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Understanding the rights and wrongs of lifting

Understanding the rights and wrongs of lifting

“LIFT on three... one, two, OUCH!”

Improper lifting is a common cause of many types of back injuries, with twisting and turning while lifting doing the most damage.

Whether you’re helping a friend move house or picking up something at work, most of us lift things incorrectly.

The next time you lift something heavy, remember not to bend over with your knees locked. Instead place your feet so they are under your hips, bend your knees, or form a tripod by placing one knee on the ground, with the item you’re lifting close to your body. Lift the weight up by straightening both legs and keeping your back straight. However, remember that longstanding problems can be set off by bending down to pick up a newspaper, so make sure you keep your body correctly adjusted by your chiropractor.

Managing the clinic for more than 20 years is chiropractor Dr Jorgen Rasmussen at Henley Chiropractic Centre in West Lane. He is delighted to welcome a new chiropractor to the clinic, Dr Adam Manning. Dr Manning studied at AECC, affiliated to Bournemouth University, leading to a master’s degree in chiropractic. He was inspired to train by the results he saw himself as a patient of a chiropractor, and he continues to receive regular adjustments.

He has practised in Edinburgh, Manchester, Essex and Windsor and has always had a keen interest in people’s health and wellbeing. Prior to his training he was a fitness and climbing coach for Reebok for many years. To find out how chiropractic can help you, call the centre on (01491) 578833.

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