Sunday, 13 June 2021

Six ways to feel great from the outside in

Six ways to feel great from the outside in

HERE’S how you can feel better instantly from the outside in using six simple steps, writes Mikki Bennett of House of Colour.

1. Don’t feel guilty about spending time or money on yourself. This can be tricky if you’re used to putting everyone else first. Do you spend more time tending to your car, pets, gardens, etc, than to yourself?

2. Upping the quality of your clothes and not just “making do”.

3. Looking after yourself. When did you last update your hair with a cut that suits your face shape?

4. Understand how to dress for your personality. When you dress purely for the roles you play you can lose who you are. We all have our own inner style icon and when you find it and understand how to dress it, it’s like coming home.

5. Be free to be you, copying other people only leads to disappointment when the same things don’t work on you. Confidence comes from being happy in your own skin.

6. Have a whole wardrobe of countless colours and styles that make you look and feel amazing.

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