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Professor seeks all the gain with none of the pain

Professor seeks all the gain with none of the pain

MANDY Ogden had always loved to dance, swim and play tennis. In other words, she lived life to the full until she was struck down with debilitating hip pain.

She says: “I was looking for a second opinion, having already undergone an arthroscopic procedure for torn cartilage in my hip.

“There was no improvement and I was unhappy with my original consultant’s lack of understanding. I needed to find someone who would listen, so I researched hip surgeons and found Professor Ali Ghoz. I immediately found him considerate and patient.

“The initial meeting at Spire Dunedin in Reading with the professor gave me hope and confidence. Professor Ghoz explained that he offered a different approach to hip replacement and gave me comprehensive literature about the anterior approach, as well as the standard hip replacement.

“I made a considered judgement and went for the anterior approach option, which is much less invasive and has a far faster recovery period.

“Initially I had an MRI scan and X-rays. These showed moderate arthritis in my right hip. We agreed to wait and see how matters progressed.

“However, my condition deteriorated more quickly than anticipated and I ended up having my hip replaced in November 2016.

“The procedure wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been due to internal tissue damage left by the previous arthroscopy, which had been carried out by a different surgeon in 2015.”

Since the operation Mandy has returned to her normal lifestyle and is truly thankful to Professor Ghoz, who is one of only a handful of surgeons in the UK to offer this cutting-edge computer-aided operation.

For more information, call Professor Ghoz’s PA Jenni Smith on 07858 327872 or visit his website

Professor Ghoz holds clinics at the London Orthopaedic Clinic at 79 Wimpole Street, the Spire Dunedin Hospital in Bath Road, Reading, and the Berkshire Independent Hospital in Wensley Road, Reading.

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