Sunday, 13 June 2021

Feeling the stretch is best way of improving your flexibility

Feeling the stretch is best way of improving your flexibility

STRETCHING may be the most important and beneficial exercise there is. It needs no special equipment or clothes, and little space.

Stretching increases flexibility, allows for easier movement and better balance. It relieves lower back pain, reduces muscle soreness, and promotes relaxation, improves posture, agility and athletic performance.

It also reduces tension, improves circulation, can help to reduce anxiety and stress, improves mental alertness, decreases the risk of injury and makes you feel better naturally. Stretching conditions the muscles for exercise and exertion making every muscle movement more efficient.

At Henley Chiropractic Centre we often recommend specific stretches that will improve your exercise regime, thus improving your health and wellness.

There are some simple rules:

1. Warm up your muscles before stretching by jogging on the spot or jumping jacks.

2. Perform each stretch in a slow, controlled manner and hold the stretch for 20 to 30 seconds. Never bounce or jerk into the stretch.

3. Stretches should feel slightly uncomfortable to “feel the stretch” in the muscles, not the joints. There should be no acute pain.

4. Always complete each stretch for both sides of your body or limb in the same way.

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