Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Is your pillow the correct one for you?

Is your pillow the correct one for you?

EVER wake up feeling as if your “get-up-and-go” got up and went? The reason could be your pillow. Does your current pillow support the natural curve in your neck? If not then maybe it’s time to upgrade.

At Henley Chiropractic Centre, we can fit and supply Harley orthopaedic pillows which are highly recommended for relieving neck pain and providing the correct support.

They support the neck, promoting spinal alignment, and help to reduce shoulder, upper back and neck pain. What’s more, they are suitable for both back and side sleepers and are guaranteed for two years to retain their shape and feel.

An ideal pillow is soft enough for all-night comfort with enough density to provide proper support to the neck and vertebrae. The Harley Original pillows are made from cold cast polyurethane and the surface is covered in tiny air holes for breathability, allowing air to pass through and preventing stifling
heat-retention. We have a choice of several different Harley Original pillows — ranging from the Standard, which is ideal for the average frame and for single or double beds.

The Plus is ergonomically identical to the Standard but larger on the bed and is suitable for queen and king size beds.

The Lo-Line is designed for people with a smaller frame and comes in a Lo-Line Plus for larger beds.

The Harley Designer pillow is made of memory foam which continuously moulds and adjusts to your shape, and which comes in Standard and Plus sizes and a Lo-Line version.

Speak to chiropractors Jorgen Rasmussen and Adam Manning the next time you have an appointment, or give us a call on (01491) 578833 for more information.

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