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Understand how to work with your body

Understand how to work with your body

I TRAINED as a pilates teacher to better understand how to work with my body after a severe pain in my leg turned out to be a prolapsed disc in my lower back in 2012, writes Vanessa Mansergh.

As a sports masseuse, I was accustomed to treating others’ discomfort and not my own!

Why pilates? For anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle, pilates provides three key ingredients: flexibility, stability and strength.

These three are the basis of any training programme. The fourth — power — comes from cardio workouts and sports-specific training.

If you would like to stand taller, move with ease, improve your sports performance, prevent injury, breathe better and relax more, then pilates is for you.

What makes my classes different? I value pilates exercise but recognise the value in combining all types of exercise to make everyday activities easier (standing, sitting, bending, twisting).

Tai chi requires great strength in the thighs and is kind to the joints. Weights and resistance band work provide whole-body strength.

Come join my friendly, mixed beginners’ class on Wednesdays at 6pm in Henley. I also offer mobile pilates. For anyone interested in having a specific home exercise programme to keep you supple, treat a particular problem, or to improve your sport, I offer one-to-one sessions.

For more information, call Vanessa on (01491) 577480 or 07906 186912 or visit

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