Monday, 26 July 2021

Gym's opening up a new treatment room

Gym's opening up a new treatment room

LIFESTYLES Rehab Gym & Performance Centre, based at Howbery Park in Crowmarsh Gifford, is opening a new treatment room at Wallingford Sports Park in Hithercroft Road.

Lisa Treacher, owner and rehabilitation therapist, says: “By having another treatment room across town it gives us the opportunity to grow as a business and to reach more people who may not have heard about us.

“There are many people out there who suffer aches and pains unnecessarily and don’t know where they can get help. Well, hopefully they will see us or hear about us and come to one of our centres for that help.

“Our bodies are designed to move. Most people sit hunched over a desk all day then slumped on the settee all evening and their bodies hurt and feel tight. The body hurts because it hasn’t been allowed to move and free up the joints and all the attached soft tissue.

“We at Lifestyles look at the root of the problem and work with the whole body rather than just the part that hurts as this tends to be referred pain originating from somewhere else.

“This involves looking at posture, gait, range of movement, imbalances, energy levels and more. We look to find what is missing and help to reintroduce it back into the body.”

Also on offer are custom-made foot orthotics and food intolerance tests.

For more information or to book a session, call Lifestyles on (01491) 822633, email or visit

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