Friday, 24 May 2019

Taking good care of your cervical spine

Taking good care of your cervical spine

IT’S Spinal Awareness Week from May 12 to 18, so is now the time to find out more about your cervical spine (the upper seven vertebrae).

Its 37 separate joints allow the head and neck to move while obeying constant commands from the sensory and reflex mechanisms.

The cervical spine is a vital part of most of our everyday activities including speaking, gesturing, sitting, standing, breathing, lying down and many more. The head is not evenly balanced on the top of the spine but is tilted forward, and it is only the cervical muscles which keep it upright.

Unfortunately today’s lifestyles means that office workers are often hunched over their computers all day long.

Children (and grown ups!) with heads down watching their tablets, playing games or texting, people chatting on the phone with it cradled between ear and hunched shoulder, or driving for long periods can all cause a pronounced forward head posture. Left untreated, this can cause disc compression and poor health such as neck ache and headaches.

A forward head posture can be helped by getting up from your chair every 15 to 20 minutes, stretching the head up and backwards to ease the muscles, but a chiropractic adjustment can improve the underlying problem.

Contact Henley Chiropractic Centre to see if we can help with head posture, neck and back pain and headaches.

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