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Flexibility, stability and strength are the cornerstones

Flexibility, stability and strength are the cornerstones

VANESSA MANSERGH trained as a pilates teacher to better understand how to work with her body after a severe pain in her leg turned out to be a prolapsed disc in her lower back in 2012.

After much exploration and many different treatments, she discovered the only way to maintain a healthy back was through exercise after the discomfort disappeared.

At the heart of her programme prescribed by the physio was flexibility, stability and strength work — the cornerstones of pilates. Vanessa is passionate about sharing her knowledge to enable you to stand taller, move with ease, improve your sports performance, prevent injury, breathe better and relax more.

Her mixed classes benefit everyone — from the athlete to the office worker and retiree.

There are two levels: beginners/improvers for those either new to pilates or returning to it on Wednesdays at 5.30pm and intermediates for anyone who has mastered the basics and wants more of a challenge on Thursdays at 5.30pm.

Having been a sports masseuse for nine years, Vanessa appreciates the importance of working one to one with someone to reach specific goals.

It could be to treat a particular problem, post-physio (NHS) or purely for some time out and relaxation. She has spaces on Mondays and Tuesdays to come to your home.

For more information, call Vanessa on 07906 186912 or visit

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