Monday, 04 July 2022

All village connected

ALL households in Fawley now have an ultra-fast broadband connection.

Engineers from Openreach have laid fibre-optic cables which link directly to every home, allowing download speeds up to 30 times faster than the older “superfast” system.

Unlike the latter, this doesn’t require a large cabinet in a public location which sends data along slower copper wires.

Almost every household paid £1,100 upfront to take part in the scheme but were able to claim back £750 through grants and vouchers.

They can access the internet via any provider which offers a “full fibre” package and is approved by BT, which owns Openreach.

Five homes didn’t pay because the elderly occupants are unlikely to use the service but the properties were hooked up anyway to benefit others in future.

Much of the work was completed last year but the final household joined a month ago, when engineers dug up a nearby road to extend the cable to their boundary.

Mark Turner, who co-ordinated the bid as chairman of the village’s annual parish meeting, said it was a “tremendous” achievement for the community.

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