Saturday, 31 July 2021

Live feed: Saturday's racing from HRR 2016

7.15pm update: It's Saturday at Henley Royal Regatta. Read all the results and local reaction direct from the course, showcasing the best club, university and school crews the world has to offer on arguably one of the world's challenging stretches of rowing water.

7am update: It's Saturday at Henley Royal Regatta. We've got another packed day of racing ahead. Join us here for live results and local reaction direct from the course, showcasing the best club, university and school crews the world has to offer on arguably one of the world's challenging stretches of rowing water.

With all our local clubs in action today, we'll be making sure to take an extra interest in how they're doing, and our reporters at the scene will be talking to local rowers and coaches straight from the water.

Our web team will be doing live updates throughout the day and into the evening on this site and via Twitter, while our journalists on the ground will be getting all the reaction from the crews, their teams and the spectators, along with photographs and video.

Keep reading this page for all the colour, reaction and news relating to the Regatta throughout the day.

DIAMOND JUBILEE 10.00 Headington Sch. vs Warrington R.C. - The first of the semi-finals on a bright sunny day with a reducing stream but still a breeze, though less than experienced here earlier in the week.

A slight delay on the first stroke from both crews at the go but both away cleanly, with Headington going off slightly faster. Headington are warned at the end of the Island where both crews are neck and neck. At the Barrier Headington push out to a slight lead over Warrington.

Headington show efficiency in the water with a strong push to the finish though they are warned a couple of times by the Umpire. As they hit a gust at Fawley both crews are warned but Headington hold the advantage and push it out to clear water.

Warrington respond and are warned as they come up to Upper Thames. They are not letting HEadington walk away and gain a quarter of a length. Headington are slightly faster around the turn on the finish but Warrington seem to have a second half of the race plan.

Pushing past Remenham Club they are fighting against the wind and both are tiring with the odd mistake. Warrington make a big push and coming to the Enclosures Warrington take the rate up to 35 and are pushing Headington. Headington maintain the advantage as they hit another gust.

Headington are determined not to repeat last years result and are holding Warrington as both crews take it to the line. Warrington won Henley women's but are not going to win this one as Headington push the last 20 strokes out and take the line.

Headington Sch. beat Warrington R.C.

BRITANNIA 10.10 Thames R.C. vs RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany - This will be a race of technique over size as the Germans are considerably larger than the Thames crew. The Umpire seems to have an issue and calls attention but then tells them to relax as the coxes seem to have an issue with the gusts.

Both crews power it out of the blocks but the Germans have a fraction more power with a very high rate - 42 along the Island. A much more aggressive style than the Thames crew and have a length of clear water at the Barrier.

The Germans are dominating this early stage of the race as they pass Remenham Church, though they are still keeping the rate high. Thames look a little outgunned with blades being affected by the gusts and little less weight on the tip of the blade.

The Germans lead by two lengths at Upper Thames and through Remenham they move that lead out further but seem to be cruising rather than putting in a push.

A very good course from Bayer Leverkusen and very smooth rowing, from ex junior world champions, with long strokes, rating 34.

Thames push into Enclosures as they here the spectators shouts but they are not clawing anything back from the Germans. Thames lift again and the Germans respond pushing over the line first.

RTHC Bayer Leverkusen, Germany beat Thames R.C.

PRINCESS ROYAL 10.20 R. de Jong NED vs L. I. Scheenaard NED - A heat of the women's single sculls in tricky conditions. Rues De Jong goes out hard but Lisa Scheenaard was last years runner up and at the barrier has clear water over de Jong.

Both scullers are international level with de Jong being an U23 but is lighter than the older Scheenaard.

At the Barn Bar de Jong is still in touch with Scheenaard but the early advantage distance remains. de Jong has a wobble in her steering which could be as a result of a little instability whereas Scheenaard has a much more stable strong stroke.

Scheenaard makes a push and moves out to two lengths clear water at Upper Thames. With a long stroke powering through to the end Scheenaard is looking very comfortable. De Jong is having a little more trouble with the conditions and is rating higher than Scheenaard.

As they come to the Enclosures de Jong increases her rate whilst Scheenaard keeps putting the power down, sculling at 27. De Jong is at 30. As they pass the grandstands Scheenaard's patient scull has paid off and she crosses the finish line unflustered.

L. I. Scheenaard NED beat R. de Jong NED

WYFOLD 10.30 Upper Thames R.C. 'A' vs Sport Imperial B.C. - A match for the local club with high hopes for these boys. Upper Thames have an issue with alignment at the start and the Umpire waits until the hand goes down in that boat. It's particularly gusty at the start.

Wobbles from both crews along the Island with the steering, with Sport Imperial hitting the buoys off the start and Upper Thames being warned by the Umpire. At the end of the Island both crews are still level though Sport Imperial have possibly a bow ball advantage. Upper Thames make a push at the 500m mark and edge out with a slightly higher rate.

Rating 36 both crews settle into race pace and Upper Thames move to clear water as they pass the 750m marker Coming up to the Upper Thames club house UTRC will be lifted by the club members watching this race. Sport Imperial are not letting them get away and take the rate up, whilst Upper Thames are warned for their steering.

Sport Imperial make a move to chip away at the Upper Thames lead. They take 3/4 of a length and this is building to an exciting race as Sport Imperial take an advantage utilising the Umpires warning.

Sport Imperial increase the rate to 37 and they push Upper Thames to respond into the Enclosures. Sport Imperial rally attack the lead. Both crews at 37 in a really aggressive race.

As they come past the Grandstands Sport Imperial are really driving for the line and this is a race to the line Upper Thames are not going to sacrifice their line. in the last twenty strokes Upper Thames hang on to win.

Upper Thames R.C. 'A' vs Sport Imperial B.C.

PRINCESS GRACE 10.40 Reading R.C. & Leander Club vs Leander Club - A club match between the former club captain and younger scullers who just failed to make the Rio cut.

At the Barrier the composite take half a length over Leander who respond with a big push at the 500m mark and claw back some of that distance.

The composite are a seeded crew whereas the club boat have had an extra race.

The composite has a steering wobble but increase the distance over the club crew and coming into the Enclosures the composite are powering through as the club crew take the rate up.

The composite lower the rate as they come into the last twenty strokes but have a comfortable win over Leander.

Reading R.C. & Leander beat Club Leander Club

Jess Leydem - stroke of the Leander, Reading, Cambridge composite - said after the race: "There was a really strong start from both crews. We both managed well and didn't crash into each other!

It was a really strong fight but we got into a good rhythm.

We race against club mastes all the time in training. We'd rather do it to get faster.

It's good to have a strong squad - its all about the team.

PRINCE OF WALES 10.50 Edinburgh & Durham Univs. vs Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA - a club debut for the Americans against potentialy the GB U23 quad. The Americans are not letting the Scottish crew have it off of the start.

A good transition into race length from the Americans but the scots are not ruffled. Two different styles of sculling and some big men, against lightweights - 3 stone a man difference - mean this is a race of speed and agression against weight and power.

The scottish composite are at 37 against 35 from the Schuylkill in the middle of the race. As they come up to Upper Thames the Americans slowly edge away using the weight in the wind and accelerating, to move the distance to a lengths lead.

At the Enclosures the Americans lift the power as both crews hit the gusts and open the lead to a length and half, rating 35.

The Scottish composite go into the finish sprint and take the rate to 40 tring to claw back some of the distance but this is Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA race.

Schuylkill Navy H.P.C., USA beat Edinburgh & Durham Univs.

BRITANNIA 11.00 Utah Crew, USA vs Sport Imperial B.C. - A slight advantage to Sport Imperial at the start who had three really clean strokes. Another first for the Utah men from Salt Lake City, who are representing their club in its first Henley.

Sport Imperial are not being let go of by the Americans who make a push at the barrier.

At Fawley Sport Imperial push out to two lengths clear water taking some big gains over the much lighter Utah crew. Sport Imperial look very relaxed rating 34.

At Remenham Sport Imperial are in a comfortable rhythm and push out hte distance to three lengths.

Sport Imperial reduce the rate going through the Enclosures as they lead comfortably, looking forward to racing in the final tomorrow.

The Utah crew have not disgraced themselves having come through two rounds but today they are second over the line.

Sport Imperial B.C. beat Utah Crew, USA

DIAMOND JUBILEE 11.10 Gloucester R.C. vs Shiplake Vikings R.C. - The second race for the Diamond Jubilee girls quads and Shiplake Vikings have a very high rate off of the start, against gold medalists at National Schools Gloucester.

Gloucester move away to a half length lead over the Vikings at the Barrier but the Vikings are not losing contact and put in a push at the 500m mark, to keep the overlap.

Gloucester move away at Fawley and power down as both boats are hit by gusts and the Vikings have a wobble in their steering.

The Vikings are rating higher and doing thier best to get back on terms, but at Upper Thames they are a length and half down. They are fighting back but are sculling quite close to the booms.

Gloucester lead through the Enclosures and as they come past the Steards Enclosure despite the Vikings putting in a spirited sprint finish they maintain the lead.

Gloucester R.C. beat Shiplake Vikings R.C

GOBLETS 11.20 Cook & McBrierty vs Demey & Jonville FRA - The British crew will be disappointed that they aren't leaving for GB training camp so will be using this race to make a mark. Both crews get away cleanlin off of the start and at the ned of the Island the French have a slight advantage.

At Remenham Church the lead swaps as the British pair push through and seem to have a slightly faster race pace. This is a tight race and both crews are not letting the other away.

At Fawley the French push to get a canvas advantage but this is proper side by side racing. The French are racing slightly higher as they come past Upper Thames. It was at this point that the French moved away with a big push yesterday. Will they do it today?

The British crew lift it at Remenham in expectation of the surge as the French open up a lead. As they come into the Enclosures the crews are still fighting for the advantage and this will be very tight. In front of Stewards the French take the rate up and this is going to be a fight to the line.

Both crews raise the rate and they are driving for the line. This British lift it again. This is a photo finish as a Hurricane and a Spitfire fly over the course. The British loose the race by millimeters as they French win it on the last stroke.

Demey & Jonville FRA beat Cook & McBrierty vs Demey

LADIES' 11.30 Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA vs Leander Club - A great match and great rivalry. This is a big match between two previous winners of the event. They are neck and neck at the end of the Island with surges from both crews.

At the Barrier and the 500m mark there is no change in the level nature of the crews. At Fawley the Califronians inch in front but this is Leanders home water so they know the distance and when to ask the right questions.

Leander make a move at the start of the Upper Thames enclsoure and push to half a lenght lead. The wind has started to pick up and Leander respond gaining a length over California.

At Remenham Leander push but are warned by the Umpire as the wind creates some difficult water. Leander are continuously warned as they come to Stewards. Leander move after several waves of the flag and move away again.

At the Grandstands both crews tkae the rate up but Leander have this and cross the line first.

Leander Club beat Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA

Chris Boddy, bow of the Leander crew, said: "We knew it was going to be a tough race. We were starting in the semi-finals so there are no warm-ups, you're straight in to proper racing.

"We know Cal produce good crews, five of our crew lost the final to them two years ago so we had to be on the money.

"We don't train to go home on Saturday and we did the job today. It was windy and grotty but you should see it here in December! We are ready to race in anything.

"We are looking forward to tomorrow, we will go home and rest up and come back tomorrow to do the job."

PRINCESS ROYAL 11.40 A. Beenken GER vs I. Adomaviciute LITHUANIA - Another heat of the women's single sculls and an international match between Adomaviciute and Beenken from Germany, both ex junior world champion.

A false start is called against Adomaviciute who moved away from the start before the go.

Adomaviciute is very cautious through the Island and is quite panicky before she comes to the booms, looking around before she settles into her rhythm. This gives the German an early advantage, who is half a length up at the Barrier.

The German is still ahead at Remenham Chirch and through what has been Henley Women's enclosure the German is maintaining her lead, despite the gusting wind and the weight difference.

Adomaviciute doesn't seem to have settled as the German moves into efficent sculling and opens up clear water.

The German is technically sculling well and pushing into the wind, efficiently sculling, to move away to two lengths lead at Remenham.

In front of the Grandstands the German has a comfortable lead though the LITHUANIAN ups the rate, Beenken enjoys her win and is through to tomorrows final.

A. Beenken GER beats I. Adomaviciute LITHUANIA

PRINCE OF WALES 11.50 Lyon & Vichy, France vs Leander Club 'A' - Men;s quads and the steering is interesting at the start as the winds gust. At the 500m mark the French are lenght up and are in a solid rhythm. Leander need to maintain contact to be in the best possible position for the rest of the race.

At Fawley France lead but Leander start to build as they move into the second half of the race. They take a length to move ahead and use the crowd surge at Remenham club to take it to a half length lead.

At the Enclosures Leander take the rate up keeping the advantage at a length. At Stewards the Leander crew commit to the finish. Mottram at stroke come from a large rowing family - there are 9 children.

The boats move to the middle of the course and the Umpire has to stay on top of the race in front of the Grandstands, urging the French back to the berkshire bank. The French are rowed to a stand still and limp over the line.

Leander Club 'A' beat Lyon & Vichy, France

THE GRAND 12.00 Nautilus R.C. vs Team Italia, Italy - Nautilus are the U23 crew who were still racing for selection up until last week. A very noisy start and it looks like Nautilus have a slight advantage at the start, but the Italians pull out to a canvas lead at the Barrier. The Italians didn't qualify for Rio.

The British boat respond to the early challenge to edge ahead at Remenham Church, using a power rhythm push. The Italians are rating higher than the British crew.

At Fawley the British crew move to three quarters of a length up and are cruising through the Upper Thames enclosures. At Remenham the Italians put in a push and close the gap that has developed but the British are powering down.

The Italians are looking out of the boat a lot whereas the British crew remain focused as they come into the Enclosures.

Coming through to Stewards and the roar of the spectators should lift the Nautilus crew who are pushing away the Italians again. Nautilus cross the line first very happy young men.

Nautilus R.C. v. Team Italia, Italy

WYFOLD 12.10 The Tideway Sc.Sch. ‘A’ vs Grasshopper-Club, Switzerland - A semi-final of the coxless fours. A sensible start from Scullers agains the Swiss boat which has several junior internationals onboard.

Both boats are level at the Henley Women's enclosure as Scullers have settled into a good rhythm after the initial blast out of the blocks by the Swiss.

The Swiss react again but Scullers have taken the rate up. The Swiss maintain 3/4 of a length up. At Upper Thames the swiss move to a length up.

As the rain descends both crews are having to deal with some big gusts. Scullers are still trying to get back level and they need to edge up at the Enclosures but the Swiss have the advantage.

The Swiss recover from a boat wobble in front of the Grandstands as they can sense a challenge from Scullers who are lifted by the crowds. The Swiss manage to hang on to their lead and cross the line first.

Grasshopper-Club, Switzerland beat The Tideway Sc.Sch. ‘A’

Sculler's make an appeal to the Umpire over steering but the result stands.

LADIES 12.20 A.S.R. Nereus, Holland vs East India Club & Martyrs B.C. - Lots of power from both eights off the start as the Dutch gain an early advantage. The East India Club are here to raise money for the Sarcoma Cancer Charity and are up against a very experienced crew who have stepped up to the Ladies this year.

The East India Club have lost touch with Dutch, which could be because they were at a charity dinner last night perhaps?

The Dutch take their rate down in the middle of the course and are paddling steadily up the course as the East India club continue to race their own race. The Dutch put in a burst just to keep things lively at Upper Thames but are paddling through their race plan.

An easy victory as the race becomes a procession, with the result never looking in doubt.

A.S.R. Nereus, Holland vs East India Club & Martyrs B.C.

TEMPLE 2pm Harvard University, USA vs University of California, Berkeley, USA
The Californians took an early lead having started aggressively (including bellowing 'I feel the need, the need for speed!' at the start line while Harvard stayed still and composed), up at 48 strokes a minute by stroke ten, while Harvard started out at just under 40.

But even before the Barrier, Berkeley started looking tired, at which point the Harvard crew passed them looking very composed.

The Harvard crew have had an unbeaten run in the US in their current formation and on this performance it's easy to see why. They finished a length ahead, finishing in a time of 6.48.

STEWARDS 2.10pm Hollandia Roeiclub, Holland vs Newcastle University and Robert Gordon University
The Dutch started choppy but soon got into their rhythm, pulling ahead nicely and leaving the British crew around three lengths behind.

It all could have been over quite early on, but the tenacious British crew weren't letting them have it easily though, putting on a sprint that meant by the half way point there was only a canvas between the two crews.

The Dutch crew finished a length ahead in a time of 7.16, but it was an assured performance by the British crew, who are looking to get selected for the U23s in Rotterdam and will be happy this performance is a good audition for the places.

GOBLETS 2.20pm Braas and Steenman vs Kulge and Ernsting
The hotly-tipped Dutch crew were effectively given the chance to paddle over, after disaster stuck early on for the German pair.

Within the first ten strokes the Germans caught a big crab which saw their boat spinning to the left and the pair nearly landed in the water.

They tried to regain their composure but came to a stop soon after, having a discussion with the team in the umpire's boat. It's not immediately clear what the issue was but there appears to be some kind of damage, possibly to the rigging.

The Dutch crew paddled the course, putting on a short sprint when they reached the enclosures, much to the appreciation of the crowd. They now go into finals day having had a very laid back semi final.

Sad times for Kluge and Ernsting.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 2.30pm Melbourne Grammar School, Australia vs St. Paul's School
A contender for comeback of the day here as St. Paul's took on Melbourne, one of the best Aussie school crews at the moment.

Melbourne came out with a really powerful start, leaving clear water between them and their opponents and leaving the race result looking a done deal - St. Paul's had a lot of work to do to get contact back much less take the lead, with Melbourne ahead at both the Barrier and Fawley.

But at Upper Thames St. Paul's put on an amazing sprint until they were just half a length behind, then neck and neck, and then pulled ahead.

To the delight of their supporters in the crowd they held the rest of the race, although the umpire warned them at one point to head back to their station. They finished one and a quarter lengths ahead in a time of 6.58 in a fantastic performance.

TEMPLE 2.40pm Oxford Brookes University A vs Yale University USA
The Yale crew, aka the Bulldogs, started faster than Brookes as they were a lighter weight crew and could get up to speed faster.

But once the heavier Oxford Brookes crew got into the their stride the favourites took control of the race and Yale couldn't do anything to stop them.

Brookes finished one and three quarter lengths ahead, in a time of 6.42.

QUEEN MOTHER 2.50pm ASC Dukla Praha, CZE vs Leander Club
Leander pulled ahead quickly against the Czech crew and, despite the increasingly windy conditions they didn't seem overly concerned by their opponents.

They finished 2 3/4 lengths ahead in a time of 7.18 and we now have the intriguing possibility that, depending on the result of the other semi-final in an hour's time, Leander may end up meeting a Leander Oxford Brookes composite crew in the final. Watch this space...

Rowan Law, in the two seat, said: "We started as we planned and went on to do what we wanted. That was get into our rhythm as soon as possible to help deal with the conditions as well as we could. Conditions are definitely difficult but did not let that stop us achieving our goal. It's a great opportunity and we're quite proud to be able to take part in one of the top events. We look forward to tomorrow and hopefully we can come out with a win."

GRAND 3pm Hollandia RC, Holland vs New York AC and California RC, USA
As the national team, soon to be Rio bound as Olympic favourites, somewhat inevitably the Dutch crew started aggressively.

But the Americans, who have only been rowing as an eight for about a week, gave them a fantastic race, ensuring an overlap pretty much the whole race through.

Hollandia crossed the line two thirds of a length ahead in a time of 6.33, but the Americans gave them a fight the entire time.

STEWARDS 3.10pm RC Tegel and RC Essen, Germany vs Wiener LIA and Villach, Austria
The Germans took an early lead in this heat, while the Austrians got an early warning from the umpire for staying closer to their station - in part undoubtedly down to the increasing winds which are seeing some spectators in the enclosure literally holding on to their hats.

The Germans held their lead to the Barrier, but shortly after that the Austrians began a push which the Germans, seemingly already at capacity, just couldn't fend off. The Austrians were ahead by Fawley and the two crews were neck and neck until the last dozen strokes or so when the Austrians pulled ahead.

They finished half a length ahead in 7.02.

THAMES 3.20pm Molesey Boat Club A vs Rv Willem III, Holland
Molesey started strong and the Dutch crew, who were so dominant in yesterday's heat, just couldn't keep up. Both crews powered to the Barrier, but as the race continued Molesey was able to pull ahead.

They finished three quarters of a length ahead, in a time of 6.46.

REMENHAM 3.30pm Princeton Training Center, USA vs VKS Praha and Slavia Decin, CZE
The Czech crew started more aggressively but the Americans didn't let the dominate the race, outclassing them from near the start.

But while the American women may be some of the fastest women in the world, including several world champions, there was still tense times as Cox Kendall Schmidt was warned four times for steering into the middle and leaving puddles for the Czech crew.

Umpire for the race Boris Rankov has already disqualified one crew this regatta, but in this case Princeton dodged a bullet - possibly because they ended up so far ahead of their opponents that arguably the puddles had dispersed by the time they reached them.

Definitely something for the Princeton crew to watch out for going into the final though.

DIAMOND 3.40pm H Obreno vs S Broenink
Hans Obreno had a great start and then a solid technical row through the centre of the course that gave him the win.

Broenink was the heavier and more powerful rower, but the Dutchman seemed to be struggling in the choppy water.

Obreno finished three and a half lengths ahead in a time of 8.32. QUEEN MOTHER 3.50pm California RC, USA vs Leander Club and Oxford Brookes University
We're currently running twenty minutes late for this event, as a boom has come adrift and has had to be towed off the course. We are expecting rowing to recommence shortly.

After the wait it was disappointing times for the Leander composite crew.

California started strong to get some distance between them and the composite crew quickly. Cal got several warnings from umpire John Hedger for veering into the middle and Leander did a push to try and make up the distance as the Americans tried to correct their steering.

In a sprint finish that thrilled the crowd, California finished three quarters of a length ahead, leaving the Leander and Oxford Brookes composite disappointed.

Both crews left it all on the water though - as a race for spectators it was most definitely worth waiting for even with the delay.

Charles Waite-Roberts, number two seat, said after the race: "We feel pretty bad at the moment. I think we were probably just out powered and it wa really tough conditions. We are a lightweight crew and they were two stone heavier than us. That's also muscle mass so to keep up with them the whole way was pretty good. There was no real point where they pulled ahead, just off the start. They had a solid race."

DIAMOND 4pm AMO Drysdale vs SS Nielsen
The world champion and Olympian Martin Drysdale gave spectators a treat with an almost ceremonial row along the regatta course. He won in 8.32, three and a quarter lengths ahead of his Danish competitor.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH 4.10pm Eton College vs Westminster School
Eton took on Westminster in a nailbiting race which saw both crews working hard.

Eton led from the beginning, but Westminster kept up the entire race and gave a strong sprint within the last twenty strokes of the race which the leaders had to counter.

Eventually though Eton was victorious, finishing a length ahead in a time of 6.28. They will now meet last year's winners St Pauls in the final.

REMENHAM 4.20pm Leander Club and Tees RC vs Princeton University, USA
It's the final race before tea, and sees a Leander and Tees composite crew take on Princeton.

This is a rematch of the Henley Women's Regatta where the Leander crew lost to Princeton.

Initially, Princeton took the lead, and Leander's steering looked like it was going to give the Americans mmore of a chance to pull away. But then Leander pulled ahead into a sprint, taking the lead before the Barrier and keeping it, despite Princeton's best efforts.

The composite crew head into the final after finishing one and a quarter length ahead in a time of 7.04.

Speaking after the event, Leander's Fiona Gammond, at seven seat, said: "We're really happy with how we performed. We lost to them at the Women's regatta, but we had a really good block of training and it's really exciting to see the results. We know they have a fast start, so we were just trying to hold on to them and then we kept on putting on the pressure and stayed solid. Morale is really high and it was a fun race. We're just going to have a recovery walk now and a big dinner to prepare for tomorrow."

THAMES 5.30pm University Barge Club, USA vs NSR Oslo, Norway
We're back from tea to a high octane start between two powerful crews.

The Norwegian crew took the lead early and despite the Americans' best efforts pulling back from clear water to just a third of a length, Norway finished in a time of 6.46. Oslo take their place in tomorrow's Thames final. VISITORS' 5.40pm Oxford Brookes University and Proteus-Eretes, Holland vs University of California, Berkeley, USA
Disaster in the first minute as Cal Berkeley steered into the composite British and Dutch crew.

The umpire Richard Phelps has given the coxless crew the benefit of the doubt, and both crews are rowing back to the start to rerun the race again.

After the restart, Berkeley went for a powerful start, while the composite crew started more slowly but got into their stride and soon pulled ahead.

Cal Berkeley upped their rating and began to eat into the space between them by the time they reached Fawley, but earned another flag from the umpire as they veered back into the centre again.

Having sorted their steering the Americans went for a sprint and overtook the flat-out composite crew, crossing the line in 7.01 with a verdict of 2 1/2 lengths.

DOUBLE SCULLS 5.50pm NC Middleton and JRA Beaumont (Leander Club) vs DW Klomp and AT Wiersma, Holland
A masterclass in technical rowing in the double sculls courtesy of Middleton and Beaumont who started steadily and got their stroke rate up to get clear water between them and their Dutch opponents.

Klomp and Wiersma did what they could to pull back, but the Leander crew dominated the race from the start. They finished two and a half lengths ahead in a time of 7.44.

PRINCESS GRACE 6pm Schuylkill Navy High Performance Center, USA vs Warszawa and Grudziadz, Poland
The Polish crew are a select crew and under 23 world champions, so somewhat inevitably they went ahead early.

The Americans weren't giving up though, continuing to work hard and keeping an overlap with the Polish crew for the majority of the race.

In the end the Poles won it by just two of thirds of a length in a time of 7.35, but the Schuylkill lived up to their 'high performance' name.

PRINCE ALBERT 6.10pm Edinburgh University A vs Algemene Utreschtse Studenten Roeivereniging Orca, Holland
An assured performance by the Edinburgh crew, who came out smooth and professional at a rate of 37/38 strokes a minute. Two of the crew are current course record holders and with the pace they were keeping throughout the race - even after they had clear water over the Dutch crew - hinted they might have been going for the same again!

Edinburgh finished four lengths ahead in a time of 7.34.

DOUBLE 6.20pm G Fistravec and D Fridman (Slovenia and Israel) vs T Brys and N van Zandweghe, Belgium
The Slovenian and Israeli heavyweight pair started more slowly than their opponents, but once they reached their stride it didn't take long for them to take an assertive lead.

The lighter Belgian crew tried to pull things back, but finished two and a quarter lengths after the winners.

FAWLEY 6.30pm Marlow Rowing Club vs Claire Court School
An exciting race between two crews that have been rivals all season, with Marlow being repeatedly pipped at the post by Claires Court.

In a change of tack, Marlow decided to come out flying and take the lead early. As a strategy it caught Claires Court by surprise, and they spent the first half of the race trailing the Marlow crew.

But at the three quarter mark of the race Claires Court made their move, with an impressive sprint which saw them overtake Marlow and take the win in 7.14 by 1 1/4 lengths.

Disappointment for Marlow, but Claires Court are now in their first ever Fawley final.

VISITORS 6.40pm Proteus-Eretes, Holland vs Thames Rowing Club
Thames Rowing Club started quickly and found their pace, while the Dutch crew kept their rate up but didn't settle into a rhythm.

Although the Dutch crew kept up for much of the race, in the last twenty strokes or so Thames pulled some more out of the tank, crossing the line in 6.56, one and a quarter lengths ahead of their opponents.

PRINCE ALBERT 6.50pm Oxford Brookes University vs Newcastle University
Two highly regarded university crews go head to head in this semi final for the Prince Albert. Newcastle took an early lead, and by the time they reached the enclosures they were far enough ahead that there was clear water between them and their opponents and puddles adding to the difficulty for Brookes.

Oxford Brookes put in a final sprint in the last 100m but it was too little too late - they closed the gap but it wasn't enough to beat the Newcastle crew, which finished a third of a length ahead in a time of 7.27.

FAWLEY 7pm Leander Club vs The Windsor Boys School
It's the final race of the day, and it's time to see another of local crews in action.

Windor were faster off the start and started smoothly.

The younger, lighter crew from Windsor continued setting in the pace throughout the race, with Leander upping the pace in the last ten strokes or so to no avail.

Windsor Boys will now see Claires Court in an all-Thames Valley final after winning by just one length in a time of 7.10.

The National Anthem is now ringing out, so it's time to say goodnight and thanks for for joining us today. We'll be back at 11.30am to cover the finals of this year's regatta. Join us then.

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