Monday, 20 September 2021

Manager’s plea after dog kills chickens

THE manager of the Culden Faw estate has urged dog walkers to keep their pets under control after two attacks on livestock.

About eight chickens belonging to a member of staff were killed by a spaniel on Thursday last week.

Earlier the same day seven sheep were chased by another dog into the river and one drowned.

Estate manager Alex Dick said the spaniel had strayed 250 yards from a footpath at Culham Court before the attack.

Staff were able to catch up with the owner, who was from Marlow.

Mr Dick said: “We took no action other than to educate her.

“She was clueless about what happens when dogs are in fields of livestock.

“There are footpaths across the land here which people are legally allowed to use and farmers do their best to keep the land around these areas looking nice so people can enjoy their walks.

“It doesn’t take much effort, therefore, to keep dogs under control.”

Mr Dick said the sheep had been chased by a dog through an electric fence into the river before being rescued by estate staff.

“They were seen from a distance but unfortunately the dog and owner had disappeared by the time staff got there,” he said.

“The previous week we had to chase someone who had their dog chasing sheep in the wildflower meadow at Culham Court.

“Dog owners need to be responsible for their dogs and aware that in the worst case a farmer is totally within his or her rights to shoot a dog that is worrying livestock and, in my views, that is not fair on the dog.

“It is frustrating because it is unnecessary.”

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