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Conquer ‘slipped disc’ pain without medication

Conquer ‘slipped disc’ pain without medication

THE phrase “slipped disc” is misleading. The intervertebral disc is a special type of cartilage found between each of the 24 bones which form your spine.

Bands of fibrous tissue surround its jelly-like centre. The disc provides a flexible space between the bones so that pairs of nerve roots can come out of the spinal cord from between each spinal bone.

However, a slipped disc is a misleading term because no slippage actually occurs. Instead, a disc can become thinner, or it can bulge or protrude out of the spine, it can tear or herniate, but it never simply slips.

So what causes the pain of a “slipped disc”? The jelly-like centre is called the nucleus pulposus. Incorrect lifting techniques, slips and falls, a car accident or other trauma can cause the disc to bulge or herniate. This can irritate nearby nerves, which can be very painful. The body tries to protect itself which can lead to muscle spasms which in turn can lead to crippling pain.

Traditional management of disc conditions often involves potentially addictive pain medication and, eventually, surgery.

Chiropractic care is more conservative. A series of adjustments can often restore spinal biomechanics. As structure and function are improved many disc problems resolve naturally.

Ongoing supportive maintenance care may be needed but chiropractic is a more natural approach which should be tried first.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact the Henley Chiropractic Centre on (01491) 578833.

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