Saturday, 31 July 2021

Live feed: Thursday's racing from HRR 2016

7.55pm update: It's the evening session of Thursday at Henley Royal Regatta. Read our continuing coverage of live results and reaction from the course.

7am update: We've got another packed day of racing ahead today with races every 5 to 10 minutes. Join us here for live results from the course, showcasing the best club, university and school crews the world has to offer on arguably one of the world's challenging stretches of rowing water.

Our web team will be doing live updates throughout the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators, along with photographs and video.

Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and news relating to the Regatta throughout the day.

THAMES 8.30 Fulham Reach vs London RC 'B'. London RC beat Upper Thames yesterday having come through qualifiers - the reason behind the flourescent t-shirtsas htey want to be noticed,

London RC 'A' went out yesterday so B would like to take the club to the next round. Both crews train on the same water on the tideway.

Both crews move away from the start cleanly with crews well above 40. At the end of the Island they are very close with Fulham Reach crew slightly ahead by a canvas which they move out to a quarter of a length.

At the Barrier Fulham Reach, the heavier crew are a length up and are powering into the middle of the race, though the steering is being warned on. The Umpire flags is out.

An impressive first half by Fulham Reach who are a relatively new club. They have clear water at Upper Thames and are striding away.

Coming into Enclosures Fulham Reach have a length of clear water. The conditions are much better than yesterday despite the overnight rain, with less wind. Fulham Reach are still under pressure rating 37.

Fulham Reach are taking it right up to the end as both crews go for the gear change into the last 500m. Coming into the grandstands London step on but aren't making a great dent on Fulham Reach, who have a good solid pace.

Fulham Reach beat London RC WYFOLD 8.35 Maidenhead vs Upper Thames. First race for the local club they move away cleanly off the start. There are birds on the course as they come past the Island but the Upper Thames creww power on and have nearly a lengths lead on Maidenhead at the end of the Island

At the half way Upper Thames are in control of the race with Maidenhead three to four lengths behind. Rating wo as they come past the Upper Thames boathouse they look calm and rhythmical. They drop their rating again at Remenham.

Upper Thames are showing their experience and move into enclosures where they take the rate back up to race pace, practicing for harder races later in the week, where they will face Lea or Thames.

Upper Thames beat Maidenhead

Laurence manning at two - stersman "It was fairly comfortable race, We had na OK start, there was a lot of stream. and it was quite tough by the Island. but we did well and we stuck to our race plan."

PRINCE ALBERT 8.40 Strathclyde Univ vs Newcastle Univ. University coxed fours and very fast start with Newcastle building a slight lead. At Fawley Newcastle maintian the lead as Strathclyde rate higher and aim to push through. Newcastle rating 34 and looking very smooth with a long stroke. At Upper Thames both crews put in another push, but Newcastle have a length of clear water.

Strathclyde don't let the gap open up by lifting the rate to 37. They manage to close the gap slightly and keep the pressure on Newcastle.

At Enclosures Strathclyde push their bow into Newcastle and Newcastle have to react to hold off the challenge.

At the Grandstands Newcastle strike 36 and maintain their length holding the boat speed. In the last 20 strokes the crew cohesion shows and they cross the finish line first.

Newcastle beat Strathclyde University

GOBLETS 8.45 Kohlmayr & Auerbach AUS, vs Webb & Robinson (Molesey). At the end of the Island the crews are neck and neck, not having dropped the rate - both are at 38. The Austrians start to relax and drop the rate. The Molesey pair are hanging in not letting them walk away.

The Austrian pair are warned at the half way mark with a length lead over the Molesey pair.

At Upper Thames Molesey rate 34 with the Austrians rating 32, pushing through Upper Thames, keeping the clear water, doing just enough to keep the advantage.

Molesey make a change of pace at Remenham with the legs, where they are cheered on, but fail to make a dent in the Austrians.

The Austrians maintain the gap with the Molesey crew being dragged into the Austrians as they come up to the Enclosures.

The lighter Austrians are showing more finesse and open the gap at the Grandstand, maintaing their composure.

Kohlmayr & Auerbach AUS, beat Webb & Robinson (Molesey)

DOUBLE SCULLS 8.50 Thompson and Carter (Upper Thames) vs Male and Mitchell (Scullers) The Scullers crew has Tim Male at bow who has been an international lightweight single sculler and has raced at Henley several times in quads contianing some well known names. Sculling very efficienbtly thay have at least two lengths celar water at Upper Thames.

A the Enclosures they maintain the steady rhythm and though Upper Thames put the pace on in creasing the rate to 34 the Scullers crew are not affected and keep the rate at 32.

At the Grandstands Scullers take the applause.

Scullers beat Upper Thames

PRINCE OF WALES 9.00 Newcastle Univ vs Durham Univ. Men's quad sculls. Durham have their hand up for sometime but both crews get away cleanly, with Durham getting up to 49, but they are only half a lenght up on Newcastle. This is local rivalry brought South as both crews maintina the pressure but with Durham gaining a slight advantage at the Barrier.

This is a race of efficent powerful sculling with Newcastle definitly keeping the pressure on. Newcastle are at 36 with Durham at 38.

At Upper Thames Newcastle maintain the overlap and are not letting open water open up. It looks like Newcastle could row Durham down.

At Remenham they are both rating 36, with three quarters of a length difference.

Both crews keep the legs on as they come up to the Enclosures with Durham at 38, Newcastle, the lighter crew have somewhere to go at 36.

Durham drift into the middle of the course as Newcastle also move. Newcastle take a look at the Durham boat and they put in a push at the start of the Enclosures as Durham are warned for steering.

Both crews build to the final sprint and this is a rela race to the line, but Durham seem to have done just enough to the line. Durham by a canvas beat Newcastle.

THAMES 9.05 City of Oxford R.C. vs See-Club Luzern, Switzerland See-Club have to put in an early adjustment and are warned by the Umpire twenty strokes into the race. At the end of the Island See-Club, who are Swiss National Champions for the last two years, are half a length up, still striking 38 with City of Oxford at 40.

At Remenham See-Club show their dominance and City of Oxford pay for that early pace with three lenghts clear water.

See-Club have outgunned City of Oxford and are one's to watch. A very classy row from the Swiss team who drop the rating coming into the Enclosures.

See-Club will go onto race Sydney RC or Oslo RC.

See-Club Luzern, Switzerland beat City of Oxford.

WYFOLD 9.10 Leeds R.C.vs Thames RC A warning by the Umpire for Thames along the Island and a close race through to Fawley. The crew from Thames are ahead by a canvas with Thames at 36 and Leeds at 34.

At Upper Thames Leeds stray off their station. Thames make a push and try inorder to open the gap and throw water at Leeds.

At Remenahm Thames stay focus staying on their station.

Leeds can't respond to the push Thames have made and at Enclosures, Thames, striking 36, have opened clear water.They dominate the race at the Grandstands and keep the length. Leeds look resigned to the fact that they are going to come in second.

This was a tough race early on but Thames beat Leeds RC.

PRINCE ALBERT 9.20 St. Hild & St. Bede, Durham vs Oxford Brookes A few missed strokes on the start from St Hild and St Bede and are struggling to keep it together. The Oxford Brookes cres have opned up clear water as they come up to the Barrier. St. Hild & St. Bede, Durham are a college crew against a University crew.

Oxford Brookes open the lead up to three lengths at Upper Thames and maintain a steady race pace, with their cox unchalleneged.

St Hild are not taking it down though through the Enclosures and are drawing on the supporters on the bank but for the Oxford Brookes crew this race is won.

Oxford Brookes beat St. Hild & St. Bede, Durham

DOUBLE SCULLS 9.25 Lorentzen & Vinje NORWAY vs Neale & Jacob IRELAND A true international match but the Norwegians clearly want to make a mark on this race and get out ot a lenght lead at the Barrier.

At Fawley the crew from Ireland are maintining contact but the clear water remains. The Norwwgians are leading by a lenght and maintaining their rate at 34.

The Irish crew try to make a dent on the Norwegian lead and as they come into the last 500m they take the rate up.

Norway have dominated this race and beat Ireland.

THAMES 9.30 N.S.R. Oslo, Norway vs Sydney R.C., Australia Whoever wins this race go on to a really tough race tomorrow against the winners of the race earlier this morning. A slight hold up at the start, though much better conditions at the start than yesterday.

Sydney squeeze and power down with a rate of 52 but being warned by the Umpire. The Sydney cox struggles a little to get back on line and is warned a second time.

Sydney move on the Oslo crew but the Norwegians stride out earlier, whilst Sydney are keeping the rate up but keeping the length at the rate.

Sydney are warned again by the Umpire at the start of the Barn Bar. The Norwegians move into the middle and the coxes hand goes up. There is a clash as Sydney is warned again and a red flag is waved. Sydney are disqualified.

Sydney continue are not prepared to stop and are racing regardless. The crews don't believe the Umpire and still racing at Upper Thames with Sydney half a length up.

At Rememham both crews settle into a steady state as the Umpire launch drops back. The race is over though both crews are still racing and the markers on the course are still being raised.

This is sill an exciting race to the line as both crews overlap and the spectators are clapping. Sydney are at 40 and Oslo at 38 in front of the grandstands.

Sydney are over the line first but are immediately protesting.

Oslo beat Sydney by disqualification.

WYFOLD 9.35 London RC 'A' vs Waikato R.C., New Zealand A very quick start and despite a small steering issue by the New Zealnders it is quickly rectified. London have a lead at the end of the Island and it will be interesting to see if they can overhaul London.

London look as they aim to get clear water at Fawley. The New Zealanders are at 38 but London's aim to open clear water seems to be working as they keep it ticking along.

The stroke of the London crew raced last year and obviously has ambitions to go all the way this year.

Coming into the Enclosures there is a still quite a margin and the New Zelanders would have to do something special to make up the distance, having rated 40 down most of the course

London take it up a pip in front of the Grandstands with a good line, starting to build for the line.

London RC A beat Waikato RC.

PRINCE ALBERT 9.40 Edinburgh Univ. 'A' vs Edinburgh Univ. 'B' The race nobody wants to draw A are beating B. A were a selected crew and dominate as they come into the Enclosures. There are two members on board who broke the course record last year.

The B boat outweighs the A boat but the technical ability of the A boat is showing as they race for the line.

Edinburgh Univ. 'A' beat Edinburgh Univ. 'B'

GOBLETS 9.45 Demey & Jonville FRA vs Shi & Liang CHN The stream affect the Chinese off the start and the slightly heavier crew. The French crew take an early advantage at the Island and at the half way mark have a couple of lengths and are still moving away.

The French are outgunning the Chinese but are racing all the way with a higher rate than the Chinese.

At Enclosures the French rate 34 and are having a comfortable and composed race. Still focused they are moving through to the line without building to a finish sprint.

Demey & Jonville FRA beat Shi & Liang CHN

DOUBLE SCULLS 9.50 Goode & Judah USA vs Obrecht & Neubauer AUS A really aggressive start from the Austrians despite the fact they trail at the Barn Bar.

The American double are mooving smoothly and take clear water. Rating 30 at the Enclosures.

The Americans have dominated this race at 30 with the Austrians at 36. The younger crew have not let up but have been over powered.

Goode & Judah USA beat Obrecht & Neubauer AUS

WYFOLD 10.00 Tideway Scullers vs Thames RC. Coxless fours and the Umpire has his work cut out as Thames move well out of their station. Both crews veer and clash. The race is stopped by the Umpire by the

There is a restart on the course by the Umpire. This is a unique Henley solution.

The race has been reduced to 1800m after the initial clash. This is a much better start though both crews seemed to be quite confused by it all.

Scullers nudge the nose of their boat in front as they come in front of the Barn Bar and increase that lead to half a lenght at Fawley.

Both crews train on the Tideway and are used to stream so are maintaining their course despite the stream.

Scullers move to clear water at Upper Thames.

The Thames crew are moving well but are showing the strain.

At the Enclosures Scullers maintain the length lead, with efficient rowing, though a little veer in the steering.

Thames make a push but are not as long as Scullers and coming into the Stewards Enclosure Scullers are composed maintaining a steady rate.

Tideway Scullers beat Thames RC

THAMES 10.05 Molesey B.C. 'A' vs Lea RC. Lea beat Thames yesterday with Molesey beating Agecroft.

A strong crew from Molesey they take the lead and coming into the Enclosures Molesey have a length lead.

The Lea crew have plenty Henley experience but don't have the raw power of the Molesey crew, who are strong contenders to win.

Coming up to the finish line Molesey drop the rate and cruise over first

Molesey B.C. 'A' beat Lea RC

PRINCE OF WALES 10.10 S.N. de Monaco, Monaco vs U.W.E. & Dukla Praha, CZE Two very evenly matched quads with the crew made up of a combination if the University of West of England and a club from Prague are slightly ahead.

Two international crews but not as experienced as some. A good battle between the two crews with neither letting up. The Monaco club is more used to coastal rowing.

At the Enclosures the crews are stroke for stroke with Monaco pushing back. Monaco are warned by the Umpire as they come in front of the Grandstands but move into the lead.

This was a big step and have moved into clear water. A good win for the Monaco team.

S.N. de Monaco, Monaco beat U.W.E. & Dukla Praha, CZE

PRINCE ALBERT 10.15 A.U.S.R. Orca, Holland vs Imp. Coll. London. Coxed fours and Imperial are not showing great technique. At the end of the Island Imperial are a length down

In the middle of the race the Dutch consolodate the lead, with the race becoming a slight procession.

A.U.S.R. Orca, Holland beat Imp. Coll. London

DIAMONDS 10.20 G. M. Ansolabehere vs T. H. Graves Two single scullers with pedigree Graves came through a race-off yesterday. This is an all American clash. This is a tight race with Ansolabehere having an advantage at the end of the Island.

At the barrier Ansolabehere moves to a length lead. Graves is not letting the lead increase and in the middle of the race puts in a push that keeps hom in touch.

Ansolabehere responds and moves to clear water at the Enclosures. As they come in front of the Grandstands the lighter Graves ups the rate and tries to move again against Ansolabehere. The attack is too late and into the last twenty strokes Ansolabehere keeps the lead with overlap on the line.

G. M. Ansolabehere beat T. H. Graves PRINCESS ELIZABETH 10.30 Hampton Sch. vs St. Edward's Sch. These crews have some heritage with the sons of several international and Olympic rowers in the crews. Teddies are warned by the Umpire at the start - is the stream off the Island affecting the crews?

The crews manage to stay apart but the Teddies crew are warned again at the Barrier despite having half a lenght advantage.

This is a big race with Teddies taking this race on. Hampton are looking smooth but Teddies are fighting all the way. The Umpire warns Teddies again who move back to their station. This steering will not be helping their race but could be because the co is inexperienced with the stream.

Hampton are staying in the race and the Teddies advantage stays at half a length at Upper Thames. There has been overlap all the way.

At Remenham Hampton put in a push and Teddies are being warned again. Hampton push through coming into the Enclosures though Teddies are reacting and hanging on. Hampton have been clawing through and have lifted their rate.

There is real pressure with both crews sprinting for the line. This is a real race to the line. With Teddies responding coming down to the line and half a lenght advantage.

St. Edward's Sch. beat Hampton Sch.

PRINCESS GRACE 10.35 Cambridge Univ. Women's & Imperial. Coll vs Univ. of Lon. A heat of the women's quads with the Univ of London veering away from the London and the Umpires white flag being raised to warn them.

Cambridge rake an early lead at the end of the Island with three quarters of a length lead against the more recently formed UL crew.

Cambridge move out to a substantial lead at Upper Thames and forge ahead. The Cambridge composite move into the Enclosures with a comfortable lead. With less wind and considerably warmer than yesterday this a comfortable scull for the girls from Cambridge.

Cambridge Univ. Women's & Imperial. Coll vs Univ. of Lon.

WYFOLD 10.40 Sport Imperial B.C. vs Molesey B.C. 'A'. Sport Imperial are warned by the Umpire and then Molesey veer but both crews are struggling until the end of the Island. A close race has developed with a foot between the crews.

Sport Imperial move that advantage out to clear water at Fawley though there are still steering issues. Both crews are snaking down the course. Imperial are maintaining their lead.

Molesey are the holders of the Wyfold but have had injuries in the crew.

Imperial are holding on to the distance they created and coming in to Enclosures hold the rate with a calm performance. Molesey take the rate up but snake again.

Sport Imperial B.C. vs Molesey B.C. 'A'

PRINCE ALBERT 10.45 Univ. of St. Andrews vs Yale Univ., USA. A big team from Yale but they aren't having it all their way. The Yale crew move in front of University of St Andrews who are hanging on in, not letting Yale walk away.

Yale are warned by the Umpire as they come into the Enclosures as they move into the middle of the course.

Yale have shown why they were so successful earlier in the year in America as they have a commanding lead into Stewards Enclosure. University of St Andrews have a big push to the line and close the gap but come in second.

Yale Univ., USA. beat Univ. of St. Andrews

DOUBLE SCULLS 10.50 Tietz & McKall ROB ROY vs Appel & Syring GER. Syring has tried to qualify for the single scull for Rio 2016 but came 6th at Luzern. This is the first time for the Germans at Henley and they move out a very big lead at the half way mark against Rob Roy.

There is 4 stone difference between the English strokesman and the German strokesman - 6 stone difference overall between the two boats.

The Germans are neat and powerful into the wind and are comfortably in the lead as they come through the Enclosures. This German crew looks like one to watch.

Appel & Syring GER. vs Tietz & McKall ROB ROY

VISITORS' 11.00 George Washington Un. ‘A’, USA vs Cam. Un. & Goldie B.C. A race between two university crews, with the Goldie boat having some members of this years Boat Race Blue Boat. At the end of the Island the George Washington move out to a length lead. The Cambridge crew look a little heavy and will need to lift it to get back on terms.

Goldie are beginning to lose contact infront of the Barn Bar. This makes it harder to get back into the race. The gusts across the course will make the pushes tricky.

The Americans have seized control and opend up to clear water at Upper Thames. Goldie are snaking a little as the Americans have dropped their rate.

Goldie put a push in at Remenham and try to get back on the US crew. The Americans are very relaxed in the head wind and as the conditions get bouncier.

Goldie fail to make an impact and despite taking it up again the Americans are in control as they come in front of the Grandstands and take the applause.

George Washington Un. ‘A’, USA beat Cam. Un. & Goldie B.C.

TEMPLE 11.05 Univ. of London 'A' vs Cornell Univ. 'B', USA. Both eights aim to seize the initiative at the start and are still racing closely at the end of the Island with about half a lenght to UL.

Cornell are the University lightweights but can't match the UL efficiency. UL are maximising the stroke length, and are showing some good technique as they cruise to two lengths up in front of Upper Thames.

Cornell will not let up but it looks like this will be a good win for UL.

In front of the Grandstands UL maintain their composure and cruise towards the line, dropping the rate off, as the spectators clap.

Univ. of London 'A' beat Cornell Univ. 'B', USA.

PRINCE OF WALES 11.10Sc. Zürich & R.C. Thalwil, SUI vs Edinburgh Un. & Durham Un. The Durham crew are going for the U23 lightweight quad racing a composite quad from Switzerland. The Durham composite gradually move away from the Swiss quad.

The Durham boat is warned by the Umpire in front of Remenham but the Swiss have a lot to make up. The Durham composite has cousins in the boat and is showing a smooth professional performance.

Durham take the applause and the line.

Edinburgh Un. & Durham Un. beat Sc. Zürich & R.C. Thalwil, SUI

PRINCE ALBERT 11.15 Choate Rosemary Hall, USA vs Trin. Coll., Dublin, Ireland. Very neat bladework by the crews off of the start as the sun comes out. The Irish crew are in more traditional zephyrs to the more frequent lycra all in ones seen at Henley.

Choate drop away from the Irish crew who settle into their rhythm.

Trinity are underrating the American crew whose cox seems to be having an issue in the boat. The cox can be seen turning around in the boat. Is his cox box broken. It's any coxes worst nightmare losing contact with the crew if the wiring or battery fail in a race.

Trinity move away again as they come into the Enclosures and open up the lead.

Trinity have taken the rating down in front of the Grandstand as Choate put in their final push.

Trin. Coll., Dublin, Ireland. vs Choate Rosemary Hall, USA

DIAMONDS 11.20 J. B. Valschaerts vs H. Obreno. An all Belgian clash with Hannes Obreno recently winning the last qualification slot for the Rio Olympics. Valschaerts is now representing Luxemberg. At the end of the Island Obreno was ahead of Valschaerts.

At Upper Thames Obreno maintains the lead and has clear water over Valschaerts. Obreno is sculling comfortably rating lower than Valschaerts who has a much livlier. Obreno is close to lightweight but has qualified against heavier scullers showing his efficiency in sculling. He is also subject of a petition to get both Belgian boats to Rio :

H. Obreno. beat J. B. Valschaerts

PRINCESS GRACE 11.30 Leander Club vs Wallingford R.C. & Glasgow Univ. The Leander crew containing Debbie Flood and Lucinda Gooderham, both Henley residents, now racing the U23 lightweight contenders racing as Wallingford. Very tight at the end of the Island.

The lightweight crew went out from the blocks to prove a point but the heavier Leander quad has moved away as they get into their rhythm.

In front of Upper Thames Leander have clear water as the younger lighter crew from Wallingford are struggling with the conditions.

Coming into the second half of the race Leander look comfortable and have clear water, with consistent smooth sculling.

Debbie Flood has an Olympic silver medal and the depth of experience is showing in this crew.

Leander Club beat Wallingford R.C. & Glasgow Univ.

TEMPLE 11.35 Newcastle Univ vs Oxford Brookes Univ. 'A'. Oxford Brookes move away from Newcastle with both crews rating very high off of the start. Newcastle can't match the early speed of Brookes.

Oxford Brookes are comfortably ahead and are crusing as they come into the Enclosures, though Newcastle still take it to the line.

Oxford Brookes Univ. 'A' beat Newcastle Univ

PRINCE ALBERT 11.40 Univ. of Surrey vs Drexel Univ., USA . Coxed university fours and relatively inexperienced crew from Surrey. Drexel take an early lead to half a length at the end of the Island. The University of Surrey whoever don't lose touch and move back. At Fawley it is level, with Surrey rating slightly higher.

At Upper Thames Drexel put a push in and move to a canvas advantage. Surrey are still in touch and still fighting as Drexel move to a length and then clear water.

Surrey put a push at Remenham as they show their inexperience and blade work starts to suffer.

Into Enclosures Drexel start to take it home and put the legs down. Efficient rowing.

Drexel Univ., USA . beat

VISITORS' 11.45 Cornell Univ., USA vs Zürich & Blue Star Club, Switzerland Both crews are evenly matched but the Swiss crew take an early advantage over Cornell. The Swiss crew has a rower who has been in the blue boat and is based in the UK but has been trainign at weekends in Sqitzerland, showing the commitment to the boat.

A large number of Swiss crews this year because of the change in the Swiss regatta calendar.

The Swiss are warned by the Umpire as they appraoch the enclosures but it deosn't affect the distance between the crews. Cornell will have to make a big mark to get back in touch with the Swiss crew.

The Swiss crew have a length and half at clear water into the last 20 strokes.

Zürich & Blue Star Club, Switzerland beat Cornell Univ., USA

DIAMONDS 11.50 H. Runge GER vs R. Hrvat SLO. At the end of the Island the German sculler leads from the Slovenian. At Fawley the Slovenian is still in touch and not letting Runge have it all his way.

Hrvat has done well as a lightweight sculler and has done well in the Europeans this year. At Upper Thames Hrvat moves through Runge and takes the advantage. Into hte Enclosures the lighter sculler is coping well with the water. The Slovenian is being pushed by the German sculler with no sign of easing up.

Hrvat goes into the Enclosures in the lead with clear water now as the Runge can't match the challenge. Sculling smoothly the Slovenian has shown real class through this race and is coping with the bouncy conditions. A silver medallist from the world championships he takes a look for the line and then crosses the line first ahead of the German sculler.

R. Hrvat SLO. beat H. Runge GER

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 12.00 Westminster Sch.vs Brunswick Sch., USA. A heat of the school eights and it's Westminster who get out of the blocks first but this is a stroke for stroke race. Westminster have a slightly higher rate in comparison to Brunswick.

Having dealt wiht a brutal headwind yesterday will they have enough left in the tank. Westminster want to dominate this race because of the unknown quantity of Brunswick.

Westminister use their fluidity to let the boat run, against the heavier Brunswick crew, to move out to two lengths clear water at Fawley.

Putting in a push at Remenham Westminsiter want to make their mark on this event and it looks like they have made it very difficult for Brunswick to come back.

In front of the Grandstands Westminster take the rate down whilst Brunswick drive for the line.

Westminster Sch.vs Brunswick Sch., USA.

VISITORS' 12.05 George Washington Un. 'B', USA vs De Amstel & Proteus-Eretes, Holland. A heat of the university coxed fours there are some steering issues in the Dutch crew as the Umpire raises the white flag. The Dutch crew keep the rate up to move out to a lead by a massive clear water margin.

Proteus look very relaxed as they come to the half way mark, after a very agressive start. At Remenham they have a commanding lead over the Americans and have taken the rate down.

Coming into Enclosures the Dutch crew are comfortable despite the fight back from the George Washington crew.

The Dutch take the rate up to the line with a short sprint to the line.

De Amstel & Proteus-Eretes, Holland beat George Washington Un. 'B', USA PRINCE OF WALES 12.10 Lausanne-Sports Aviron, Switzerland vs Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA. Two men's quads with Switzerland racing the USA. The Americans are warned at the end of the Island but edge out a lead, creeping out inch by inch.

The Americans move to dominate at half way with clear water.

Coming into the Enclosures the technical control of Schuylkill Navy shows with relaxed efficient sculling from the heavier crew. The Swiss crew take the rate up into the Grandstands but the US crew take a clear water win.

Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA. beat Lausanne-Sports Aviron, Switzerland

PRINCE ALBERT 12.15 Grand Valley State Univ., USA vs Durham Univ. Men's coxed fours and a close race with Durham's top ranked crew racing athletes who have been placed at the Head of the Charles and other races.

The lead swaps at the half way point with the Americans getting their nose in front, whereas the Durham crew had been level. The Durham crew responds to the push at Upper Thames and both crews are almost level.

This is a real head to head race with both crews lifting the rating and with everything to fight for. Durham react to the noise but Grand Valley lift again and move ahead again. Durham wind again. This is a real duel with the lead being exchanged with every push.

The cox from the US asks for one more lift and coming down to the line the Grand Valley have the advantage and cross the line first.

Durham Univ. beat Grand Valley State Univ., USA

DIAMONDS 12.20 T. E. Barras vs S. Broenink NED
Tom Barras from Leander has competed internationally at junior level but is lighter than the Dutch athlete. A really strong start from the Leander sculler. This is the local water for the Leander athlete and it shows as they get into their race rhythm.

Broenink moves through Barras at Fawley and this is another race where the lead is exchanged.

Coming into the Enclosures the heavier Dutch sculler has the advantage and powers to the line with a confident scull, taking the win.

Tom Barras of Leander said after the race: "I was trying to play to my advantage as much as possible - I think I have a fairly quick start normally.

My only chance up against him, as he is a big guy, was to try and get a lead and break him early on. Obviously that didn't happen. I think he just had a change of speed. It's a shame it couldn't have been slightly closer.

"It's time to get back in the gym, ready for the World Under 23's. The conditions are gradually worsening and there's a strong wind."

PRINCESS GRACE 2pm Deutscher and Crefelder, Germany vs Nottingham R.C.
We're back from lunch with the women's coxless fours. An initial misunderstanding by one of the German crew on how the Umpire would call start broke the ice and seemed to alleviate their nerves a little. On the actual start the Germans started strong, while Nottingham had initial difficulty steering which, by the time they'd corrected, saw Germany pull ahead.

It's still breezy and cool on the regatta course this afternoon, although the headwind isn't quite as brutal as it was yesterday afternoon. Both crews had trouble drifting to the centre, but the Germans kept their lead, untroubled by Nottingham and enjoying a comfortable win, finishing in a time of 7.58.

TEMPLE 2.05pm Bath University vs Columbia University, USA
Columbia started with some trouble thanks to dirty water and catching a crab. However, they soon showed their dominance over Bath, which is a new crew that formed at Marlow Regatta, and by Temple Island Columbia had powered ahead.

The Americans, who were semi finalists in the Temple last year, strode out into clear water and finished a length ahead in a time of 7.07.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 2.10pm Jesuit College, Dallas, USA vs St. Paul's School, Concord, USA
Exciting scenes in the Princess Elizabeth, as two junior American crews go head to head. St. Paul's led at the Barrier and Fawley, but couldn't hold it the full length of the race in the conditions. Jesuit pushed ahead in time for the enclosures and with the crowds' cheers ringing in their ears they pushed ahead, winning by one and a quarter lengths in a time of 7.22.

VISITORS' 2.15pm Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University vs Thames Rowing Club
Both crews started strongly, but as the race went on, having a bit more weight on board (they're 20 kilos heavier) in this kind of headwind seems to have given Thames an advantage that the Leader and Oxford Brookes crew just couldn't overcome.

Commiserations to our local crew as Thames was able to push ahead, beating them by three quarters of a length in a time of 7.19.

FAWLEY 2.20pm Glasgow Schools Rowing Club vs Gloucester Rowing Club
After an exciting race yesterday when they recovered from an early crab to win their heat, Gloucester might have hoped for lightning to strike twice.

They were to be disappointed though, with Glasgow taking an early comfortable lead and never really being troubled by Gloucester. Two of Glasgow's crew made it to Saturday last year, and on this performance it looks like they could do it again.

The Scottish crew won by one and a quarter length, finishing in a time of 7.39.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 2.30pm Abingdon School vs St Paul's School
St Paul's got into their rhythm early, meaning Abingdon had to push to keep up.

Umpire warned St. Paul's three times on steering. After this morning's controversial DQ following a clash both crews moved close to their booms, although at one point Abingdon's cox raised a hand in apparent appeal.

In the end St. Paul's one, with a verdict of two and a quarter lengths in a time of 7.11.

THAMES 2.35pm Fujian Rowing Club, China vs University Barge Club, USA
In a closely fought race the American crew pulled ahead by the Barrier and despite Fujian leading a push around Fawley the US crew emerged victorious by one and a third lengths in a time of 7.01.

Meanwhile, following the defeat of the Leander / Oxford Brookes crew in the Visitors' heat at 2.15pm, the Standard's reporter at the river Connor McLoughlin has spoken to our local rowers.

Jonny Jackson, the Leander rower in stroke seat said. "I think on home turf we wanted to do ourselves proud, but they were difficult conditions but being a lightweight crew we gave as much as we could and did everything we could on the day but we didn't perform how we would like to. We're pushing for the Under 23 World Championships, we weren't going for Henley. The World Championships are another eight weeks away and it's good to get a run out."

Meanwhile, Ed Fisher at bow for Leander, added: "It's a little bit annoting. We're under 23 medallists but at the end of the day we're giving away two stone per man and conditions weren't in our favour so there's not a lot we could do."

PRINCE OF WALES 2.40pm Leander Club 'B' vs Cercle de L'Aviron de Lyon and Club de L'Aviron de Vichy, France
More disappointment for Leander, this time in the coxless quad. The French crew started strongly and had clear water between them and our local crew by Temple Island, getting into a comfortable stride which saw them unbothered by Leander's second crew.

Lyon and Vichy finished three lengths ahead looking like they had plenty more in the tank, in a time of 7.18.

VISITORS' 2.45pmUniversity of California, Berkeley, USA vs Yale University, USA.
As a lightweight crew giving three stone a man away to Cal Berkley, Yale tried to do an early speedy start to put them under pressure, but Berkeley responded with power.

In the prevailing windy conditions the advantage was all theirs, and Cal Berkeley crossed the line in 7.38, with a verdict of Easily.

DIAMONDS 2.50pm AMO Drysdale (West End Rowing Club, New Zealand) vs CJH Berrest (Abiron Toulousain, France)
Spectators braving the chilly conditions in the enclosures this afternoon have just been treated to a masterful performance by 2012 Olympic champion Martin Drysdale.

Despite Drysdale starting fast, Berrest didn't take the end result for granted and made the Olympian fight for it.

Appreciative crowds cheered as the New Zealander crossed the line in 8.37, three and a quarter lengths ahead of the Frenchman.

Meanwhile, the Standard have spoken to a member of the Leander crew defeated in the Prince of Wales at 2.40pm. Chris Ray in the two seat for Leander said: "They were definitely just faster than us and a lot better. We've just found out they were only just dropped from the French Olympic team so that was a bit of a blow.

"I think they just went out and did what they had to do. It's not like we did not row well, but they just got off quicker than we did and kept ahead and controlled the race."

TEMPLE 3pm Harvard University, USA vs St Petersburg, University, Russia
As conditions worsen, the umpire warned crews to separate in this race, but otherwise Harvard University seemed untroubled by St. Petersburg. They finished in 6.54 by two and a quarter lengths.

VISITORS' 3.05pm ASR Nereus, Holland vs Cambridge University
A strong Nereus crew - two of the four were champions at Henley last year - was just unable to keep up with Cambridge.

The British crew started with some erratic steering, but overall gave a consistent performance which saw them with clear water by the Barrier. Cambridge were warned for dirty water by the umpire but still finished victorious, finishing one and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.11.

PRINCE OF WALES 3.10pm RTHC Bayer Leverkusen and ARC Munster, Germany vs Reading University
The selected crew from Germany gave a solid performance against a slightly spooked Reading crew that was warned by the umpire for its steering.

The Germans finished in 7.08, one and a quarter lengths ahead.

FAWLEY 3.15pm Frankfurt Germania, Germany vs Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
Much drama for the German crew at the start. High Wycombe veered into their water, so the Germans steered away, into the booms and in a dramatic U-turn.

The Germans showed their class and ability as a selected crew though, correcting themselves and still pulling ahead of the local crew, finishing two and a quarter lengths ahead of Wycombe in a time of 7.22.

TEMPLE 3.20pm Nottingham Trent University vs Yale University, USA
Disappointing scenes for Nottingham who went over the buoys early in the race and then got into a complete tangle with the booms before the Barrier. They stopped briefly, before gathering their composure and continuing on to the cheers of the commiserating crowd, but they did nothing to trouble the Americans who by that point were far far ahead.

Yale finished in 7.20 with an official verdict recorded of not rowed out.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 3.30pm Eton College vs Shrewsbury School
Eton has a stone a man advantage over Shrewsbury which they used to good effect, although Shrewsbury kept grinding away into the headwind.

Eton finished four and a quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.06.

PRINCESS GRACE 3.35pm Schuylkill Navy High Performance Center, USA vs Saratoga Rowing Association, USA
Another dramatic moment here, as Saratoga's stroke woman on the right hand scull caught a crab, making the boat stop.

They regained composure to continue but didn't trouble the Navy crew, which finished five full lengths ahead in a time of 8.06.

FAWLEY 3.40pm Westminster School vs Claires Court School
Claires Court got an early warning from the umpire on steering, after another race with crews visibly struggling with the headwinds.

Despite the difficulties, Claires corrected and powered on, beating Westminster with an easily verdict in a time of 7.36.

TEMPLE 3.45pm University of California, Berkeley, USA vs Drexel University, USA
The two American crews went head to head and kept close throughout the race. Cal Berkeley took the lead early on, but Drexel stayed close meaning despite pushing hard the winning crew wasn't able to break far enough away to relax.

Berkeley won by one and a half lengths in a time of 6.48.

DIAMONDS 3.50pm SS Nielsen, Denmark vs DA Bell (Molesey Boat Club)
Popular character and 'People's Champion' Dave Bell was outgunned this afternoon by Nielsen, of Danske Studenters Roklub, Denmark. Nielsen finished in 8.50 with a verdict of Easily.

PRINCE OF WALES 4pm Leander Club A vs Christiania Roklub, Norway
Disappointment and drama with more steering trouble, this time for the Norwegian crew which headed towards the boom straight from the start. After hitting the booms the bowman was hit in the face by his oar and as they reached a wooden pylon his oar was hit again and his rigger was broken.

The crew - filled with champions - was applauded home by spectators but were visibly furious and devastated but thankfully not seriously injured as they rowed up the course.

Meanwhile, Leander sculled the course having won by default, leaving them rested as they go into the next round.

FAWLEY 4.05pm Abingdon School vs Maidenhead Rowing Club
A tale of two styles in this junior boys' clash. Maidenhead when smooth and steady, while Abingdon went for a sharper, shorter style.

In the end Abingdon were victorious but it was neck and neck right to the line with the verdict recorded as a canvas verdict and the crowds cheering both crews on appreciatively.

WYFOLD 4.10pm Grasshopper Club, Switzerland vs Agecroft Rowing Club
Agecroft become the latest crew this afternoon to fall foul of the headwinds, drifting pretty much into the middle of the course and being warned by the umpire.

By the time they corrected their course Grasshopper was already a length ahead, and by the time they finished the race they'd pulled this out to three and a quarter lengths in a time of 7.39.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 4.15pm Shiplake College vs The London Oratory School
More joy for local crews as Shiplake beats London Oratory by two and a quarter lengths in a time of 7.05.

Shiplake led from the start, but London Oratory kept close, upping their strike rate in the last 200m meaning Shiplake had to respond as they pushed across the line.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 4.20pm Shiplake College vs The London Oratory School
It's the last race before tea, and we're continuing with the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

Radley have a stone a man advantage over the Boston High School crew and in the conditions it helped keep them ahead despite it being a close race.

Radley crossed the line two thirds of a length ahead of the Boston crew, in a time of 7.13.

Before we break for tea, the Standard's reporter at the finish line has spoken to Shiplake College Principal Greg Davies following his crew's victory in their Princess Elizabeth Cup race. He told us: "I think the important thing is that they won. It's the first time we've gotten to racing on Friday for a few years. What these guys do is so professional now. They're taking it one race at a time, although I know that's a cliche. Tomorrow will be really really tough. We're racing Westminster School who won National Head of the River and the National Schools Regatta. Whatever happens tomorrow no-one will be more proud of them than me. They're wonderful young gentlemen."

Join us after 5.30pm when the racing recommences for the evening session.

TEMPLE 5.30pm Imperial College London A v University of Michigan B, USA
We're back from tea and it's gone overcast and is gently drizzling, making the conditions for rowers much less fun than before.

Imperial started well while Michigan earned a warning flag from the umpire for steering in the buffeting winds.

Imperial had clear water between them and their opponents by Temple Island.

Imperial crossed the line in 6.52 despite the conditions, two and three quarter lengths ahead of the American crew.

THAMES 5.35pm Belvoir Ruderclub Zurich, Switzerland vs Thames Rowing Club 'B'
Disappointment for the British crew, as Belvoir took an early lead which Thames couldn't ever pull back.

Belvoir finished four and a quarter lengths ahead in a time of 7.05.

FAWLEY 5.40pm Maritime Rowing Club 'B', USA vs The Windsor Boys' School
Windsor started strongly and soon found their groove. Maritime tried to keep up but just couldn't manage it in the face of an assured row from the local lads. Windsor crossed the line in 7.18, four and a quarter lengths in front of their American opponents.

VISITORS' 5.45pm Newcastle University vs Adelaide Rowing Club, Australia
Newcastle were still fighting at the end which made the final result look closer than it was, but the Australians led from the beginning with a confident and powerful performance which will stand them in good stead for the next round.

Adelaide finished one and a half lengths ahead in a time of 7.29.

DIAMONDS 5.50pm G Csepregi vs TO Naske
Tim Naske sculled strongly from the beginning, getting clear water between him and his Hungarian opponent early on. Some wash coming in from the side of the station didn't cause him any trouble, and by the time he reached the enclosures he seemed to be using the row as a chance to explore the course in the readiness for the next round.

PRINCE OF WALES 6pm Tees Rowing Club vs Nottingham Rowing Club
A strong start from both crews, with Nottingham getting close to the buoys and the island at the start.

Tees pulled ahead by the Barrier, getting clear water between them and their opponents.

They kept up a businesslike, steady stroke rate, and while Nottingham kept trying to close the gap, Tees didn't let them make up the distance. Tees finished two lengths ahead in a time of 7.06.

THAMES 6.05pm Quintin Boat Club vs RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany
Both teams started quickly, but Quintin took an early lead which Bayer Leverkusen couldn't quite pull back from despite their best efforts.

Quintin finished one and a half lengths ahead, in a time of 6.53.

TEMPLE 6.10pm Imperial College London 'B' vs Cornell University A
Cornell started fast, but Imperial dug deep ensuring that Cornell weren't able to pull away too far. Despite the London college's best attempts, the Big Red crew crossed the line in a time of 6.44, just three quarters of a length ahead of Imperial.

BRITANNIA 6.15pm Sport Imperial vs Royal Chester Rowing Club
The headwind at the finish is starting to pick up, making for tougher, choppy conditions for both crews. The crews were pretty much neck and neck throughout the course, until the enclosures when Sport Imperial were able to pull ahead by a length and a half as they drove towards the finish line.

Disappointment for Royal Chester as Sport Imperial prepares to row another day.

FAWLEY 6.20pm Leander Club vs Northwich Rowing Club A
Another local crew takes to the water now, in a race umpired by Olympian Matthew Pinsent.

Northwich started off with an awkward steer but were able to sneak a lead. By Fawley however, Leander had rallied, and had a clear water lead as they came up to the enclosures where they were vociferously cheered on as the local crew.

Leander crossed the line in 7.21, three lengths ahead of their opponents.

WYFOLD 6.30pm Tideway Scullers School A vs Kingston Rowing Club
The Tideway Scullers have three of the finalists of last year's Wyfold, which makes for an assured crew.

A powerful start led them into a strong race all round. They were unbothered by the Kingston crew, finishing two and a quarter lengths ahead and whooping with joy as they crossed the line and into tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the Standard's Connor McLoughlin has spoken to Leander's Tom Mortimer, at third seat in the victorious Fawley cup crew. He said: "Conditions were really tough, really windy but not as bad as yesterday, but the race was still pretty bumpy. Northwich gave us a tough race. We were overlapping for most of it, and we went past them at the end. We're looking forward to facing the German crew tomorrow, though we're off to get a good night's sleep now."

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 6.35pm St George's College vs Melbourne Grammar School, Australia
The Melbourne crew impressed with their heat yesterday, and gave another stellar performance today that sets them in good stead moving into the latter part of the week.

They kept St George's on the back foot with strong, powerful strokes, finishing two thirds of a length ahead in a time of 7.17.

FAWLEY 6.40pm Molesey Boat Club vs Maritime Rowing Club A, USA
In possibly the biggest margin of the day, Maritime showed a commanding performance which made Molesey - themselves a good crew - look like minnows in comparison.

A lot of crews have suffered with the increasingly grim conditions on the water, but neither Maritime nor Molesey seemed to let it slow them down. Maritime finished two and three quarter lengths ahead, in a time of 7.39.

BRITANNIA 6.45pm Agecroft Rowing Club vs Thames Rowing Club
Thames Rowing Club left Agecroft behind by Fawley but Agecroft kept them working, ensuring the defending champions fought for it to the end.

Thames crossed the line in 7.43, one and three quarter lengths ahead of Agecroft.

DIAMONDS 6.50pm R Knab vs M Plocek
On paper this should be a straightforward win for Dutchman Ruben Knab, as Mikael Flocek weighs 43 pounds less than his opponent. But while Knab took an early leave he battled to pull away thanks to Plocek's solid technique and strong strokes, although by the end the headwind exacted its toll on both men.

Knab finished two and a half lengths ahead in a time of 8.39.

THAMES 7pm Rv Willem III, Holland vs Kingston Rowing Club
The Dutch crew has a lot of international experience, and it showed with a strong start which Kingston struggled to match.

Willem had a clear water lead from 500m in and from there they showed their technique with a neat row, strong strokes and minimal puddles seemingly unbothered by the headwinds.

Kingston showed class, turning up the pressure and increasing the row rate trying to push back against the Dutch crew, but to no avail.

Willem finished many lengths clear with an easily verdict, in a time of 7.05.

BRITANNIA 7.05pm Utah Crew, USA vs Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club
Stratford started well, taking a lead which got them to the Barrier in 2.16.

But despite being a lighter crew, Utah pulled back to keep in the race, pulling ahead of Stratford at Fawley and then finishing the race just two thirds of a length ahead by the finish line. Great ews for Utah in their Henley debut.

FAWLEY 7.10pm Kingston Rowing Club vs Marlow Rowing Club
Despite two Henley Royal Regatta returners, Kingston ended up disappointed in this junior men's race. Marlow finished the course in 7.36 with an easily verdict.

GOBLETS 7.15pm Congdon and Arnot vs Duhnkrack and Merget
Leander's crew Congdon and Arnot were given short shrift in this men's coxless pairs by the German pair of Duhnkrack and Merget. The Germans started strongly and while Leander kept close to them, the heavier team was able to power through in the conditions on the night.

Duhnkrack and Merget finished in a creditable 8.06, leading Congdon and Arnot by one and three quarter lengths.

BRITANNIA 7.20pm RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany vs Upper Thames Rowing Club
A strong start gave Bayer Leverkusen, Germany the chance to move in from the dangers of the boom early on, and once they had they settled into their stride in confident fashion.

The experienced Upper Thames clearly meant business but weren't able to pull it back in the fact of the power of Bayer Leverkusen.

Bayer finished in 7.50 with a verdict of Easily.

VISITORS 7.30pm Oxford Brookes University and Proteus, Holland vs Boulogne-Billancourt, France
The French nearly landed in the buoys straight off the start line and then hit the booms a few hundred metres on, leaving them visibly frustrated and unable to continue.

The Oxford Brookes and Proteus crew continued unaffected by the clash, finishing in 7.27 in a verdict of three lengths.

WYFOLD 7.35pm Henley Rowing Club vs Dresdner Rv, Germany
Henley had the home turf and home advantage here and they enjoyed using it, having a strong start. Dresden made two early steering mistakes which didn't help, but Henley showed technique and local knowledge which - despite a similar strike rating - saw them move comfortably across the course, enjoying the cheers from the remaining crowd braving the chilly weather.

Henley finished two lengths ahead in a time of 7.42.

Speaking to the Standard after the race, coach Ian Desmond said: "We had a good opener yesterday and this was the perfect race to set us up for a tough race tomorrow. We're facing the Swiss crew, the Grasshopper Club. The course evens itself out along the way, but we're on the Bucks side tomorrow. That wasn't our best row today though, it was a bit messy."

GOBLETS 7.40pm Grossmann and Trebbow vs Ntouskos and Petrou
It's the last race of the day and while the crowds have thinned, put off by the chill coming off the water, the German and Greek crews clearly enjoyed their moment in the (sort of) sun.

The Germans Grossman and Trebbow took an early lead, and weren't troubled by the Greeks in the end, finishing in 8.17 three and three quarter lengths ahead of their opponents and booking their place into tomorrow's racing.

That concludes today's racing. It was a mixed bag of results for our local crews, but an exciting day of racing for rowing fans. We'll be back tomorrow to do it all again, but in the meantime thanks for following our live blog, and tweeting and Facebook with us joining in the fun.

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