Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Have you thought of having an adjustment to your spine?

Have you thought of having an adjustment to your spine?

THE spine is composed of three basic parts — the bony framework of vertebrae and joints, the spinal cord and exiting nerves, and the soft tissues which are muscles, ligaments, discs fascia and blood vessels.

The joints that chiropractors manipulate in the spine are called facet joints. The joints are enclosed by capsular sacs containing the joint fluid which lubricates the joint surfaces and supplies nutrients to the cells.

An “adjustment” is the physical separation of the joint space. Sometimes during treatment you may hear an audible crack — which is the sound of small gas bubbles being produced.

The increased mobility after an adjustment usually leads to an improvement in the patient’s state of health.

Back pain is often attributed to the facet joints being inflamed by a single trauma and/or repetitive stress.

As the joint moves more freely the nerve endings send “movement messages” to your brain, causing it to ignore the pain messages, reducing the pain felt, and restoring normal movement to the vertebrae.

Exercising or stretching alone usually cannot restore normal function and maintenance adjustments or manipulations are recommended to maintain the body’s optimum musculoskeletal function.

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