Friday, 19 August 2022

Let chiropractors take strain


Let chiropractors take strain

MOST people suffer from back pain during their lives. Sometimes it starts suddenly and gets better without the need for extensive treatment.

However it can be painful, debilitating and persistent and some people suffer repeated episodes, together with sciatica.

An awkward incident bending or lifting a heavy weight can cause it, so can poor posture, repetitive strain or an uncomfortable work position. Your spine is made up of the bony vertebrae cushioned by the discs which act as shock absorbers and maintain flexibility. It is reinforced by strong ligaments and surrounded by powerful muscles for support.

As we get older, wear and tear may contribute to back pain. The discs can narrow with age causing osteoarthritis, pain and reduced mobility. Less frequently the spinal nerves can become irritated, compressed or trapped. This can lead to pain down the leg — sciatica — sometimes resulting in tingling, numbness and weakness in the leg and foot.

By keeping up a maintenance schedule with regular chiropractic visits, the spine and pelvis can be kept correctly adjusted, helping to avoid stressing the spinal nerves. This also allows your body to work as it was designed to, rather than compensating for outside influences.

Prompt chiropractic care is beneficial for sudden back pain as well, correcting spinal problems and relieving nerve pressure, followed by regular visits to maintain your body’s alignment.

Benefit from safe and natural chiropractic care. To make an appointment, call the Henley Chiropractic Centre on (01491) 578833.

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