Monday, 21 June 2021

Wising up to 'pains in the neck'

Wising up to 'pains in the neck'

WHEN is a pain in the neck more than a pain in the neck?

Typically, neck pain is caused by a muscle strain and one side of the neck may experience more pain than the other.

When it is accompanied by other symptoms, such as in the following cases, it may be cause for concern.

1. Neck pain with vomiting and stiffness may indicate meningitis.

If you cannot touch your chin to your chest and experience drowsiness, confusion or sensitivity to bright lights, then seek medical advice immediately.

2. Neck pain with weakness in the arms and tingling in the fingers can indicate a disc problem, with pressure on a nerve root caused by a narrowing of the spinal cord canal.

3. Neck pain after a car accident — whiplash — is caused when the neck snaps suddenly forwards and backwards causing cervical acceleration/deceleration trauma.

The good news is, chiropractic care can help.

Most people experience neck pain at some time in their lives. As chiropractors we’re skilled in determining whether you have a relatively minor issue, or whether you will require referral to another practitioner.

After examining you thoroughly we’ll aim to restore normal movement and function in your neck and other affected parts of your body.

Continued chiropractic care will help ensure the muscles, joints and nerves in your neck and back remain in optimal working condition to keep you living life to your fullest potential without restriction.

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