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Cervical spine is vital to almost everything we do

Cervical spine is vital to almost everything we do

THE cervical spine — the upper seven vertebrae — is possibly the most under-appreciated and vital part of our bodies. Its 37 separate joints allow the head and neck to move on the top of our torso — and at the same time it obeys constant commands from the special senses and reflex mechanisms.

The cervical spine holds up our heavy heads all day — only resting at night or when we are lying down. This is not easy because the head is tilted forward and without the cervical muscles would topple on to our chest! Imagine holding a bowling ball up hour after hour with only your arm to support it. Not easy.

What this means is that the cervical spine is a vital part of nearly all our daily activities including speaking, gesturing, sitting, standing, lying down, breathing and many more.

This is why injuries to this area are so serious — often resulting in paralysis or even death.

For instance, diving into a pool and hitting your head on the bottom, or being tackled during a sport, can compress the spine against the shoulder and cause grave injuries.

Even everyday headaches, dizziness, tiredness, neck pains etc can be caused by a cervical spine problem.

Chiropractors have long recognised the uniqueness of the cervical spine and by caring for it, and ensuring it is properly aligned, can help it to keep your body functioning at its best.

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