as they come to the line taking the rate down as King's Chester are left in their wake.

St Edward's beat Kings School Chester.

WYFOLD 10.15 am: Nottingham R.C. vs Thames R.C. 'A'. Both crews are veering at the Barrier. Thames maintain a three quarter length lead at Fawley. Both crews rating 34. Thames open up clear water and show their efficiency.

Thames are joint second ranked crew in this event.

Nottingham try to lift it at the Enclosures but it is too little too late as the efficient rowing of the Thames crew move away again.

Thames beat Nottingham.

FAWLEY 10.20 am: Sir William Borlase's School vs Westminster School. Another battle commences in the boys quads in a race set to be keenly contested. Sir William Borlase won this event in 2015.

Out of the blocks Sir William are down on Westminster at the end of the Island. This is the second crew from Westminster.

The Westminster crew maintain clear water at Upper Thames and as Sir William Borlase disappear from the event. Westminster rate 29 as they enter the enclosures.

As the rain descends the Westminster comfortably cruise through the enclosures to win easily over Sir William Borlase.

TEMPLE 10.30 am: K.S.R. Njord, Holland vs Oxford Brookes Univ. 'A'. Both crews rate very high from the start with Oxford Brookes being warned by the Umpire for their steering at the end of the Island.

A baptism of fire for the Dutch crew who are racing previous winners, who lost out to Nereus last year. Oxford Brookes are warned again down the course.

At the end of the Island the crews were level, at the Barrier Oxford Brookes were leading by a third of a length. The Dutch crew have a settled rhythm and are maintaining contact with Oxford Brookes.

At Upper Thames Oxford Brookes put in a push and stretch out a lead to clear water, rating 35.

The Umpire continues to warn Oxford Brookes for steering.

Coming through to Enclosures Oxford Brookes have seized the opportunity and pushed away again but are continuously being warned for steering as they push dirty water down to the Dutch crew.

Despite the rain the supporters are out and the noise from Enclosures increases.

At Stewards Enclosure Oxford Brookes take the rate down and cruise over the finish line allowing the Dutch crew overlap on the finish line.

THAMES 10.35 am: City of Oxford R.C. vs St. Neots R.C. A really tidy start from both cruises, as the eights hit the start of the booms. City of Oxford take a lead of half a length at the end of the Island. At the Barrier, rating 36 they increase the lead to a length.

A small reversal to the order from qualifiers, St Neots claw back the clear water at Upper Thames.

Coming into the Enclosures City of Oxford maintain a rate of 36 as St Neots keep the pressure up. City of Oxford respond well and push the rate again into the grandstands, to keep St Neots at bay.

In front of the grandstands City of Oxford have a length and quarter lead. St Neots go for the line but have run out of water.

City of Oxford beat St Neots.

THAMES 10.40 am: HSBC R.C. vs Upper Thames R.C. 'A' The first of the local clubs racing with Upper Thames going into this event with the advantage of local knowledge. Upper Thames take an early lead pushing away from the Island.

Upper Thames won the Wyfold in 2014 with the crew finishing 5th in elite races at the Metropolitan regatta during the season. Upper Thames are very tidy and push to clear water over HSBC.

At Enclosures they take the rate down and cruise through to the applause at Stewards Enclosures. Considering the whether the atmosphere is buoyant.

Upper Thames beat HSBC easily.

Reaction from the Upper Thames crew: Will Moorhouse "It was a good clean performance. We are trying to save as much as we can for the later races.

It was difficult conditions, but we dealt with them well. The rain wasn't a factor, but the winds made things difficult. "

BRITANNIA 10.45 am: Tyne United R.C. vs Royal Chester R.C. Bucks station crews are over compensating for the stream off the Island and in this case Royal Chester have the veer. At the end of the Island Royal Chester have the lead.

At the Fawley they increase the lead to one and half lengths, rating 35.

Royal Chester showing their experience as they take the rate down to 32 at the Enclosures.

Very choppy waters as they come through to Stewards Enclosures, with supporters shouting for Tyne, whilst the coxes urge both crews on to the line.

Royal Chester has dominated this race despite Tyne's sprint to the line. Royal Chester RC beat Tyne United RC.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 10.50 am: Thames R.C. vs Henley R.C. 'A' The first of the Henley crews to race, with Matt Pinsent umpiring. This is a real match as Henley push to a lead at the end of the Island.

With Robinson-Ranger stroking the boat, rating 22 at Upper Thames, they've had clear water nearly all the way down the course. After the coaching issues earlier in the year this is a good start to Henley 2016 for these girls.

Henley beat Thames in the Diamond Jubilee challenge club.

BRITANNIA 11.00 am: Utah Crew, USA vs The Tideway Scullers' Sch. The Scullers’ crew are tight to the Island with both crews rating high to the end of the Island. They are absolutely neck and neck at the end of the Island with Utah being a selected crew and Scullers’ coming through the qualifiers.

Utah settle into a better pace as they squeeze out a lead from Scullers'. The Scullers' respond to the push from Utah and are warned for their steering. This is the first time a crew from Utah has raced at Henley Royal. The Scullers’ crew have at least 16 appearances at Henley between them.

Both crews at 34 approaching the three quarter mile.

At Upper Thames Utah have clear water over Scullers'. But Scullers' see the progress board and make a push. They use the marker to up their rating and claw back the distance.

Steering has let them down a little but at Enclosures they are still pushing back.

At Stewards Enclosure the Umpire warns Scullers', with both crews at 36. Scullers' are really pushing Utah and the noise from Stewards increases. There is a real chance of a clash with Utah at 38. Utah hang on.

Utah hang on to win by a canvas against Scullers'.

WYFOLD 11.05 am: Tyrian Club vs Sport Imperial B.C. Coxless crews, requiring the bow person to keep the boat straight and both crews have a steering 'moment', with a veer towards the Island and then to the opposite station. Sport Imperial are taking an early lead.

Sport Imperial have a comfortable win over Tyrian with the possibility of two races on Sunday ahead.

THAMES 11.10 am: London R.C. 'B' vs Upper Thames R.C. The club event for eights that Upper Thames would like to move forward and would love to win having not won it in recent memory. A high prize being set out for.

London are in fluorescent yellow t-shirts as they were made to go through the qualifiers where as Upper Thames were pre-selected. London lead from Upper Thames at the Island, with Upper Thames at 36.

London are determined to be 'noticed' and are rating 34 at Remenham and maintain their lead of just over a length. They look a little more in control.

London beat Upper Thames

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 11.15 am: Brunswick Sch., USA vs Latymer Upper Sch. Brunswick lead out from the start.

The Phelps brothers, sons of Annemarie and Richard Phelps, Annemarie being the Chairman of British Rowing in the Latymer boat.

Brunswick have opened a substantial lead over Latymer at the Enclosures, with Brunswick the heavier crew.

The Americans cruise through the Stewards Enclosure, to win against Latymer Upper School.

TEMPLE 11.20 am: Univ. of London 'B' vs Columbia Univ., USA. University eights. Columbia get away fast with a rate close to 50. They are a lighter crew than most.

Columbia are Varsity lightweight champions.

Coming into the Enclosures University of London are having a fight to stay in contact with Columbia. Columbia look smooth and are in control of the race.

Columbia beat University of London.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 11.30 am: Radley Coll. vs Groton Sch., USA Both coxes steering as they hit the water off of the Island. At the end of the Island they have lead over Radley.

The American crew comes from a relatively small school and will have a fight against Radley who have a strong pedigree.

Groton normally race in fours and therefore are not used to eights, as Radley comes back through at the Barrier. Coming into Fawley, Radley push through, to make the length up, they lost. It's now become a true side by side race, with Radley maintaining a good rhythm.

At Upper Thames Groton maintain a canvas lead. This will be a real fight into Enclosures.

At Enclosures Groton are two feet up but Radley will hear the roar of Stewards. Will they have the sprint finish to take the line?

Both crews take the rates up and Groton dig deep to push again, but Radley take it in the last 100m to take the grandstand cheer. A gutsy performance from Groton.

Radley beat Groton.

WYFOLD 11.35 am: Exeter R.C. vs Molesey B.C. 'A' A strong Molesey crew with high hopes. Molesey rate 41 at the end of the Island, with Molesey winning last year. However, Exeter make a real fight of this and have come back at the Molesey crew.

Exeter keep the pressure up and Molesey are warned by the Umpire. Exeter are in the race.

Past Upper Thames Molesey push to try to get clear water, causing Exeter to be dragged into the middle of the course. The steering costs the Exeter crew who have to push again.

Coming into Enclosures Exeter are not giving up the fight, but Molesey are clear and drop the rate down to 31.

At the grandstands Molesey dominate the Exeter crew with the Umpire steering the Molesey crew back onto their station.

Molesey beat Exeter.

THAMES 11.40 am: Ursus B.C. vs See-Club Luzern, Switzerland. See-Club dominate the start, being Swiss National Champions, are being challenged by the graduates from Warwick University.

At the half way mark See-Club dominate the race with clear water. At Enclosures they take the rate the down and take the grandstand applause.

See-Club Luzern beat Ursus.

TEMPLE 11.45 am: Clare & Hughes Hall, Cambridge. vs Yale Univ., USA. Yale moves out early as the selected crew. At the top of the Island Yale, rating 40, have half a length.

This is the second lightweight eight, who were second behind the Columbia crew who raced earlier.

At Enclosures the Yale crew are clear, taking the rate down and getting used to the conditions. Yale take the applause at the Grandstands. 32 entries in the Temple - how will this crew fair in the next round when they will be put under pressure?

Yale beat Clare & Hughes Hall, Cambridge

FAWLEY 11.50 am: Abingdon School vs The King's School, Worcester. Another race being umpired by Sarah Winckless, the distinctive pink of Abingdon is racing The King's School. Abingdon have a tweak on the steering but despite the veer have clear water at the end of the Island.

King's School are hanging in and maintaining contact. Abingdon are dominate the race against the younger boys from King's School.

Abingdon take the applause at the Grandstands and take the rate down.

Abingdon beat King's School Worcester.

THAMES 12.00 am: London R.C. 'A' vs Univ. Barge Club, USA. London are giving away two stone a man on average. In the headwind the heavier crew should have it easier.

Off the start the University of Barge crew leave nothing in the tank, whereas the London crew seem more efficient.

At Remenham Barge have clear water. London need to stay in touch, to put the pressure on Barge through the middle of the course.

London will fight to not go out today, Wednesday. Barge lost to Thames last year, with Thames going on to win the event. Barge are back for a second try.

Barge have two lengths clear water at Upper Thames.

At Enclosures Barge reduce their rate and relax, confident that they are through to tomorrows racing. They take the applause at the Grandstands. London 'A' will not be happy going out this way.

University of Barge Club beat London Rowing Club 'A'.

TEMPLE 12.05 am: Univ. Coll. vs London Bath Univ. Another eights race and London Bath push through at the start to lead by a quarter of a length at the end of the Island.

Both crews can see this as a winnable race and though the athletes from Bath may be new to rowing there is a great depth of sports talent at the University.

At Upper Thames Bath lead easily from University College London.

Coming into enclosures Bath are focused and efficient and maintain the clear water despite London taking the rate up.

As they come down towards the line Bath lead from University College London.

Bath University beat UCL.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 12.10 am: Boston Coll. H.S., USA vs Dulwich Coll. The last round of the school boys eights for this morning, with both crews moving away from the blocks cleanly. Boston take command of the race from Dulwich, with a lengths clear water at Upper Thames.

Dulwich are a year younger than Boston, and despite the age gap it's not quite a procession.

Boston hold onto the lead as they come into the Enclosures and cope well with the conditions, which are still wet and windy.

Boston row into the Stewards Enclosure efficiently and maintain the rate. Dulwich don't have one of their old boys on board - they were the alma mater of Ernest Shackleton - and come home second.

Boston College beat Dulwich College.

WYFOLD 12.15 am: Leeds R.C. vs Upper Thames R.C. 'B', Upper Thames have scratched from this event. Leeds therefore have a row over and comfortably cruise down the course, to race again tomorrow.

Upper Thames scratched because Connor Walsh (bow) is ill.

Likewise the first FAWLEY race between Kingston and Bedford scheduled at 8.50am has been postponed to 4.25pm as a crew member is ill.

Justin Sutherland said: "Connor has contracted a bug three days ago and he was up all night. He's very weak today.

"We've been looking for a substitute but because of the rules we can't take anyone out of other crews and we just ran out of people in the end.

"The thought did cross my mind that I could have jumped in myself but there's a fine line between a substitute and an imposter!"

On the races so far today he said: "Our Wyfold four had a good win and the Thames Cup eight lost to a very good London crew.

"They had some pretty big boys in there so all credit to them."

FAWLEY 12.20 am: Northwich R.C. 'B' vs Northwich R.C. 'A'. Second to last race of Wednesday morning at Henley Royal Regatta 2016 and a heat of the boys quads between the A and B crews of Northwich Rowing Club.

The A crew veers as it hits the stream from the Island.

The A crew leads at the end of the Island. This is a difficult race for these boys - do they race to a given mark and then rest knowing one crew from the club is racing tomorrow, or do you fight to prove that the 'B' moniker was not correct?

Northwich is the club of Matt Langridge, the only Britain to win the Junior World Championships in a single. There is a strong tradition of sculling at the club.

In this event the 'A' crew are older and heavier than the 'B' crew, but are maintaining contact all the way up the course.

The 'A' crew are competing for GB selection and the Coupe de la Jeunesse.

Both crews are applauded as they come into Stewards Enclosures. The 'A' crew with a one length win over the 'B' crew.

DIAMONDS 12.25 am: J. G. Bugajski vs T. H. Graves. The first round of the Diamond Sculls. In the qualifiers these two men were the fastest two non-qualifiers and are being given this race, after there was a withdrawal from the event. This is therefore a race of for a place in the main event.

Josh Bugajski took an early lead but Graves pulls through and leads at Upper Thames. The single scull is a long race and Josh Bugajski from Oxford University has been overhauled by Tom Graves from the US.

Graves held his nerve and settled into a rhythm as he comes into the Enclosures with clear water. Tom Graves is using his experience - a US international he has won gold at Junior Championships.

Josh Bugajski was in the blue boat that lost the boat race this year and is an experienced UK rower.

A solid win for Tom Graves ahead of Josh Bugajski.

WYFOLD 2pm: Tideway Scullers 'B' vs Hunan R.C., China
We're back from the lunch break for the first afternoon race of the 2016 regatta, with Tideway Scullers School's 'B' crew taking on the Hunan Rowing Club, China. The Chinese crew struggled with the poor conditions, and got a warning for steering within the first ten seconds of setting off.

Tideway Scullers started well and capitalised on their strong start, putting clear water between them and their opponents by the time they reached Fawley.

They finished three lengths ahead, in a time of 7 minutes 50 seconds.

THAMES 2.05pm: Thames R.C. 'A' vs Lea R.C.
Lea Rowing Club beat Thames A by and three quarter lengths, reaching the barrier at 2.03. They finished at 7.22, a strong start in the competition.

TEMPLE 2.10pm: Harvard University, USA vs University of Michigan 'A', USA
It's always a shame when two crews who've travelled from far away to compete here go head to head in an early round, and in this instance it was hard not to feel sorry for the Michigan crew going head to head with the hotly-tipped Harvard.

In the end they made a good account of themselves, but Harvard showed their chops, finishing three and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.20.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH: Reading Blue Coat School, USA vs St. Pauk's School, Concord, USA
The local crew faced disappointment in the face of an assured performance by the school boys from Concord. The Americans reached the Barrier in 2.05, Fawley in 3.34 and finished in 7.47.

BRITANNIA 2.20pm: Upper Thames R.C. vs Baltimore R.C., USA
Upper Thames made a great start against the Baltimore rowers - who are made up of rowers from four different American universities. With the difficult conditions and bad weather the local crew had the advantage of knowing their water, and by the time they rowed past their club they were already several lengths ahead.

By the time they crossed the line they were five full lengths ahead of their opponents, finishing in a time of 8.27.

TEMPLE 2.30pm: Nottingham Trent University vs Durham University
Tense times as the umpire gave an official warning before the crews set off for being late at the start.

After the initial drama, the two crews stayed close through the race, with Notts ahead from the start but never quite able to pull away to the extent of some of the other races we've seen so far this afternoon.

In the end they finished one and three quarter lengths ahead of Durham, in a time of 7.37.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 2.35pm: Norwich School vs Abingdon School
It raised a lot of eyebrows when Abingdon had to qualify to get a space in this year's Princess Elizabeth Cup, but on their performance this afternoon they've earned their place.

Fresh from their qualifying race on Friday, Abingdon were calm and controlled from the outset at the Bucks station. They beat Norwich by four and a quarter lengths in 7.41.

WYFOLD 2.40pm: Lady Rohesia B.C. vs Agecroft R.C.
Lady Rohesia never troubled Agecroft in this latest heat of the coxless four.

Agecroft reached the barrier in 2.18 and by the finish line were four and a half lengths ahead. They finished in a time of 8.22.

Meanwhile, we've had some reaction from the Reading Blue Coat School crew beaten by St Paul's School, Concord, USA in the Princess Elizabeth Cup. Josh Smith, 17, in bow position said: "It was a tough race. The headwind was hard on the shoulders and we are a light crew anyway. There was a lot of stream, it wasn't very nice.

"It's a shame to go out on Wednesday but we wouldn't do anything differently, it's a great group of lads and we've had a good time."

BRITANNIA 2.45pm: London Rowing Club vs RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany
Our first Easily verdict of the afternoon, as the Germans put in a speedy performance in the men's coxed fours. The crew reached the finish line in 8.04, leaving the London crew in the distance.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 2.50pm: Latymer Upper School vs Molesey B.C.
A fairytale result for Molesey as the junior women's crew beat Latymer by a verdict of four and a quarter lengths. It is the first time the a Molesey crew has ever qualified for this cup, and on this performance they could go far. They finished in a time of 9.09 and were visibly thrilled as they crossed the line.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 3pm: Jesuit College P.S. of Dallas, USA vs Pangbourne College
Even the damp conditions couldn't stop the shouts of the crowds in the enclosures as this race came to its thrilling conclusion.

By the time the crews were in the home straight it was still neck and neck. Both crews dug deep, with the appreciative crowds shouting them both on, but in the end the Americans nudged it, finishing just half a length ahead in a time of 7.40. Thrilling stuff indeed.

TEMPLE 3.05pm: St. Petersburg University, USA vs Glasgow University
The Russians, in bright orange, started fast and got faster. Glasgow qualified to get here on Friday, and its their first appearance in the cup since 2007, but unfortunately being drawn against the Russians made for a tough time.

The St. Petersburg crew had clear water between them and their opponents by the barrier and finished the crew in 7.20 with a verdict of easily. That said, the Russian cox wasn't going to let them slow down just because they were ahead - he urged them on to keep going all out until they crossed the line.

THAMES 3.10pm: Royal Chester Rowing Club vs Kingston Rowing Club
Another close run race in the Thames. Kingston had to work hard for their victory, finishing just three quarters of a length ahead of Chester, in a time of 7.40.

WYFOLD 3.15pm: The Tideway Scullers School 'A' vs Lady Elizabeth B.C., Ireland
Disappointment for the Irish crew who hit the booms in the first few seconds of the race and weren't really able to recover.

The Scullers crew included a former Upper Thames Rowing Club alumnus whose experience of rowing the Thames may have helped - either way, the water wasn't kind on the Irish crew this afternoon and they looked visibly disappointed as they crossed the line.

The Tideway Scullers finished in 8.05 with an easily verdict.

FAWLEY 3.20pm: H.R.V. Cornelis Tromp, Holland vs R.G.S. High Wycombe
Royal Grammar School Wycombe went into an early stride and an early lead.

As the race continued the local crew developed a wide lead on the Dutch, finishing in grand style and putting other crews on notice for the next round.

Wycombe finished in a time of 8.10 with a verdict of Easily.

Next up, one of our local Henley crews.

WYFOLD 3.30pm: Henley R.C. vs Worcester R.C.
Billed as 'Leicester City versus Manchester United' by the Worcester crew, Henley were put under pressure by the supposed minnows from the start, despite Worcester having slight steering issues early on.

The analogy seemed pretty apt by the time they reached the enclosures, with Worcester holding their own and keeping Henley working hard for the first three quarters of the course. In the end, Henley pulled ahead, finishing in 7.58 with a verdict of three and a half lengths but Worcester's performance was creditable, and the crowds were appreciative at the work of the two exhausted crews.

THAMES 3.35pm: Molesey Boat Club 'A' vs Agecroft Rowing Club
An easy verdict for Molesey as they take on Agecroft in the men's coxed eights. Starting strongly and never really being bothered by the opposition, Molesey finished in an impressive 7.11.

TEMPLE 3.40pm: Drexel University, USA vs University College, Dublin
A dream result for the Americans, in a race which marked the Philadelphia crew's Henley debut. The Irish crew gave them a tough start, but by the Barrier they had hit their stride and were powering on. They finished in a time of 7.23 with a verdict of 2 and a quarter lengths.

Meanwhile, fresh from their success against Worcester in the Wyfold, Standard reporter James Burton caught a word with Henley Rowing Club's Ian Desmond, was the coach of the coxless four. He said: "We didn't underestimate Worcester because they did very well at Marlow and have led some very very fast crews.

"We knew all along they were going to be quick off the start, they put everything into their first 1,500m but our boys came through. It was the sort of race where you could underestimate your opponents and worry what's happening when they get ahead, but we knew what was going to happen and did expect them to lead to begin with. We knew we would have a hard first round race, and with the greatest respect they gave us a good race."

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 3.45pm: Winchester College vs Shrewsbury School
The two crews were well matched in this junior mens' coxed event. Shrewsbury pulled ahead early but Winchester kept close. It wasn't enough to trouble them though, with Shrewsbury finishing a length ahead in a time of 7.34.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 3.50pm: Shiplake Vikings R.C. vs Northwich R.C.
In a dramatic race, the Umpire gave Shiplake two warnings for veering from their bank into the centre of the two lanes.

In the end Shiplake finished ahead, but only after Northwich's number three caught a crab which set them a length or so back. While they kept fighting it wasn't enough to overtake the local crew, with Shiplake finishing just a length ahead in a time of 8.57. Northwich could only be left wondering about what might have been.

THAMES 4pm: Roeivereeniging Willem III, Holland vs Commercial Rowing Club, Ireland
After a stunning start the Dutch crew just stayed ahead, finishing in efficient fashion in just 7.13 with a verdict of three and three quarter lengths.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 4.05pm: The Windsor Boys' School vs St. Paul's School
It's easy to feel sorry for Windsor Boys School, who were facing last year's Princess Elizabeth Cup winners, with six of the eight of the victorious crew coming back for 2016.

It wasn't as easy as it might have seemed on paper, but by the time they got to Fawley, St. Pauls were in their stride and making space between themselves and their opponents. They finished four and a half lengths ahead in a time of 7.31 and must surely be hoping to make it a cup victory two years in a row.

TEMPLE 4.10pm: Manchester University vs Imperial College London 'B'
We're back to the men's coxed eights for our next race. Imperial made fast work of getting ahead of Manchester, with clear water between them before they got to the barrier. By the finish they were four and three quarter lengths ahead. The clocked a time of 7.28.

WYFOLD 4.15pm: Thames R.C. vs Molesey B.C. 'B'
Another victory for Thames Rowing Club, whose B team showed they should be no-one's second best on the basis of their performance against Molesey. Capitalising on a strong start, they were relentless and systematic working along the course, finishing three and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 8.18.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 4.20pm: Isle of Ely R.C. vs Pangbourne College
The Isle of Ely junior women's crew looked impressive in their race against Pangbourne. They finished five lengths ahead of their opponents in a time of 9.03, but seemed to be keeping something in the tank by the end which should make for an interesting appearance in the next round.

FAWLEY 8.25am: Kingston R.C. vs Bedford Modern School
No, we've not got confused. The final race before the tea break is one postponed from 8.50am due to illness. Bedford are back, having found a replacement rower to come in for the afternoon, and despite the change in lineup they did well to hold their own against Kingston.

It wasn't enough on the day, but finishing just four and three quarter lengths behind the Kingston crew with an untested four was still admirable and the crowds applauded warmly as proceedings finished for tea.

The Henley Standard live blog crew will also be taking a break shortly, but before we go, our reporter James Burton has had a chance to talk to several local rowers about their turn on the water this afternoon.

Dave Lambourn, one of the coxless four crew victorious against Worcester in the 3.30pm heat of the Wyfold Challenge Cup, was part of a Henley Rowing Club Mens Eight that won the Thames Rowing Cup in 2005.

Asked what he thought of the crew's prospects after today's win he told us: "You never really know. There are a bunch of foreign crews who've had decent seasons. We don't take anything for granted, but focus on each day as it comes. We're not really thinking beyond tomorrow."

Hattie Orr, of the Shiplake Vikings crew that beat Northwich in the Diamond Jubilee Cup said: "It was challenging, especially in the conditions, because I think we are the lightest crew that are racing.

"There were massive headwinds, but we did what we needed to do. We have stuff to work on, but we are ready to improve and need to focus on coping with the wind."

That's us finished now and off for a cup of tea. Please join us again at 5.30pm for this evening's racing.

BRITANNIA 5.30pm: Henley R.C. vs Worcester R.C.
It's our first race back from tea, and disappointment for a local crew, as Henley takes on Thames Rowing Club. Both sides are familiar with the river conditions here, which makes for a strong start on both sides despite the wind, low light and poor weather. But as they approached the Barrier Thames pulled ahead, and by the time they reached the finish line the local crew was four and three quarter lengths behind. Thames finished in 8.16, ready to go through to the next round.

THAMES 5.35pm: RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany vs Cantabrigian Rowing Club
The Germans were given a close race courtesy of Cantabrigian, but kept steady and well paced, finishing one and a quarter lengths ahead of the English crew, in a time of 7.30.

TEMPLE 5.40pm: Westminster School vs Cornell University 'A', USA
The Americans beat Westminster in an assured performance, finishing four and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.19.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 5.45pm: Eton College vs Kings College School, Wimbledon
Kings College School didn't start strongly which didn't help, but they were outclassed by recent winners Eton who put on a masterful display. Their precise strokes and strong rhythm meant they soon had clear water between them and Kings, beating them with a verdict of Easily in a time of 7.12.

Meanwhile, the Standard's James Burton has spoken to Henley Rowing Club's coach Ian Desmond following the club's defeat in the Britannia heat at 5.30pm. He was quite philosophical, telling him: "The crew formed quite late and they have put in a decent performance but were clearly outdone by an exceptional Thames crew which I would predict is likely to be the eventual winner."

DIAMOND JUBILEE 5.50pm: Headington School vs Ruyton Girls' School, Australia
Headington finished in 8.38, two and a quarter lengths ahead of the Aussie team.

TEMPLE 6pm: University of California, Berkeley, USA vs Oxford Brookes University 'B'
The Americans' composite crew started strongly and found its stride quickly, reaching the Barrier in 1.59. By the time they got to Fawley they'd cemented their position, finishing the race in 7.03, three and three quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 6.05pm: The Kings School, Canterbury vs The London Oratory School
The London Oratory School is having a successful season so far, fresh from success at the National Schools' Regatta and Wallingford Regatta.

The Oratory crew's precise technique and legwork meant they were unphased by the headwind coming off the course. Kings School kept steady and didn't lose their form but were just unable to keep up on the day.

THAMES 6.10pm: Belvoir Ruderclub Zurich, Switzerland vs City of Bristol Rowing Club
We're back to the club eights for our next race. Belvoir Ruderclub Zurich were ahead by Temple Island, and finished four lengths ahead in 7.27.

WYFOLD 6.15pm: Grasshopper Club vs City of Colet B.C.
A second Zurich club in a row, with the Grasshopper Club proving as assured on the water as the Belvoir Club in the previous race. The Grasshopper crew includes a number of ex-junior internationals, and despite being blown off course and being given a warning flag by the umpire for drifting, the Swiss crew was able to adjust their steering and move ahead in comfortable fashion. They finished the course in 7.55, with a verdict of four and three quarter lengths.

FAWLEY 6.20pm: Thames R.C. vs Gloucester R.C.
Dramatic scenes in this race as early on Gloucester hit the booms and the third man totally lost his left scull. Despite the initial mishap, the crew upped their stroke rate and were able to catch up with the Thames crew which never took advantage of the snafu. Thames was leading at the Barrier, but by Fawley Gloucester had overtaken them, eventually finishing in 7.55 with a verdict of 2 and a half lengths. Visible relief from the Gloucester crew after they crossed the line.

THAMES 6.30pm: Nonesuch B.C. vs Quintin B.C.
Both crews had a frantic start, but soon settled into a regular paced stroke. Quintin looked the most assured, despite Nonesuch having two crew members and a coach who were previous Henley Royal Regatta finalists.

In the end, Quintin finished the stronger, narrowly beating Nonesuch by three quarters of a length in a time of 7.32.

TEMPLE 6.35pm: University of Michigan 'B', USA vs Liverpool University
Tense times at the start of the race, when the crews veered towards each other, at one point looking like they might clash in the centre. The steering was corrected though and Michigan pulled away, finishing four and a half lengths ahead of Liverpool, in a time of 7.26.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 6.40pm: Great Marlow School vs Melbourne Grammar School, Australia
The Australian school is widely regarded as the best schoolboy crew in Australia currently, and in their heat against Great Marlow they showed why.

Averaging a stone a man heavier than the Marlow crew, Melbourne showed great power and precision, finishing three and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.36.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 6.45pm: Lady Eleanor Holles School vs Nottingham R.C.
A nail biter of a race in the latest heat of the hotly-contested Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup, showing the quality of crews vying for the title.

Nottingham beat LEH by just half a length, having been behind at the Barrier. They finished in a time of 8.56 and a disappointed Lady Eleaner Holles crew was visibly exhausted and disappointed at the effort they'd put in against their opponents.

WYFOLD 6.50pm: Kingston R.C. vs Newark R.C.
A tough start for Newark, with a steering wobble costing them the lead. Their efforts to stay out of the dirty water gave Kingston the chance to pull ahead comfortably, with the London crew finishing three lengths ahead in 8.05.

FAWLEY 7pm: The Windsor Boys School vs Star and Arrow Club
Disappointment for Leander's Star and Arrow development crew thanks to a solid performance by Windsor Boys. The Berkshire crew was nearly two stone a man heavier and the additional power, paired with the Star and Arrow going off course early on and earning a warning flag from the umpire, meant Windsor won with an Easily verdict, finishing in a time of 7.51.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 7.05pm: St George's College vs Monmouth School
Both crews started well, but by the Barrier St. George's had hit their stride and Monmouth couldn't catch them despite their best efforts. St George's finished one and two thirds lengths ahead, in a time of 7.34.

THAMES 7.10pm: Thames Rowing Club 'B' vs Marlow Rowing Club
The men's coxed eights are back on the water now, with Thames taking on local crew Marlow. Marlow were ahear at both the Barrier and Fawley, but at the last minute Thames pulled it back, finishing one and a quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.34.

TEMPLE 7.15pm: Imperial College, London 'A' vs St Paul's School
Imperial reached the Barrier bang on the two minute mark, and by the time they got to the finish they were a full two and a quarter lengths ahead of their opponent, finishing in a time of 7.31.

BRITANNIA 7.20pm: Seeclub Zurich, Switzerland vs Agecroft Rowing Club
Fast starts from both crews, with Seeclub managingn 44 strokes a minute and Agecroft 48. This mellowed in the face of the windy conditions past Temple Island, but Agecroft were able to pull ahead, finishing in 8.09, two and three quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 7.30pm: Shiplake College vs Choate Rosemary Hall, USA
Shiplake blasted out a fraction faster than Choate Rosemary Hall, but soon extended this further, with precise, high-powered blade work.

Shiplake were more than two lengths ahead by Fawley, and finished three lengths ahead in a time of 7.18.

WYFOLD 7.35pm: Dresdner Ruderverein e.V., Germany vs Norwich R.C.
The German crew includes three of the Dresdner lineup that made it to Friday last year, and Norwich were unfortunately outclassed by the more powerful side on the day

Dresdner were at the Barrier by 2.17, and finished in 8.09, two and three quarter lengths ahead of the Norwich crew.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 7.40pm: Henley R.C. 'B' vs Warrington R.C.
Our final race of the night brought disappointment for Henley Rowing Club, as Warrington powered ahead. The J16 Henley crew struggled with their steering early on and were never able to catch the J18 Warrington crew.

The Warrington crew finished in 8.30 with a verdict of Easily.

The final quote of the day comes from Dave Currie, Director of Rowing at Shiplake College. Reacting to Shiplake's success in the Princess Elizabeth Cup against American crew Choate Rosemary Hall, he said: "It's a good start to the regatta, it's really pleasing to get the first race under our belts. We're now just looking forward to the rest of the racing. "In terms of the next stage, London Oratory are a decent crew, and we are looking forward to racing against them."

This concludes the first day's racing at Henley Royal Regatta 2016. Thank you for joining us and sending us your tweets. Facebook posts and messages. See you tomorrow for another exciting (and hopefully less wet!) day of racing.

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