Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Personal trainer’s focused on ticking all the boxes

Personal trainer’s focused on ticking all the boxes

IZZY BRADSHAW understands the importance of integrating regular exercise and a balanced healthy diet into everyday life, regardless of how busy you are.

Having worked in the corporate London property world for 10 years, Izzy took a career change and retrained as a level three personal trainer, so she understands what a busy life entails when you’re juggling work and/or family.

It might mean you feel a dedicated personal training and nutrition programme would be difficult to fit in, but Izzy can show you ways of ticking all the boxes!

She will tailor a bespoke programme for you through a solid understanding of your goals, which will fit in with your lifestyle.

Izzy is passionate about formulating a personal training and nutrition programme which works for you, and most importantly is one you enjoy!

The first step on the road to a healthy lifestyle is wanting to make a change, but the most crucial thing after this is making it permanent.

Enjoyment is key, and Izzy wants to show you how her bespoke personal training and nutrition programmes will keep you motivated, ensuring you achieve your goals!

If you would like to book an initial consultation with Izzy, please call her on 07927 735985 or email and she will be delighted to help!

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