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Watch out for spinal stenosis

Watch out for spinal stenosis

SPINAL stenosis is a degenerative condition that causes narrowing of the canal in the vertebrae housing the spinal cord.

In the neck it is called cervical stenosis and in the lower back lumbar stenosis, and is rarely diagnosed before the age of 60.

Narrowing of the spinal canal puts pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve roots, which can produce a variety of symptoms.

Lumbar stenosis often causes lower back pain, leg pain or numbness. Cervical stenosis symptoms include neck pain, and also may include tingling in the hands. Walking and balance may also be affected. People with cervical stenosis have often had a previous injury or trauma to their neck. Whiplash, for example from a car accident, is amongst the most common examples.

Medical treatment includes medication for pain relief, physiotherapy, steroid injections or even surgery. Chiropractic care seeks to reduce the underlying cause by restoring spinal alignment and proper curves. Whilst it cannot reverse the physical effect of spinal stenosis many people report feeling an improvement in the symptoms caused by this degenerative change to the spine.

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