Thursday, 05 August 2021

Live feed: Friday's racing from HRR 2016

8pm update: Friday is done at Henley Royal Regatta. Things are getting serious now! Catch up with all today's racing, results and controvery with our liveblog.

7am update: It's Friday at Henley Royal Regatta. Things are getting serious now! We've got another packed day of racing ahead today with races every 5 to 10 minutes. Join us here for live results and local reaction direct from the course, showcasing the best club, university and school crews the world has to offer on arguably one of the world's challenging stretches of rowing water.

With all our local clubs in action today, we'll be making sure to take an extra interest in how they're doing, and our reporters at the scene will be talking to local rowers and coaches straight from the water.

Our web team will be doing live updates throughout the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators, along with photographs and video.

Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and news relating to the Regatta throughout the day. Catch up with what happened yesterday on the water here and on Wednesday here


DOUBLE SCULLS 8.30 Lorentzen & Vinje v. Middleton & Beaumont Pink blades of Leander against the Norwegians. The leander double look strong and this is there home water, though they are warned by the Umpire at the start.

The Norwegians have pedigree have tried for the Olympics.

Jack Beaumont is likely to be the spare for the GB Olympic team in Rio. The British double are showing their class with clear water despite the Norweginas putting a push in after 1min 30.

The Leander double re really putting a marker down with some impressive speed.

Leander drop the rate, with an efficient stroke as they come to Fawley. Jack Beaumont has recovered from an horrific accident during training camp last year so this is a really good come back, starting with the Varesse world cup.

The Norwegians drop back again as Leander pass Remenham but are still rowing their race down the course.

With 9 Henley medlas between the Leander men there was little doubt they would dominate this race and they cross the line first, with a very comfortable scull.

Middleton & Beaumont beat Lorentzen & Vinje

Tom Middleton from Leander: "It's good to get the nerves out of the system early. I'm kind of glad to get it out of the way today so we don't have to wait around until the afternoon getting nervous.

It's always nice to race in your home town. Henley is always very special for me.

Now we've got to get some rest and look forward to racing tomorrow, which will be much harder."

DIAMOND JUBILEE 8.35 Molesey BC vs Headington School - The first race of the day for the girls quads. The Headington girls have previously been racing in eights and have clear water at the end of the Island, going our fast from the start.

Molesey fall back as Headington break the link and push through Fawley with several lengths clear water. At Remenham Headington, despite being slightly close to the booms are having a confident smooth race

The Headington girls are benefiting from their early altitude training where they combineed a Geography field trip with training.

Headington School beat Molesey BC

PRINCE ALBERT 8.40 Drexel Univ., USA v. Oxford Brookes Univ. - A heat of the University coxed fours and a match between a strong GB crew and a crew from Philadelphia USA.

This is a real battle of the big guys with a lot of raw power being put down by both crews.

Oxford Brookes outgun the Americans and maintain clear water through to the Enclosures where they paddle through past the Grandstands in a comfortable manner.

PRINCE OF WALES 8.45 Durham Univ. v. Edinburgh & Durham Univs. Oxford Brookes Univ. beat Drexel Univ., USA

PRINCES OF WALES 8.45 Durham Univ. v. Edinburgh & Durham Univs. - A scottish crew is here to prepare for the World U23 Championships in Rotterdam in August. The Durham crew look strong but the composite U23 crew push out two lengths clear water at Fawley.

Both crews contain experienced Henley scullers.

Scottish rowing is showing its class as the composite flows down the river.

Edinburgh & Durham Univs. beat Durham Univ. easily

PRINCESS ROYAL 8.50 M. Madsen NOR v. A. Beenken GER - An international race between Germany and Norway.

At the end of the Island the German is down half a length down from the Norwegian who has gone out to make a mark early on in the race. Germany being favourite for the Olympic gold in Rio and there is no surprise that the German sculler moves through the Norwegian.

At Upper Thames Anne Beenken powers through to a length clear water as the Norwegian begins to loose touch.

Coming into the Enclosures Beenken maintains her lead comfortably awith some smooth sculling as the Norwegian takes the rate up. There is too much distance to make up however, for it to be a challenge to the German sculler.

A. Beenken GER beat M. Madsen NOR by five lengths.

WYFOLD 9.00 Sport Imperial B.C. v. London R.C. ‘A’ - A real jump at the start from London, with both these clubs very close as both boat houses are on the Putney embankment.

The London crew are desperate to stay in contact with the larger Imperial crew who push out to a length clear water at Fawley. The London crew keep the rate up and keep pushing on in their race.

Sport Imperial had a good race yesterday and are showing that they have recovered well, though the London crew are still fighting, meaning that Imperial can't relax and take the rate down.

Coming into the Enclosures the London crew close the gap but are not overlapping the Imperial crew. Both crews need to maintain their focus to the line. Imperial respond to the shouts from the Stewards Enclosure and start to build for the line.

London raise the rate but Imperial have this, as London collapse over the line.

Sport Imperial B.C. beat London R.C. ‘A’

PRINCE ALBERT 9.05 Yale Univ., USA v. Newcastle Univ. - The bulldogs of Yale agains the stars of Newcastle, with Newcastle taking a lead at the end of the Island by half a length. Newcastle have a good rhythm and push again as they come up to the 500m mark.

Newcastle command the lead at Fawley with a good strong rhythmical stroke. This is their top boat, racing the Yale B crew.

Clearly a very strong Newcatle crew at Remenham Newcastle have at least three lengths clear water, with Yale overrating Newcastle. Yale look shorter and more under pressure than the calmer Newcastle crew.

Yale take it home through the Enclosures but Newcastle have this race.

Newcastle Univ. beat Yale Univ USA

DIAMOND JUBILEE 9.10 Nottingham R.C. v. Warrington R.C. - A heat of the Junior women's quads and Warrington is warned for their steering as they come to the end of the Island. However, at the Barrier they have a clear water lead.

The stroke girl of the Warrington crew has won the Junior women's single at National Schools. A lot of talent in this Warrington crew.

Warrington dominate the race and coming into the Enclosures they are sculling calmly whilst Nottingham take the rate up.

Coming past the Grandstands Warrington take the applause and pick the rate for the last 20 strokes.

Warrington R.C. beat Nottingham R.C.

DOUBLE SCULLS 9.15 Goode & Judah USA v. Klomp & Wiersma NED - Men's double sculls and an interesting race with close contact all the way through to Upper Thames. USA are down three quarters of a length at Remenham.

This is a race all the way with the Dutch crew coming through to the Enclosures first but the American crew are really pushing. Both crews take the rate upand the Dutch start to dig. The US double looks fluid but perhaps don't have the power.

At the Grandstands the US are down halfd a length and this is a race to the line.

This is a very close race but the Dutch take it

Klomp & Wiersma NED beat Goode & Judah USA by one third of a length

GOBLETS 9.20 Mackovic & Pivac SER v. Demey & Jonville. FRA - Double sculls racing. The French have an 'interesting' start and another race to the line is developing as the Serbians take an early lead.

The French put in a big push past Remenham and move in front but the Serbians are fighting all the way. At the Enclosures the French lift it again and open up clear water.

The Serbians looked like they had this race but at the Grandstands it looks like it's all over for them as the French take it up again. A little bit of a veer into the middle of the river but they are a length up.

Demey & Jonville. FRA beat Mackovic & Pivac SER

PRINCESS GRACE 9.30 Wallingford R.C. & London R.C. v. Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA

This race will now take place at 7:30 - Ellie Piggott, the stroke of the Wallingford LWT quad is ill.

PRINCE ALBERT 9.35 Edinburgh Univ. ‘A’ v. Grand Valley State Univ., USA - Edinburgh get off to a good start and stretch out into a good rhythm but it is very tight at the end of the Island it is the Americans who get the bow ball in front at the marker point. However Edinburgh take the initiative and put in a push, lift the boat and take half a lenght at the 500m mark.

At Remenham church the Americans are one length down, as they race a Scottish crew who have a record in the Prince Albert despite having lost to Washington last year.

The Edinburgh crew fail to shake off the Americans but maintain their lead as they come through Remenham Club. Aiming to be efficient the Scottish crew have a steady rate, whilst Grand valley put in a push and take the rate up to claw back some distance.

At Enclosures the Edinburgh crew are challenged by Grand Valley with the crowds yelling for the Americans. Grand Valley start to sprint for the line but Edinburgh respond and power on past the Grandstands, opening up two and half lengths clear water.

Edinburgh Univ. ‘A’ v. Grand Valley State Univ., USA.

WYFOLD 9.40 Upper Thames R.C. 'A' Thames R.C. 'A' - The local club agains the London based crew who have a wobble off of the start. Upper Thames could be the favourite crew this year and this is a good match up, with loud shouting from the bank right from the start.

At the end of the Island Upper Thames are a length up as Thames keep in contact and fight every stroke. At Enclosures Thames are still in contact and there is a real fight for the line. The noise from the stands rises and both crews raise the rate. Thames are punching to the line.

Thames are really pushing as Upper Thames hang on to the lead this is only half a lenght with 15 strokes to go. This is a keep your head in your boat moment. A real race for the line.

Upper Thames beat Thames

The Thames crew are appealing after Upper Thames were warned at the start of the enclosures, earlier in the race, where the Umpire waved the white flag at Upper Thames. This is the Umpires decision. The verdict stands.

QUEEN MOTHER 9.45 Vác Városi Evezos & Mohácsi, Hungary vs. Leander Club - Leander are out to lunch at the start as the bow man loses his blade and it spins in his hand. Both crews are under 23's and are a little inexperienced. Leander recover well and use the nerves to push to clear water at Remenham Club.

At the Enclosures Leander are in a strong smooth rhythm with Hungary fighting but not in contact. This could have been a very different result but Leander cross the line first.

Leander Club beat Vác Városi Evezos & Mohácsi, Hungary

PRINCESS ROYAL 9.50 S. C. Casto USA v. I. Adomaviciute LITHUANIA - The Lithuanian is spooked by the booms and is looking round constantly. Despite this she is ahead of the American with a height and weight advantage. She is three times world champion at junior level but this is her first time at Henley.

Lithuania dominates the middle of the race moving out ot an easy length as the rain dulls the top of the water. At the Enclosures the American takes the rate up but is not pressuring the Lithuanian.

Unfortunately Casto catches a crab in front of the Grandstands and her boat jumps into the Lithuanians lane, upsetting her drive to the finish.

I. Adomaviciute LITHUANIA beat S. C. Casto USA

THAMES 10.00 Fulham Reach B.C. v. Molesey B.C. ‘A’ - Both crews clean off of the start and both clean out of the blocks. Two very closely matched crews. The Molesey crew take advantage of the water and settle into their rhythm despite being warned by the Umpire for their steering.

Molesey are warned again at Fawley and Fulham Reach are not letting Molesey have this race all their way. Molesey are sending their puddles down to Fulham Reach which seems unnecessary as Molesey settle into their rhythm at Remenham Club. They are looking to hold the clear water they've developed and use the distance to have a good row.

Coming into the Enclosures Fulham Reach take the rate up as Molesey wander over to the middle of the course a little again.

Molesey are dominating this race now and in front of the Grandstands they wind the finish in without taking it to a sprint finish.

Fulham Reach rating 36 but Molesey cross the finish line first wiht just over a length of clear water.

Molesey B.C. ‘A’ beat Fulham Reach B.C.

PRINCE OF WALES 10.05 S.N. de Monaco, Monaco v. Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA - The US high performance centre against the crew from Monaco who had a tough race yesterday. This is a real side by side race with about three feet between them at the Barrier. At the 500m mark the Americans nudge ahead.

At Fawley the Americans have two lengths clear water. They scull smoothly along the course and maintain the distance despite Monaco racing it to the line.

Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA beat S.N. de Monaco, Monaco

PRINCE ALBERT 10.10 A.U.S.R. Orca, Holland v. Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland - Good steering off of the start as Trinity fight to stay in touch with the Dutch crew, who are inching out a lead.

At the three quarter mile the Dutch crew have clear water. The trinity crew will have to make a push at Remenham to stay in touch.

This is a big question to answer for Trinity who are still clawing back the distnace as they come into the Enclosures.

Trinity take the rate up as the Dutch remain settled. In front of the Grandstands the Dutch take the applause and cross the line first.

A.U.S.R. Orca, Holland beat Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland

DIAMOND JUBILEE 10.15 Isle of Ely R.C. v. Shiplake Vikings R.C. - Another local crew the Shiplake Viking girls train at Shiplake College, but have trained previously on the Henley stretch as part of Henley Rowing Club. Off the start the Vikings head towards the Island but then straighten up into the booms.

At the end of the Island the crews are level. There is a real race ahead.

At Fawley Vikings have a slight advantage but Isle of Ely are fighting all the way. This race is very much on. At Upper Thames the Vikings put in a push which Ely respond to but don't make a mark on the distance between the boats.

At Remenham Vikings show the efficieny of their stroke and push the distance out to a lenght and half. Ely are stiking to their task however.

At Enclosures Vikings increase thier lead to two lengths. They take the rate up despite their advantage to take it to the line.

This win will make up for the disappointment they experienced at Henley Women's regatta where they broke a blade.

Shiplake Vikings R.C. beat Isle of Ely R.C.

GOBLETS 10.20 Cook & McBrierty v. Kohlmayr & Auerbach AUS - Cook & McBrierty are GB's best two rowers outside of the Olympic team. At the end of the Island the crews are bow ball to bow ball. The British pair carry on at the start pace, only easing out to rhythm at the Barrier.

The British pair then move out to ease away from the Austrian pair.

Into the Enclosures the Leander/UL composite have a comfortabnle lead and are maintaining their rate through as they take the applause from the Stewards Enclosure.

Cook & McBrierty beat Kohlmayr & Auerbach AUS

QUEEN MOTHER 10.30 Leander Club & Oxf. Brookes Un. v. Danske S.R. & KVIK, Denmark - A match of heavyweights vs lightweights with a three stone average per man difference. The British lightweight quad will have to be efficient agains the Danish in the headwind on the course.

Hte Danish just start to move out at the Barrier but the Leander composite are not letting them go and are staying in contact.

The Birtish quad settle into a good rhythm and are not letting the Danish capitalise on the blast out of the blocks that they went for. They also have the advantage of knowing the course.

The heavyweights know that the lightweights haven't been pushed away, and it will be interesting to see how they react to that.

Leander go through Fawley just in front which the Danish respond to at Upper Thames with a push. Leander are showing efficient sculling. At Remenham it is still side by side level.

Nothing in this race at all as Leander need to push on and use the noise from the Enclosures. Leander have steered the better course but can they raise it to the line.

Leander use a good gear change into Stewards and up the rate as they take the applause as Leander take the line. Lightweights have beaten heavyweights.

Leander Club & Oxf. Brookes Un beat Danske S.R. & KVIK, Denmark

PRINCESS ROYAL 10.35 K. L. Stiller v. R. de Jong NED - Tina Stiller struggles off of the start allowing Rues de Jong, wearing a Proteus all in one, half a length advantage. Two experienced scullers this is a very well matched race. In the middle of the course both scullers take the rate down but power it through.

De Jong has maintained her advantage through out the race as they move past Remenham Club. The girls moved towards each other at Upper Thames and the Dutch sculler used that to break contact and gain clea water. This will mean Tina Stillar has to really work to get back in touch.

Coming through Enclosures de Jong keeps the advantage despite a little wobble in the conditions.

R. de Jong NED beat K. L. Stiller

DOUBLE SCULLS 10.40 Brys & van Zandweghe BEL v. Male & Mitchell - Lightweights and former lightweights with the Belgian double veering a little but easing away from the Sculler's crew

Scullers are unable to hold onto the Belgian doubke who power into a comfortable lead. They almost have a mishap as they come in front of the grandstands where they catch a wave. Very different conditions to those found at Hazewinkel at the moment.

The Belgians cross the finish line first.

Brys & van Zandweghe BEL beat Male & Mitchell

DIAMOND JUBILEE 10.45 Gloucester R.C. v. Henley R.C. ‘A’ - Two very closely matched women's quads and tight race has developed as they come up to Fawley. Perhaps a bit of a grudge match, as Gloucester beat Henley at Henley Women's Regatta.

Past Remenham Henley get ahead and commit themselves to the lead. At Enclosures it is still half a length between the crews. Both crews have had to come through qualifiers and this race is going to the wire.

Gloucester take the rate up to 33 and they come through against Henley in front of the Grandstands powering through to the applause. Gloucester show their pedigree and take the line.

Gloucester R.C. beat. Henley R.C. ‘A’

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 10.50 Jesuit Coll. P.S. Dallas, USA v. St. Paul’s Sch. - St Pauls keep the rate up at 48 and have a little wobble off of the Island. St Paul's are holders of this title and are aiming to make it two in a row.

Having had a hard race yesterday the Americans are not in touch with this race, as St Paul's lead extends to a comfortable victory.

St Paul's have a comfortable steady row through past Stewards to cross the line first.

St. Paul’s Sch. beat Jesuit Coll. P.S. Dallas, USA

THAMES 11.05 N.S.R. Oslo, Norway v. See-Club Luzern, Switzerland - Norway came through after the controversial race with Sydney yesterday where Sydney were disqualified for steering and were threatened for a DQ for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The Swiss crew are one of the strongest crews in the event and this first 500m is critical as both crews keep their rate up and aim to establish the lead. If they can get clear water they have broken a psychological advantage.

The Norwegians are not letting the Swiss have it all their way and come back at Fawley. Both crews are powering it through the middle of the course. The rate is slightly up in the Norwegian boat.

The Swiss crew respond and maintain the advantage. Both crews want this race. At Remenham Club Norway move up again and the overlap increases. The Swiss crew are winding it up to the Enclosures.

At Enclosures, as the noise of the spectators hits, the Norwegians are fighting back and pounce with a rate increase. The swiss fight back desperate to hold on. the Norwegians just have more left with a rate of 38 This is a race into the line The last twenty strokes will count. The Norwegians are up at 40. The Norwegians take the line by a canvas. N.S.R. Oslo, Norway beat See-Club Luzern, Switzerland

VISITORS' 11.10 Zürich & Blue Star, Switzerland v. De Amstel & Proteus-Eretes, Holland - An immediate call from the Umpire, after 5 strokes into the start, as Proteus are warned. However the Dutch composite take an advantage.

More warnings from the Umpire as both crews move to the centre of the course, in the middle of the race. Both crews still at 36.

The Swiss are hanging on to the Dutch crew and are still challenging at Upper Thames. Proteus respond and push to a small amount of clear water. The Dutch boat has internationals on board who have possibly more experience than the Swiss crew and seem to have the measure of the race, as they are in a commanding position.

The Swiss composite won the Swiss National Championships but are outclassed by the larger Dutch crew. As they come in front of the Grandstands the Dutch crew are still at 35 and sprint for the line. A little bit of a show for the spectators.

De Amstel & Proteus-Eretes, Holland beat Zürich & Blue Star, Switzerland

PRINCE OF WALES 11.15 Leander Club ‘A’ v. Tees R.C. - Leander have won this event for the last six years and this being their home water they have the advantage. The Leander club are sculling longer even at the higher rate and move out to a length at the barrier.

Leander have a commanding lead at remenham Club and coming into Enclosures they are maintaing a solid rhythm. The Tees RC keep to their race plan but are not challenging Leander.

Leander look very smooth as they take the applause and the stroke of the crew has quite a family to congratulate him on the achievement.

DOUBLE SCULLS 11.20 Fistravec & Fridman SLO v. Appel & Syring GER - The Slovenian crew veer on the start with an intervention from the Umpire. At Fawley both crews are still side by side with Germany a little down. The German are not letting the Slovenian/Israeli composite get away.

Past Remenham the younger German crew who are Junior World Champions try to claw back the distance but the Slovenian composite use their power to increase their advantage to open up clear water.

At Enclosures Slovenian power it down rating 34, whilst the Germans struggle and drop the rate. The bounce on the water is taking it's toll onthe Germans who are lighter than the Slovenian composite, who take it up as they go into the line.

Fistravec & Fridman SLO beat Appel & Syring GER

PRINCESS ROYAL 11.25 L. I. Scheenaard NED v. M. K. Dukarska IRL - Scheenaard could be a contender for the title in this event, as she powers out to half a length lead at the Barrier. The Dutch international settles into her rhythm.

Dukarska is originally Polish and now competes for Ireland, having also raced as a costal rower.

At Upper Thames Scheenaard moves out to a commanding lead, showing why she was the runner up last year to Knapkova. Having not qualified for the Olympics racing will this be a good consolation prize?

At Enclosures Scheenaard is sculling comfortably as the spectators applaud the contest.

L. I. Scheenaard NED v. M. K. Dukarska IRL

PRINCE OF WALES 11.30 Lyon & Vichy, France v. Bayer Leverkusen & Münster, Germany - Another fast start from these men's quads with an international race between France and Germany. The Germans are warned early but settle into a strong rhythm.

This is another race to the line as both crews are side by side into the Enclosures. The Germans are warned again for their steering and are slightly underating the French crew. The French crew look like they have the momentum to take this race.

The Umpire warns the crews to move apart and has his work cut out as they move up to a sprint finish.

A huge push by the French crew who take the line.

Lyon & Vichy, France beat Bayer Leverkusen & Münster, Germany

Another hand is raised as an appeal is launched agains the French crew. The Germans are claiming interference. The Umpire states that both crews were at fault and the result stands.

PRINCESS GRACE 11.35 Warszawa & Grudziadz, Poland v. Deutscher & Crefelder, Germany - The Germans are warned by the Umpire at the end of the Island as they push the Polish into the buoys before the boom start. They straighten up and the Polish crew take an advantage at the Barrier.

The Polish have a good rhythm and are maintaining their advantage through the middle of the course. The Germans are working hard for their speed. Into the Enclosures and as the water roughs up the Germans could take this as they take the rate up.

Poland reacts and moves out their lead to clear water and power it down to the line.

Warszawa & Grudziadz, Poland beat Deutscher & Crefelder, Germany

DIAMONDS 11.40 A. M. O. Drysdale NZL v. T. O'Naske GER - Tim O Naske has a good pedigree and at his age level he is unbeaten. Unfortunately for him he is against arguably the best male single sculler in the world at the moment. In the middle of the course he calmly moves away from the German.

The German is keeping the fight up and pushing Mahe to the Enclosures but the Olympic Championis unflustered.

Mahe takes the applause and pushes to the line to make this a comfortable win over the German, whilst the German mounts a sprint to the finish, to reduce the distance.

A. M. O. Drysdale NZL v. T. O'Naske GER

QUEEN MOTHER 11.45 A.S.C. Dukla Praha, CZE v. Victoria City R.C., Canada - The Canadians get caught by the stream and use the rudder but are back into their rhythm off the Island though sitting down about half a length from the Czech crew at the barrier.

On Canada day can this crew come back on the Czech crew?

At Remenham the Canadians are still in touch with the half a length advantage remaining stable. At Enclosures the crews take their rate up and the battle for the line is on.

the Czech crew claw some distance form the Canadians but the Canadians then take it up again. The Czech crew look smoother and take the applause from the Grandstands.

A.S.C. Dukla Praha, CZE v. Victoria City R.C., Canada

TEMPLE 11.50 Harvard Univ., USA v. Univ. of London ‘A’ - It's two University eights. Harvard take an early lead but UL are not letting them walk away and are still overlapping at Upper Thames. br />
As they come up to Enclosures UL put in a big push to take some distance off of Harvard. Harvard look pressured. This is a battle as the spectators start yelling encouragement. Harvard take the rate up and UL haven't responded.

Harvard make a really push for the line and are pushing UL away with every stroke. Harvard are desperate for this win.

Harvard Univ., USA beat Univ. of London ‘A’

REMENHAM 12.00 Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland v. Leander Club & Tees R.C. - The first of the races for these events with the Leander crew being warned by the Umpire as they drift into the Dutch crews water.

It's important to maintain the station given the disqulification yesterday.

Leander have taken a length at the Barrier. The Dutch seem to be overpowered by the British crew. At Fawley the Leander crew move away to two lengths clear water.

The Dutch try ot respond in the middle of the course and put in a push but don't claw back any distance.

At Remenham Club the British crew are sitting comfortably ahead and maintaining a good rhythm.

Coming up to the Enclosures the British crew take the rate up to open up the distance and practice their race finish. Showing their commitment to the boat the girls take it to the line. A small veer in the steering but nothing untoward and the British development eight cross the finish line first.

Leander Club & Tees R.C. beat Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland

DIAMONDS 12.05 G. M. Ansolabehere USA v. H. Obreno BEL - Obreno had a good race yesterday against a Belgian compatriot. At the end of the Island the Umpire warns Obreno but he is not hassled by this.

Obreno has been selected for the Olympics this year and the quality of his sculling shows as he extends to a two length lead in the middle of the course. The American is fighting to stay in touch but is not making a mark on the Belgian.

At the Enclosures the lighter Obreno is making it look easy despite the bouncy water. With efficient sculling he makes it look easy which it is far from as the stream and wind hit. The American is still racing and is rating higher but is not having any impact on the lead.

Obreno lets the US sculler come up on him as he floats over the line.

H. Obreno BEL beat G. M. Ansolabehere USA

VISITORS' 12.10 George Washington Univ. ‘A’ , USA v. Thames R.C. - Thames rowing club are not being challenged by the American crew as they come past Remenham Club holding onto a two length lead.

At Enclosures the George Washington crew take the rate up and some distance is clawed back but Thames take this race with a strong row.

Thames R.C. beat George Washington Univ. ‘A’ , USA

QUEEN MOTHER 12.15 Leipzig & Hanau, Germany v. California R.C., USA - The second to last race of the morning and two men's quads battle it out. The Californian crew struggle with thier steering and are almost in the Berks station. They move back and lengthen out though both crews are going very hard and fast to the Barrier. California move to a half length advantage.

As they come to Fawley they move to two lengths clear water and seem to have the race in the bag at Remenham Club. A comfortable lead has developed and despite the snaking in the steering they come into Enclosures well ahead.

The Californians keep the rate up to the line though the pressure isn't on.

California R.C., USA beat Leipzig & Hanau, Germany

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 12.20 Eton Coll. v. St. Edward’s Sch. - St Edward's beat Hampton yesterday so this should be a very good race.
Eton lean on Teddies early on in the race and take a length at the Barrier.

Eton lead through the middle of the course, showing why the only lost by a second at National Schools. They push away to move to two lengths of clear water over Teddies.

A race dominated by Eton from the start they still take it up at the Enclosures, but with a leg drive call from the cox. Teddies look a little ragged as they fight back. They are working desperately hard but are not having an impact.

A lot of family history in the Teddies boat but not successful today.

Eton Coll. beat St. Edward’s School

A flypast by an RAF Typhoon jet heralds the start of the afternoon session. The weather is looking a bit brighter, and we're all set for another exciting afternoon of racing.

STEWARDS' 2pm Wiener LIA and Villach, Austria va Frankfurt Germania, Germany
A strong start by both crew, but with skewed steering on both parts which had to be quickly corrected.

Austria started stroke for stroke with the Germans, but pulled ahead quickly, getting clear water between them and their opponents.

The Austrians finished three and a half lengths ahead in a time of 7.33.

TEMPLE 2.10pm University of California, Berkeley, USA vs Imperial College London A
The second fastest British university eight of 2016, this is Imperial's first eight at Henley for a few years, but it wasn't enough to get past the Americans who started powerfully and soon had clear water between them and their opponents.

However, the headwind has noticeably picked up in the last few minutes, and the Californians suddenly didn't look quite so strong, with IC picking up the pace and making sure the Americans had to work right the way to the line.

They finished one and a quarter lengths ahead in a time of 6.58.

DIAMONDS 2.20pm R Hrvat vs S Broenink
A battle of two different styles now as the Slovenian lightweight rower Hrvat took on the Dutchman Broenink.

Initially the lightweight started faster and pulled ahead, reaching the barrier first, but as he got into his stride Broenink's superior power worked in his favour, with him having overtaken by the time the pair reached Fawley.

Broenink crossed the line in 8.25, two and a half lengths ahead of his opponent - a great Henley debut.

GRAND 2.30pm Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland vs Victoria City Rowing Club, Canada
The Dutch crew are hotly tipped as contenders in this year's Olympics, and anyone watching their demonstration of power and technique agaisnt the Canadians has been given a sneak peek into their abilities.

The crews started stroke for stroke, but within a few hundred metres Hollandia had pulled ahead into the strong pace they kept up throughout the rest of the race.

They finished two lengths ahead in a time of 6.37.

THAMES 2.40pm Belvoir RC Zurich, Switzerland vs Rv Willem III, Holland
For the second race in a row the Dutch crew set the standard and their opponents were unable to keep up.

The Dutch started strong but then picked up the pace even more, with the crew encouraging each other on into the push.

Willem finished four and a quarter lengths ahead in a time of 6.56.

PRINCESS GRACE 2.50pm Leander Club vs Boulogne-Billancourt and Encouragement, France
Debbie Flood and her Leander crew were victorious in this race, but the French crew made them fight it the entire way home.

Initially both crews were pretty much stroke for stroke, with Leander making a push as they approached the Barrier to get ahead.

The French had a bye yesterday so this was their first time out on the water and they definitely made it count. Leander came into the enclosures with a quarter length advantage and both crews battled to the line with spectators cheering the local crew on. Leander finished one length ahead in a time of 8.03.

TEMPLE 3pm Oxford Brookes University A vs Columbia University, USA
This race started late as Columbia broke a rigger getting on to the water. They borrowed a Hudson boat but seem to be discombobulated by the change. Oxford Brookes took advantage of the confusion and unfamiliar kit to have a strong start and get clear water between them and their opponents within a few hundred metres of the start.

Columbia kept fighting, but weren't able to catch up with Brookes, which finished two and a half lengths ahead in a time of 6.52.

GOBLETS 3.10pm Grossman and Trebbow bs Braas and Steenman
The Germans were last on the water in yesterday's racing and are back today against another Dutch crew with Olympic ambitions.

Braas and Steenman took the lead early on and kept an assured and neat pace that the Germans were unable to pull back from.

It's three wins in three races for Dutch crews this afternoon, with Braas and Steenman finishing in 8.06 by 2 1/4 lengths and booking their place for tomorrow's racing.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 3.20pm Radley College vs Melbourne Grammar School, Australia
Fresh from a strong performance in yesterday's heat, Melbourne took to the water with high expectations.

The Aussie crews kept ahead throughout, but in the last few hundred metres Radley gave them a push to try and sneak the win. They didn't manage to do it though, finishing three quarters of a length shy of the eventual victors, who crossed the line in a time of 6.58.

Melbourne Grammar is now the last non-British crew in contention for the Princess Elizabeth Cup.

VISITORS' 3.30pm University of California, Berkeley, USA vs Cambridge University
A controversial race this one. Both crews had some difficulties early on with steering. Cal Berkeley veered off towards the Cambridge straight off the start but then pulled it back.

Meanwhile, Cambridge who should really have been capitalising on the advantage this gave them instead lost their bearings and headed straight into the booms. Much frustration and some off-colour language from the Cambridge crew, whose race was really over before it began.

Cambridge immediately appealed to the umpire Matthew Pinsent, saying they had steered away from the centre in response to California's steering - which seems a charitable explanation for the steering error from the replays we've seen, which saw a wide gulf between the two crews by the time the misteer occurred. The umpire has gone to view the footage. No result declared yet.

REMENHAM 3.40pm Princeton University, USA vs Molesey Boat Club
After the controversy and excitement of the last race, we're back to some solid bread and butter rowing.

Princeton put in an assured and strong performance, leaving them untroubled by Molesey, finishing the course in 7.35, three lengths ahead of their opponents. THAMES 3.50pm University Barge Club, USA vs Quintin Boat Club
Quintin came a long way out into the centre away from their station at the start, but initially this didn't seem to cause them too many difficulties, as they pulled ahead by the Barrier.

However, University Barge Club pulled it back and had overtaken by Fawley, laying the groundwork for an exciting race to the finish. The American club were ultimately successful, finishing a length ahead but Quintin kept fighting right to the end, much to the appreciation of the watching crowds.

Meanwhile, following Cambridge's appeal at the result of their heat in the Visitors', we have news that the original result has been upheld and Cambridge has been left disappointed.

GRAND 4pm Crefelder Ruderclub and Ruderverein Dorsten, Germany vs Team Italia
Another exciting race for spectators in the enclosures, with both crews starting well and staying neck and neck through most of the course.

The Germans were ahead at both the Barrier and Fawley, but by the time of the final sprint Italy were able to pull ahead, finishing in a time of 6.39, half a length ahead of the Germans.

WYFOLD 4.10pm The Tideway Scullers School B vs The Tideway Scullers School A
There's nothing worse than when two crews from the same club get drawn against each other in this kind of race, and the Remenham Roar (of 'Scullers!' for both crews) brought into sharp focus the disappointment for one of the crews.

The A crew had three finallists from last year, with the B boasting one.

The two crews stayed close and while the A crew was able to pull ahead, Scullers B made sure it wasn't a walkover.

The A crew crossed the line in 7.22, just half a length ahead of their clubmates.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 4.20pm Westminster School vs Shiplake College
The last race before tea sees one of local crews up against last year's PE finallists, Westminster.

The London school have been unbeaten all season, and they showed quickly why they've got their reputation as one of the most favoured in this cup.

Shiplake started strongly, but Westminster were a length ahead before the end of the Island, and despite Shiplake's best efforts they were unable to close the gap.

Disappointment for Shiplake, but this remains their first Friday in fifteen years and the crew should be proud of the fact they finished just a length behind such a well-respected crew.

We're breaking for tea now, join us from 5.30pm for the evening session, when Henley and Leander crews will be taking to the water.

GRAND 5.30pm Nautilus Rowing Club vs Club Nautico Sevilla and Real Circulo Labradores de Sevilla, Spain
We're back from tea and the conditions are getting more challenging as the temperature goes down and the wind goes up.

Nautilus got into their stride quickly, and by the time they reached the Barrier they were already several lengths ahead on the Spanish crew.

The Seville crew tried to pull it back but Nautilus were untroubled, crossing the line in 6.47, 3 1/4 lengths ahead of their opponents.

WYFOLD 5.40pm Grasshopper Club, Zurich, Switzerland vs Henley Rowing Club
Disappointment for our local crew in the Wyfold, as the Swiss crew came out of the gate with a smooth rhythm, getting the momentum going from the start.

Henley did what they could to counter their lead in the increasingly rough headwind, but to no avail.

Grasshopper finished 2 3/4 lengths ahead, in a time of 7.30. They will meet Tideway Scullers A tomorrow in the next round.

Speaking after the race, Ian Desmond, Henley Rowing Club coach said: "To be fair the Grasshoppers were a very fast crew and we wish them for the rest of the regatta. Their technique was immaculate in quite trying conditions, and we had some dreadful wash at the top of the Island because of all the boat traffic so we were struggling big time until we reached the Barrier. We've got some talented boys in our crew, but we just weren't able to hold them long enough and come through."

We've also had some reaction following the Shiplake College race before tea. The Shiplake College crew (pictured), cheered on by dozens of friends, staff and parents, lost to Westminster School in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

Gregg Davies, headmaster of the college, said: "I'm incredibly proud of them, they rowed very well and that's all you can ask. They will come back and reflect on this, see the video and see they rowed well.

"Westminster's transition was done so smoothly but we fought really well and they had to work pretty hard at the end.

"We've had a really good season and it's a great team, they work for each other. The support was fantastic as well."

Christian Hjortland-Marks, 17, of Peppard Common, was in the six seat. He said: "We've got to give them credit, they gunned it out of the blocks and I think we did pretty well staying with them.

"We all knew the likely outcome but we were hoping we could turn them over. We gave them a good race and and didn't give up.

"We are really pleased, this is the best the school has ever done and I'm proud of everyone in the boat."

FAWLEY 5.50pm Claires Court School vs Abingdon School
After two impressive performances yesterday, today's meeting of Claires Court and Abingdon wasn't quite as close as it might have been expected. Abingdon never seemed to get out of second gear, while Claires Court hit their stride with a confident performance which meant they were several lengths ahead by the Barrier and only extended their lead as the race progressed.

Claires Court finished in 7.33, three and a half lengths ahead of Abingdon.

PRINCESS GRACE 6pm Cambridge University and Imperial College vs Reading Rowing Club and Leander Rowing Club
The Leander and Reading composite crew rowed powerfully along the course. Up to Fawley Cambridge were giving them a run for their money, but by the finish line the local crew had extended the lead, thanks in part to strong legwork, finishing in a time of 7.55.

REMENHAM 6.10pm Oxford Brookes University vs VKS Praha and Slavia Decin, Czech Republic
A misunderstanding while the umpire explained how he would start the race saw the Czechs row off and have to come back. This seemed to break the ice for the nervous Eastern Europeans who started aggressively, leaving Oxford Brookes behind very early on.

A steering error saw the Czechs move into the middle, close to clashing oars. As they adjusted their steering Brookes capitalised, but it still wasn't enough for them to pull it back, with the Czechs winning by one and a quarter lengths.

FAWLEY 6.20pm Marlow Rowing Club vs Maritime Rowing Club A, USA
Disappointing scenes for the Americans who led the race at the Barrier and up to Fawley. Shortly after then they hit the booms, and the clash gave Marlow a chance to close the gap and pull ahead.

They finished in a time of 7.22 and looked thrilled to have booked their place in tomorrow's racing.

TEMPLE 6.30pm Cornell University A, USA vs Yale University, USA
A race of two very different university teams, which resulted in somewhat of a shock result.

Yale are a lightweight crew, Cornell are heavyweights, and there's a two stone a man difference across the two crews.

Despite the wind and choppy conditions, Yale took an early lead and kept ahead right across the course - testament to their power / weight ratio.

Yale finished one and a third lengths ahead in a time of 6.50.

DIAMONDS 6.40pm SS Nielsen and R Knab
Fresh from his preparations for the Olympics in Rio, the Dane Nielsen seemed untroubled by Knab. Both started well, but Nielsen pulled ahead quickly and then settled into a steady rhythm for the rest of the race.

The Dutchman Knab kept the pressure up, ensuring Nielsen didn't have things all his own way, but by the time the latter had sprinted for the line he finished three and three quarter lengths ahead in a time of 8.30.

FAWLEY 6.50pm Glasgow Schools Rowing Club vs The Windsor Boys' School
Testament to the strength of the crews still in contention for the Fawley cup came from this heat. Windsor Boys and Glasgow Schools stayed neck and neck across the entire course, neither crew slowing up or giving ground.

Windsor was ahead for the entire race, but Glasgow were right on their tails, finishing just one and a quarter lengths behind them as they crossed the line.

REMENHAM 7pm Oxford University and Reading Rowing Club vs Princeton Training Center, USA
In comparison to the last race, this Remenham heat saw the American international crew take a clear water lead pretty much from the off, leaving the Oxford and Reading composite crew unable to pull back.

Princeton finished with a deserved easily verdict, in a time of 7.25.

GOBLETS 7.10pm Duhnkrack and Merget vs Kluge and Ernsting
A battle of two German pairs. Kluge and Ernsting were warned early on by the umpire for straying too far from their station, clearly fearful of falling prey to the booms that have caused havoc for other crews today.

Despite dominating the race Kluge and Ernsting had to continue working hard for the full length of the race, finishing in 8.09 with a verdict of 2 1/4 lengths.

VISITORS' 7.20pm Oxford Brookes and Proteus-Eretes, Holland vs Adelaide Rowing Club, Australia
Any spectators who've left for home a little early to avoid the traffic has missed out on some controversy with this heat.

GB Rowing's Alex Partridge is part of this Oxford Brookes and Dutch composite crew, rowing in a GBR boat with a poppy sticker on it to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

The crew came together just three weeks ago, with the two pairs rowed separately on the Saturday and then joined forces as a four on the Sunday and won, beating Thames.

The race ended in controversy, with Adelaide receiving two warnings from the umpire for moving into the centre, with their dirty water causing disruption for the composite crew who had to row in the puddles.

Every member of the composite crew raised a hand in objection once they'd crossed the line. The umpire has raised a red flag but we're awaiting confirmation of the result following an appeal of the ruling by Adelaide but as of now they have been disqualified for persistent interference.

FAWLEY 7.30pm Leander Club vs Frankfurt Germania, Germany
The pace and power of the Frankfurter crew looked to be keeping Leander at bay for most of this race. The Germans had the lead at both the Barrier and Fawley, but the beautifully synchronised Leander crew pulled it out of the bag in the last 500m with an impressive looking sprint which took the Germans by surprise and left them unable to counter. Fab stuff.

Speaking afterwards, Leander's Tom Mortimer told the Standard: "It was nerve wracking at the start. They got a length on us and I caught a couple of crabs to begin with. But we got back in the rhythm and really worked together in the last 500m. You've just got to keep your cool in those situations and stay focused on what's happening inside the boat."

PRINCESS GRACE 7.40pm Wallingford and London Rowing Club vs Schuylkill Navy High Performance Center, USA
The final race of the day is one rescheduled from 9.30am this morning. Wallingford have had to find a replacement due to illness and came back in in impressive fashion. The American crew had a three stone a woman advantage to the British crew, but even with this and the line-up change for the Wallingford crew, it took more than half the race for the Americans to pull ahead and even when they did the British crew didn't let up.

The Americans crossed the line two lengths ahead, in a time of 7.50.

This concludes our coverage of another exciting day's racing with some great performances from local crews - whether they won or lost. Thanks for reading, tweeting and Facebook messaging us, and we look forward to doing this all again tomorrow from 9.30am.

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