Monday, 14 June 2021

Why feet matter...

Why feet matter...
DO you have trouble attending to your toenails?

Do you wish your feet were softer, smoother, pain-free and generally in better shape?

Well, February is your lucky month, as Physiolistic staff are delighted to welcome Lola Summers, a local foot health practitioner to the team at Greys Road.

As a foot health practitioner (or chiropodist in old money!), Lola can care for your feet by removing corns and calluses, treating ingrowing toenails and reducing thickened toenails. She helps people who just need their toenails trimmed if they have difficulty with this task, and also provides diabetic foot care.

You might have an on-going condition such as athlete’s foot, cracked heels or a fungal nail infection, which Lola will discuss with you and prepare an individual treatment plan.

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