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International surgeon on the cutting edge

International surgeon on the cutting edge

PROFESSOR Ali Ghoz is a top international surgeon operating in Reading.

One of only a few UK trauma and orthopaedic surgeons specialising in cutting-edge minimally invasive hip and knee surgery, he has a specialist interest in custom-made bespoke hip and knee surgery with an emphasis on computer-guided surgery.

This “precision surgery” approach, which significantly reduces pain and healing time, is now commonplace in Europe and the US, but is still new to this country.

Two of the procedures offered by Professor Ghoz are total hip replacement and hip resurfacing.

The former is an extremely successful surgical procedure to improve a patient’s quality of life when arthritic hip or knee pain become debilitating. The timing of surgery is a quality of life decision and it is never too late to replace the hip joint provided one’s general health is satisfactory.

A good functioning hip resurfacing is very durable and there have been many reports of patients running and doing triathlons with resurfacings.

Professor Ghoz hit the headlines last year when he carried out pioneering knee surgery on Jacqueline Baxter, a retired cleaner who had been at risk of losing her leg.

She said afterwards: “It’s absolutely marvellous — I really had no pain after I came out of the operation and it has changed my life for the better.”

Professor Ghoz works at the London Orthopaedic Clinic at 79 Wimpole Street. Closer to home, he can be found at the Spire Dunedin Hospital in Bath Road, Reading, and the Berkshire Independent Hospital in Wensley Road, Reading.

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