Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Spring is almost here — time to get the balance right

WE are well on our way to spring, a favourite time of year for many of you. We are far from the festivities and looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with our loved ones.

The evenings seem busier, we are gathering more momentum with our fitness goals and working hard on our new fitness plans. It is all starting to shape up nicely and the New Year 2017 is already looking positive.

Most days, someone will usually ask me: “How can I lose weight and get rid of this tummy?”

Well, it really is quite simple — you ENERGY BALANCE. Fuel your body with too much food (for energy), more than you can expel and you will continue to gain weight. Eat the correct amounts of food to give you the right amount of energy sprinkled with a good training programme and you will lose weight.

If you are simply looking to maintain your weight and fitness levels of cardio and strength then eat the right amount of calories to balance your energy needs. Your trainer will help and advise you on this — or book in with a nutritionist.

To get that “flat tummy” look, you have to shed the body fat first. Too many people think that doing 500 sit-ups a day without looking at what they are eating is the way to get that “washboard” tummy.

It isn’t, unfortunately. I would never discourage anyone from trying to push boundaries with their exercise regime, but I would always encourage and advise good sensible eating to achieve weight loss.

Cut out the sugar, lower the fat content, burn the excess body fat with cardio sessions, utilise the energy and see results.

“Don’t start a diet that has an expiration date, develop a healthier lifestyle that will last forever!” is a good mantra.

Any type of physical activity is good for you — running, rowing, aerobic dancing, moderate intensity workouts such as walking or housework, swimming, cycling, dog walking, weight training.

Aim to do 150 minutes a week and make it part of your daily routine. It really is key to a healthier life — not just for weight loss but also for healthy living.

Don’t diet, learn to energy balance. Go through your cupboards and send unwanted items to the bin. Don’t eat them along the way telling yourself “this is the last time”. Take control, focus and ensure you keep hydrated by drinking lots of water.

Have a great February and email any queries you may have to me at

Stay fit and healthy.

Emma-Jane Taylor

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