Saturday, 19 June 2021

Enter 2017 being your best self

Enter 2017 being your best self

WHY do successful people or companies hire coaches?

As a coach, I work with my clients to identify and create clarity around personal (life coaching) or business goals (executive coaching), and establish effective strategies to ensure goals are met.

I support them in confidently pursuing new ideas and alternative solutions with greater resourcefulness. I encourage fresh perspectives through questions I ask during sessions.

Professional coaching is an important modality for managing change — including growth. I will help you assess current needs, opportunities, and challenges, while maximising your potential.

Coaching is a very powerful tool in the face of uncertainty, and can significantly boost effectiveness, as well as communication skills, and increase your confidence in carrying out chosen work and life roles.

Additionally, a whole coaching process rarely exceeds 10 sessions, which makes it cheap. I am an International Coach Federation-certified coach and I will engage all my knowledge to help you.

I will be the person that believes in you the most, until YOU are that person!

Promotional price for Henley Standard readers: £40/session. Contact me on 07481 121444 or email

Estelle Gatinaud

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