Tuesday, 22 June 2021

New year — time for a new mind

New year — time for a new mind

WE all do it, don’t we? We start the new year with good intentions:

“I’m going to lose weight in January...”

“I’m going to give up drinking in January...”

“I’ll do something about my anxiety in January...”

“I’ll sort out my insomnia in January...”

“I’ll give up smoking in January...”

How many of us make these statements with the very best intentions and by January 31 have all but discarded them?

The truth is, we really need to change our minds if we want to create new, more helpful habits, and kick the old ones. Cue hypnotherapy...

Hypnosis is a means to create and consolidate change via deep relaxation. It is a very relaxing and pleasant experience, but it is also a very focused state where the brain gets the space to reorganise and process patterns of behaviour, feelings and thoughts. Neuroscience is now starting to prove that hypnotherapy can be extremely effective to reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness, build resilience and help us cope better with difficult times in our lives.

It can also resolve a number of physical problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain disorders, fertility problems, weight loss, and can enable us overcome a range of phobias or behavioural habits.

So if you want to create new and long-lasting change in your life, why not have hypnotherapy as your New Year’s resolution?

For more information, visit www.unleashyoursoul.co.uk

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